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If you are planning a summer vacation, then the hills and valleys of Kashmir should be on the top of your list. While Kashmir tourism has always actively promoted visits in summers, one thing most people tend to forget is that winters in Kashmir are just as amazing.

The mountainous regions covered in snow is a sight which no number of postcards or photographs will be able to capture. Most slopes become excellent ski trails with the snow they receive in the winter.

For newly-weds, going to Kashmir on their honeymoon will be the best decision you will make as a couple. Kashmir, in winter, can be the most soothing destination. Go skiing together, or if it’s too cold outside, you can snuggle up by the fire inside. Older couples who are looking to get away from the stress of life, Kashmir in the winter can make for an excellent second honeymoon destination to rekindle that romance.

Be it a Kashmir honeymoon, a family vacation, a solo trip or a group of friends just celebrating being together, there are a few experiences exclusive to Kashmir winters which you don't want to miss:

A boat ride in the partially frozen Dal Lake

The sheer scenic beauty that this ride provides is something exquisite. This is a perfect activity to nurture and bloom that spark between any couple.

Snow sports in Gulmarg

Do not miss the host of adventure activities you can take advantage of in the pristine white snow. Skiing is the most popular at Gulmarg and Sonmarg. Riding a cable car is also an experience not to be missed. Among the other sports available are skating, heli-skiing and hot air ballooning. Imagine the joy of floating over all that beautiful snow and taking in the sights.

Snow camping and trekking

If you enjoy camping and trekking, this is one activity you should do on your Kashmir tour package in winter. Set up your tent on a bed of snow and when you wake up, bright and early, and have a lookout, all you'd be able to see is a spectacular white blanket for as far as your eyes can see.

Warm food to warm yourself

There is nothing better to sip some hot cup of Kahwah or Noon Chai on cold winter’s day. Fill yourself up with some authentic Kashmiri dishes including some sizzling Kababs and Harissa after a day of exploring the winter wonderland. There are two sides to this heavenly holiday destination. While summer is just perfect here, winters in Kashmir is an experience in itself. Call SOTC before you plan a winter vacation to Kashmir and we will take care of the rest.