International Honeymoon Packages

Your honeymoon is always going to be different than any holiday you plan or take. You should be surrounded by things that ooze romance, comfort and luxury. While there are many options that you may have come across, here are some of our picks that you should consider for a romantic and luxurious international honeymoon package.

Trending International Honeymoon Packages

At SOTC, we can design your international honeymoon package to the most desired honeymoon destinations of your choice to create the time of your life! Reach out to us and we will help you find the best international honeymoon packages. Browse through the most trending international honeymoon destinations.

  • Thailand Honeymoon Packages

    A Thailand honeymoon package lets you bask on the pristine beaches, under the warm sun, with some delicious lip smacking food.

    9,746Starting Price
  • Singapore Honeymoon Packages

    A Singapore honeymoon package spices up your romance with landscapes of Gardens by the Bay, the Changi coast and Sentosa Island.

    25,939Starting Price
  • Switzerland Honeymoon Packages

    Experience the best of the world on your Switzerland honeymoon package while you explore Zurich, Lucerne, Geneva and Interlaken.

    67,084Starting Price
  • Mauritius Honeymoon Packages

    Good places to explore, good food to sample, and an adventure for your honeymoon is what you can expect on your Mauritius honeymoon package.

    21,694Starting Price
  • Bali Honeymoon Packages

    A Bali honeymoon package lets you swim in blue waters, explore the jungles, be captivated by the beauty and be a part of the exciting nightlife while you romance it up with your spouse.

    19,024Starting Price
  • Europe Honeymoon Packages

    A fairy tale worthy honeymoon is on the cards when you explore majestic destinations, full of history, romance and culture on your Europe honeymoon package.

    84,969Starting Price
  • Maldives Honeymoon Packages

    Create the perfect setting as you explore the wonders of Maldives with your spouse through your Maldives honeymoon package.

    31,818Starting Price
  • Dubai Honeymoon Packages

    A Dubai honeymoon package will shower you and your spouse with the exuberance and excitement of Dubai.

    21,360Starting Price


International Honeymoon Packages International Honeymoon Tour Packages - Inclusive International Honeymoon Destinations
Winter Super Saver Singapore With Bali (6N/7D) Airfare, Visas, Accommodations, Meals and Sightseeing Bali → Singapore
Winter Super Value Magical Maldives - 3 Star (4N/5D) Airfare, Accommodation, Meals and Sightseeing Maldives
Easy Mauritius Tarisa – Honeymooners (6N/7D) Airfare, Accommodation, Meals and Sightseeing Mauritius
Summer Budget Swiss - Austria Surprise (7N/8D) Airfare, Visas, Accommodations, Meals and Sightseeing Vienna → Salzburg → Innsbruck → Zurich
Winter Budget European Dreams (8N/9D) Airfare, Visas, Accommodations, Meals and Sightseeing Paris → Brussels → Germany → Zurich
The Magnificent Maldives is surrounded by pristine beaches, turquoise waters and some of the best biodiversity that you could find. Take an underwater tour with your spouse as you go scuba diving or treat yourselves with a couples massage, take a romantic walk on the beach and be mesmerised by the bioluminescent beach, where you would feel that the stars have lined themselves underneath your feet.

One of the best places to celebrate your love is none other than the ‘City of Love’, Paris. The most romantic city in the world will shower you with comforts and don’t forget to dine at the top of the Eiffel Tower. The French Riviera, the vineyards will add more beauty to your honeymoon.

Want to feel like the royal Audrey Hepburn from A Roman Holiday? Why not go to Rome then. Full of history, beauty and romance, the Eternal city that has been a source of inspiration for artists. It is filled with architecture, flavours and sites that will enthral your mind and soul. Love mythology? Explore Greece on your honeymoon with your spouse and check out the ancient ruins, especially the Temple of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

One of the best places for your international honeymoon, Thailand is one of the perfect destinations for a luxurious honeymoon. Extravagant resorts, spas, blue waters, unspoilt beaches; there is something for everyone here. We know it’s one of the best places that you choose for your honeymoon and won’t be disappointed.

If you want luxury, then the United States of America has something for everyone. Head to Los Angeles if you want to rub your shoulders with the rich and the famous or to Las Vegas to see how your luck turns out.

We, at SOTC can customize a romantic international honeymoon package just for you, in a place of your choice. Come, visit us and we will do the rest.

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