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Best Time to Visit Greece

People visit Greece to enjoy the warm Mediterranean vibe, the beautiful beaches, gorgeous islands like Santorini and Mykonos, or to simply to enjoy being in a country as old as time. But knowing the best time to visit Greece is also important as there are different attractions at each time of the year. If you have an idea of what you want to see or experience, then here’s a season-wise list to help you decide the best time to travel to Greece.

Spring in Greece 

By March, winter seems to be melting away although it is not yet a distant dream. The skies are bluer and with hardly any tourists around, it is probably one of the best times to go to Greece. Of the many places you can visit, Crete is a good option as the weather here is temperate and there is no with whom you’re forced to share the beauty. On the other hand, Rhodes is also a great place to visit where you can explore the Grand Master Palace.

In April, there are a few showers although sunny days are almost here. April is the time of Easter. So, most of the archaeological sites and museums are shut during this time. Head off to Corfu where you can observe some delightful Easter traditions or Chios which celebrates Easter in its own special way.

Spring then gives way to summer in May, although there are still a few cloudy days. It’s a good time to enjoy off-season prices at many tourist places. Most people prefer to visit Santorini at this time as the crowds are thin.

Summer in Greece

June is when the tourists begin to make their presence felt. The weather starts getting warmer. Serifos is great for scuba divers and hikers. Tinos is where people go for the calm sandy beaches and picturesque locales. This is the best time to visit Greece if you’re looking for moderate temperatures and manageable crowds.

Come July, summer is officially here, and the days become very hot. It’s all the more wonderful to splash into the nearest water body. People like to visit Athens at this time or even Athenian Riviera where they can cool off at the beaches. Other options are, Paros with its quaint churches and cerulean blue waters or Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea – both great destinations to soak up the sun or cool down.

Summer peaks during August and the crowds can get overwhelming. There are a few places such as Ikaria though, which are hidden treasures and so, don’t see much footfall despite having excellent beaches and natural beauty. Or of course, there’s the Caribbean of Greece, Lefkada, which is simply stunning and gorgeous.

Autumn in Greece

For some people, this might be the best time to go to Greece. Tourists begin to thin out and it’s still great to visit some of the islands as the weather is quite warm even in September. If you can deal with the crowds, which can be a bit much even in their diminished version, then Mykonos and Santorini are excellent choices for a holiday.

In October, there are more rainy days, but some adventurous folks are still up for a swim in the beaches during late afternoons. Head up to Crete, which is the second-largest city in the country and explore it without the annoying crowds. Many consider this to be the best season to go to Greece. If you have a desire to explore something more urban, then Thessaloniki is wonderful, especially with its unique architecture and waterfront.

Quite a few people think that Greece in November is magical. The weather is not too cold yet but there are hints of what is to come. This is a great time to go to Nafplio where you can wander the streets of the old town and enjoy the uplifting panoramic views of the city from the Palamidi Fortress.

Winter in Greece

December brings cold weather and because of the many mountain ranges, Greece is great for winter as well. For snow-related activities and fun, Karpenisi or Kalavryta are great options with their ski resorts and winter activities. Athenians also like to go to Mount Parnassos to get some skiing done.

January is considered to be the coldest month of the year and it may not really be the best time to visit Greece. Yet, those who do visit find themselves heading to Zagori, with its beautiful villages, stone bridges, streams and rivers. Yet another travel option is Mount Pelion with its many winding hiking paths and gorgeous little mountain villages.

February is still quite cold but it’s also the month of the carnival! For carnival activities, head to Patras which has been an excellent carnival destination for over 180 years. It could be the best time to visit Greece, especially Xanthi which is known for its boisterous Carnival season.

Each season brings with it certain charms and joys which visitors have been exploring over the years. If crowds are not for your, then the best time to visit Greece might be the off season, during winter. The rest of the time, there will be a few adventurous souls who want to explore this gorgeous country.

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