Turkey Tourism

Sitting at the confluence of two continents, Turkey is a spectacular country for so much more than its strategic location. A history that reaches as far back as prehistoric times, a culture layered by the rise and fall of empires, natural wonders that go from beautiful to mind-boggling. These are just a few things that make Turkey tourism ever-so-popular, with over 35 million visitors reaching its shores through the year.

If you wish to take your partner on a romantic getaway, take your little ones on a summer adventure or go on a spur-of-the-moment solo adventure, SOTCs Turkey tours easily capture the best of the country without costing a fortune. From glistening Mediterranean beaches to mountains as old as time itself, from bustling cities to a flavourful cuisine — and you’ve still got to experience the brimming museums, architecture through the ages and the lively nightlife too. Make your next international escapade one of transcontinental bliss.

Geography of Turkey

One of the most special things about Turkey is its geographic location as a link between two continents. While majority of the country is in Asia, the Bosphorus, Marmara Sea and Dardanelles are what separate it from the much smaller European side. These are called Anatolia and Thrace, respectively. Possessing a diverse natural landscape is one of the main reasons Turkey tourism is so loved. With the Mediterranean, Black and Aegean Seas surrounding the country, there are extraordinary beaches, while further inland are wondrous mountain ranges, national parks, fabled rivers like the Euphrates and Tigris and alluring lakes that reflect the beauty of their surrounds.

Tip: Blue Cruises are a great way to explore the Aegean coastline, taking a yacht from one sensational stop to the next.

Turkey Climate

Turkey’s climate varies between the different regions of the country. The Mediterranean and Aegean coastline sees temperate Mediterranean climate, with really hot summers and pleasantly cool winters, with only light showers. Meanwhile, the Black Sea coast experiences oceanic weather, so while summers remain hot, the winters are much colder and rainier. While around the Marmara region, the climate is transitional. This is also the region that sees the most rain, so for winter Turkey tours in this region, carry not just warm clothes but waterproof ones too! Inland, the weather is more continental with clear seasonal extremities. There’s the high heat of summer but also extreme cold and lots of snow.

Turkey tourism is a year-round phenomenon, so while climate is diverse, there’s always a part of the country you can visit at your preferred time of the year.

Turkey Culture

Turkey has been home to some of the earliest settlers known to mankind. Then came the many civilisations, from ancient Greeks to the Byzantine era to the powerful Ottoman rule. The country is no stranger to travellers and visitors of all kind, and modern-day Turkey tourism is unbelievably cultural. Discover it all for yourself, at monuments like Hagia Sophia or Topkapi Palace, in the ancient relics of Ephesus or Aspendos, in traditional Turkish baths or the mystic faith of Sufism.

Then there’s the brilliant food, the art and architecture, traditional crafts, even sports like camel wrestling and the equestrian Jereed, that are all unique to Turkey. If you like experiencing new cultures, Turkey tours by SOTC have got you covered.

Turkey Tours

If you’re looking for summer splash, tour around the Mediterranean and Aegean coast for azure waters hugging spectacular sandy beaches at Bodrum, Antalya and Fethiye. There are plenty of seaside resorts for entire families to enjoy and quaint boutique stays by the dozen for couples who only want each other for company.

While Turkey tourism is almost incomplete without a visit to its most famed and legendary city, Istanbul. Here you’ll truly be at the centre of the country’s continental divide, see churches and mosques side by side. Sightseeing, rooftop cafés or partying into the night, it’s all so wonderful in Istanbul.

For winter vacationers, Turkey tours around regions like Bursa with its ski resorts and attractions, Cappadocia with its underground cities and hot-air balloon rides, and Bolu with the Yedigoller National Park, are all great destinations.

There are plenty of pleasures, old and new, found in cities like Antalya, Izmir, Ankara and Canakkale as well, which are all really popular with tourists.

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Turkey Tourism

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Dress appropriately when visiting mosques or more conservative parts of the country.
  • Accept a local’s invitation for a meal or tea. Turks are friendly and it would be rude to decline.
  • Learn a few Turkish phrases as it is helpful and considered a nice gesture.
  • Bargain for your purchases.
  • Buy yourself the symbolic Turkish evil eye charm.


  • Do not discuss politics or football — the Turks take this very personally.
  • Don’t take pictures of people without their permission.
  • Do not buy fossils or stones that are openly sold, as it is illegal.
  • Do not drink in public places that are away from tourist centres.

With this overview of Turkey tourism, your mind is probably already at work planning this exciting vacation. You’ll find that SOTC's Turkey packages include everything that you could want from your visit to this alluring country, without you having to do any of the planning! Or if you really like to custom-make your journey, that can easily be arranged for too.