Dubai Honeymoon Packages

Dubai, the name itself is enough to make one think about outstanding architecture, bustling shopping centres, towering corporate buildings and charming beaches. The most visited city in the UAE, Dubai has emerged as one of the leading honeymoon places. This glitzy city is rich in every aspect, be it entertainment, career opportunities, accommodation, food or shopping. Dubai boasts of a fascinating historical background as well. By choosing from the best Dubai tour packages, honeymooners can have an exciting and unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Trending Dubai Honeymoon Packages

Marvel at the man-made marvels of Palm Jumeirah, experience true luxury at Burj Khalifa, shop for gold and everything else at the beautiful traditional souks or enjoy a romantic walk at the Marina Bay. For an exciting Dubai honeymoon package, SOTC can help you customise your trip.

  • Easy Dubai Tour (3 Star)

    Rs.41,000Starting Price
  • Easy Dubai (4 Star)

    Rs.43,300Starting Price
  • Easy Dubai - 5 Star

    Rs.45,000Starting Price
  • Summer Dubai Delight - 4 Star

    Rs.57,200Starting Price
  • Summer Dubai Masti - 5 Star

    Rs.62,200Starting Price
  • Summer Dubai With Ferrari World - 4 Star

    Rs.63,300Starting Price


Dubai Honeymoon Packages Inclusive in Dubai Honeymoon Tour Packages Dubai Honeymoon Tour
Easy DSF Getaway (4N/5D) Airfare, Visas, Accommodations, Breakfast and Sightseeing Dubai
Dubai Shopping Festival Dubai With Yas Island - 5 Star (4N/5D) Airfare, Visas, Accommodations, Meals and Sightseeing Dubai → Abu Dhabi
Sharjah Delights With Dubai (5N/6D) Airfare, Visas, Accommodations, Breakfast and Sightseeing Dubai → Sharjah
Easy DSF With Abu Dhabi (5N/6D) Airfare, Visas, Accommodations, Breakfast and Sightseeing Dubai → Abu Dhabi
Located in the Southern area of Persian Gulf, this emirate of the UAE bears the largest population of the country. The presence of world's only seven star hotels that are in fact breathtaking architectural marvels, make Dubai distinct from rest of the world. Built on an artificial island, the 7-star rated Burj Al Arab is known worldwide for its stunning interiors and luxurious services. It features the famed Sky view bar that provides stunning views, while the underwater restaurant 'Al Mahara' serves excellent seafood. This is one of the best things to do in Dubai and is unmissable!

Dubai Tourism has boomed due to Dubai emerging as an exciting honeymoon destination of late, with many honeymooners willing to explore the charm of the city. Your Dubai trip is incomplete without visiting the Jumeirah Palms. The stunning man-made islands are an epitome of luxury.

Besides, a visit to Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world, should always be included in Dubai tour packages. This is definitely one of the best places to visit in Dubai. No honeymoon experience in Dubai is complete without a thrilling desert safari, for which a sturdy off-road vehicle is used. You and your loved one can experience exciting dune bashing. This is followed by a visit to a vantage point from where you and your spouse can catch a glowing sunset. For a true Arabian Nights experience, a sumptuous dinner is laid coupled with traditional belly dance and traditional music performances. Dubai honeymoon packages make it possible for you to experience this surreal encounter. The best time to visit Dubai is during the winter months. January and February see heavy tourist traffic because of the very popular Dubai Shopping Festival!

Dubai packages take you on a tour amongst the lofty skyscrapers and minarets, the souks of expensive gems and stones, or amazing theme parks and desert safaris for those love the excitement of thrilling adventures on their honeymoon. Dubai is very popular feature amongst the best international honeymoon packages.

Trending International Honeymoon Packages

Explore the beautiful bays of Vietnam, go clubbing and casino hopping at Macau, or explore the stunning countryside at Scotland. Explore these wonderful destinations with SOTC’s honeymoon packages. Also, check out our exclusive International tour packages to see the best places around the globe!

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