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A beautiful wedding must be followed up with just as wondrous a honeymoon. And that’s just what you get when you and your beloved visit the spectacular destination that is Switzerland. Majestic mountain ranges, azure alpine lakes, avant garde cities, lush countrysides, enchanting valleys, adventure activities, beautiful art and heritage — these are just a few of the infinite wonders of the country considered to be one of the most romantic in the entire world.

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Make your honeymoon memorable by marvelling at the beauty of the Swiss Alps, gaping at Matterhorn, feeling on top of the world at Jungfraujoch or spending wonderful moments of togetherness at Interlaken. For more information on Switzerland honeymoon packages, SOTC can be your travel guide.

Switzerland Honeymoon Packages No. of Days Price*
Classical Italy and Switzerland Honeymoon Package 6 Nights 7 Days Rs. 79 525.00
European Extravaganza - Switzerland Honeymoon Trip 6 Nights 7 Days Rs. 89 466.00
France & Switzerland (Europamundo) Honeymoon Trip 7 Nights 8 Days Rs. 1 06 365.00
Europe - Lisbon To Rome (Europamundo) Honeymoon Trip 12 Nights 13 Days Rs. Rs. 1 49 653.00
So if you’re looking to plan the perfect honeymoon trip to Switzerland, read on and discover everything you need to know about the place and about SOTC’s Switzerland honeymoon packages, to help you choose right and avail the best deals along the way.

Top places to visit on a Switzerland honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon shouldn’t be stressful, but rather, exciting. So take a look at some of the most romantic destinations to visit on your post-wedding trip to Switzerland so that you get a better idea of what you’d want your itinerary to look like.


One of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland for a honeymoon couple, Lucerne will sweep you off your feet with its spectacular medieval architecture, the wonderful Lake Lucerne, exquisite fountains and quaint neighbourhoods, historical sites and snow-capped mountain views. The walk along the iconic Chapel Bridge promises to be one of the most romantic strolls of your Switzerland honeymoon.


Your Switzerland honeymoon would be incomplete without a visit to the country’s wondrous French-speaking City of Geneva. Discover a city that’s equal parts historic and contemporary. Soak it all in, by taking your love to all the big attractions from the Chillon Castle to Lake Geneva and its Jet d’eau Fountain. Enjoy the luxurious side of the city — fine dining, lovely wines, brilliant cafés, high-end stores, artsy galleries and much more.


Sensational views and thrilling adventure activities await the couples who have the town of Interlaken on their Switzerland honeymoon package itinerary. Found in the Bernese Oberland region that’s known for its natural beauty, this is a place that promises memorable adrenaline rushes that you both can look back on for a lifetime.


Yet another lakeside city — the largest in the country — is the picture-perfect Zurich, set at the base of the Swiss Alps. Here you and your partner can experience a bit of everything. There are over 50 museums in town, the list of amazing restaurants is endless, nightlife is lively and scenic views all around. Just what your Switzerland honeymoon should be all about!


The Swiss capital is a wonderfully balanced city, with a heritage old town and plenty of contemporary developments living side by side. Set along the picturesque Aare River, Bern will charm you from the first moment to the last. Some of the things you can look forward to doing here include swimming and picnicking at the riverside. Isn’t that amazing? Grindelwald: Take the cable car ride up to Grindelwald, leaving behind the big cities for spectacular Alpine surrounds, quaint countryside panoramas and heart-racing activities such as mountain biking, zip lining and skiing. Take your pick from the many lovely lodges and hotels that offer splendid stays, have a new adventure every day, make new memories that will forever be etched in your minds. It’s the ultimate Switzerland honeymoon experience!


Intrepid couples couldn’t ask for a better destination on their Switzerland honeymoon package. In the village of Zermatt, there are no vehicles allowed. So prepare to walk, hike and ski plenty. No matter where you go in the town, you’ll always have breathtaking views of the Matterhorn to gaze up at. That is if you’re able to take your eyes off each other!

St. Moritz:

Indulge in the brilliance of St. Moritz, a must-see destination that features on many Switzerland honeymoon packages. You’ll find some of the country’s best resorts here, so stay in luxury and experience more of the same when you go out exploring. Meanwhile, the surrounding mountains provide a most spectacular playground, with mapped out hikes and trails that you can take on — just the two of you — without the need for guides or tours.


From boat rides to castle visits, Ticino is a wonderfully relaxing place to visit on your Switzerland honeymoon. This is one of the Italian regions of Switzerland so expect delicious food and wine that gives you a taste of dolce vita. Check out Bellinzona castles, picturesque Lugano, aerial views from atop Mount Bre and the lush landscapes of Verzasca Valley.


If you’re a partying couple, Lausanne definitely deserves a spot on your Switzerland honeymoon package. Celebrate your new beginning at some of the country’s finest restaurants, cafés, nightclubs, bars and parties. And if you manage to wake up early the next day, take in a sightseeing tour of attractions like the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral or catch a sunset by the lake.

Things to do on a Switzerland honeymoon

Deciding which Switzerland honeymoon package to pick is easier once you have an idea of the many wonderful experiences in store across the country. Especially if you’re pressed for time, in which case you can select a Switzerland honeymoon package that focuses on a specific region and let’s you explore it completely. Have a look at some of these top things to do, as compiled by our experts, that all make for a remarkable Switzerland honeymoon.

Get adventurous in Interlaken:

Known as the country’s adventure capital, Interlaken offers an array of adventurous experiences set amidst sweeping landscapes of towering mountains, serene lakes and verdant valleys. The perfect setting for romantic escapades like the train ride across Schynige Platte, sky diving, paragliding, trekking, biking and even boating. It’s a good thing there are plenty of SOTC Switzerland honeymoon packages that include this wonderful destination. Witness the Rhine Falls: In a land brimming with wallpaper-worthy natural wonders, the Rhine Falls stands apart. The largest waterfall in the country makes for a truly exquisite experience. If your selected Switzerland honeymoon package features Zurich, you can make the day trip to Rhine Falls, hike up and picnic there too. Along the way, stop by the village of Schaffhausen, where you can check out some truly gorgeous medieval era monuments, including a castle.

Go sightseeing in beautiful Bern:

Sightseeing tours are a popular activity on Switzerland honeymoons, for the country is abundantly rich with heritage and natural sites that regularly feature on travel bucket-lists. Bern is one of the best cities to do so, where you can walk hand-in-hand across cobble stone streets, medieval era architecture, and a supremely well-maintained historic old town that traces all the way back to the 12th Century.

Explore the Swiss Alps:

One of the main highlights of any Switzerland honeymoon package is visiting the Alpine landscapes, villages and resort towns. Many cities are situated by the foothills so you can easily make day trips, if not overnight stays. Some of the popular tours are to Jungfraujoch and to Mount Titlis from Zurich by cable car. You can also include a visit to Lucerne as part of the excursion. The Matterhorn is another one to tick off your list, if you get the chance. The best part about the Alps is that you can visit them and simply relax, soak in the views and leisurely connect with each other. Or you can take on all the spectacular adrenaline pumping activities they provide.

Watch a sunset at Lake Geneva:

Switzerland is known for its many glacial lakes, and Lake Geneva is one of the most popular to visit. It is the heart and soul of the city and home to the iconic Jet d’Eau fountain. Here you can take a Segway tour, bike tour, stroll around by yourselves, sit by the waterfront and catch a beautiful sunset too. Isn’t that just picture-perfect romance? The Switzerland honeymoon of your dreams, brought to life.

Attend a local festival:

It is quite likely that the dates of your booked Switzerland honeymoon package coincide with a few events or festivals held across the country. And they are some of the best in the world! From cultural dos to grand music festivals, spring carnivals to food and wine festivals — take your pick and make new memories together.

Shop for each other:

Switzerland is a top shopping destination with luxury goods aplenty. And what better time to dote on each other and buy each other gifts and goodies, from top quality watches to runway ready clothes, sumptuous chocolates to lip-smacking wines — go all out for your special someone in true Swiss style.

Things to carry for a Switzerland honeymoon

You don’t want to be on your Switzerland honeymoon and then realise you’ve forgotten to carry something necessary or important. Here’s a guide on what to pack and take along, that we’ve compiled especially for this holiday destination.


Feel free to carry your preferred size and make of suitcases, as all transfers and transport will be taken care of when you book an SOTC Switzerland honeymoon package.

Flight Essentials & Electronics:

It will be a long flight to Switzerland so it is best to carry a neck-pillow, travel blanket or shawl and an eye-mask or earplugs if you so need. Take a book along for some in-flight reading. For the flight and the rest of your journey, carry your favourite electronics like cameras, tablets, laptops and all their cables. Don’t forget to take a universal adapter too.


The most important item of clothing you’ll need is a jacket — whether it’s a summer Switzerland honeymoon you’re on, or a winter one. Other than that, pack comfortable shirts, sweaters and pants or denims. A few formal pairs will come handy too, for the special occasions you have planned for each other. Do take some pairs of clothes that let you be outdoorsy, and swimwear if you’re visiting in the warmer months.

Shoes & Accessories:

You’ll need good walking shoes for your Switzerland honeymoon, whether regular sneakers or specialised hiking boots — whatever you prefer. Also have a pair of slippers for indoor comfort and a formal pair if you so wish. Sunglasses, umbrellas, shawls or stoles and hats or caps are the main accessories you’ll need.

Toiletries & Medication:

Carry your usual toiletry kit with all your preferred personal care items. Make sure you have sunscreen in there, as your skin can seriously burn at high altitudes. Aside from any prescription medicines you’ll have to carry, do pack a strip of altitude sickness medication as precaution.

Switzerland honeymoon FAQs

What is Switzerland known for?

Switzerland is a beautiful European destination known around the world as the home of the Alps, world-famous chocolates, exquisite cheeses, luxury watch brands and the very handy Swiss knife! And for most Indians, Switzerland is also known as a popular country for the filming of Bollywood movies.

How expensive are Switzerland holidays?

Switzerland travel packages are on the expensive side, but booking early helps considerably in finding good deals on travel and accommodation. There are also many free services offered in Switzerland that help you budget daily expenses, such as free entry at many museums, galleries and attractions, free bikes around major cities and free events that are held at various points of the year.

What’s the best time to go for a honeymoon in Switzerland?

Switzerland honeymoon packages are available throughout the year, with the country welcoming visitors across all seasons. So the best time to visit really depends on the kind of experiences you wish to have on your Switzerland honeymoon. April onwards, the country experiences idyllic outdoor weather that’s great for sightseeing. This only gets better, with hiking, biking and a host of other activities welcomed into the fold post May. For those seeking a winter escapade, plan your Switzerland honeymoon between December and February, when the snow is at its best.

Is Indian food easy to find in Switzerland?

All our Switzerland honeymoon packages come with meals of your preference included. Having said that, you can find not just Indian restaurants but cuisines from across the sub-continent in most major destinations like Bern, Zürich, Geneva, Interlaken and Lucerne, among others.

What are the inclusions in Switzerland honeymoon packages from India?

All of our Switzerland honeymoon packages include flights, airport transfers, on-ground transportation, meals, hotels and a range of activities and experiences, as per the itinerary you eventually pick. We also have flexible Switzerland tour packages for couples, that give you the freedom to customise your trip more.

What documents are needed for a visit to Switzerland?

Switzerland is not a member of the European Union but they follow the Schengen visa protocols. We’ll help you with the procurement once you select a Switzerland honeymoon package. You also need your passport at all times.

Are there any interesting local festivals or events to look out for?

In every month there are countless festivals and events held across Switzerland, so there’s a high chance you’ll get to experience one. The most popular ones to possibly fit into your itinerary include the World Snow Festival, International Hot Air Balloon Festival, Tschaggatta, Interlaken Music Festival, Morges Tulip Festival, Fête de la Musique, Montreux Jazz Festival, Zermatt Folklore Festival, Oktoberfest and Christmas!

How many days do you need for an enjoyable Switzerland honeymoon?

SOTC has Switzerland honeymoon packages of varying durations. Ideally, a 6-7 day trip is needed to really get a feel of the destination as well as have enough time for all the sightseeing and activities you want.

How to reach Switzerland?

Switzerland is best reached by flight, as the distance is simply too much for any other mode of transport. Your Switzerland honeymoon package comes with airfare included, and you to pick your preferred airline and route. The international airports are in Zurich, Geneva and Basel. There are a handful of direct flights from India and countless connecting flights as well.

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