Greece Honeymoon Packages

One of the world’s foremost honeymoon destinations, Greece is a spectacular Southern European country that sits on the edge of the Balkan Peninsula. With a staggering Mediterranean coastline, paradisiacal and playful islands, rocky landscapes, cities older than time, new-age adventures aplenty, heritage that spans millennia and a mouthwatering cuisine, this spectacular land is what timeless romantic getaways are made of.

Trending Greece Honeymoon Packages

Welcome to Athens - the capital and largest city of Greece. Upon arrival, your Tour Manager/ Local representative will meet you outside the customs area and drive you to the hotel.

Greece Honeymoon Tour Packages No. of Days Price*
Cost Saver Best Of Greece And Turkey Tour Package 9 Nights 10 Days Rs. 1 93 895.00
Best Of Greece Tour Package 7 Nights 8 Days Rs. 1 11 523.00
But before you get to booking a honeymoon trip to Greece, here’s the lowdown on what to expect from the entire journey, right from travelling there to the top places to have on your itinerary. Then, you’ll know exactly which one of our specially curated Greece packages for couples to pick!

Places to visit in Greece

The most romantic things to do on your honeymoon in Greece are to explore the country’s vast and wonderful landscapes, from the sandy beaches to the blooming vineyards and craggy mountain tops. Here are some of our favourites, each offering something special for your partner and you to enjoy. They are also the most popularly featured on our Greece honeymoon packages.
Athens: The capital city and one of the world’s most culturally enlightening, no Greece honeymoon package is complete without Athens. Here, couples can delve into the alluring ancient past, visit iconic landmarks like the Acropolis and Parthenon, Theatre of Dionysis and Temple of Zeus. But that’s not all, the city also offers countless museums, restaurants, luxury stays and charming neighbourhoods to explore.

Santorini: Rightly regarded as the foremost destination in any Greece honeymoon package, the breathtaking volcanic island of Santorini is a utopia for newlyweds, known for its sensational sunsets, white, black and red sand beaches, heritage monuments, hiking trails, water activities and lavish resorts.

Mykonos: Floating in the Aegean Sea is another sandy gem of the Greek Islands, known for its panoramic views, picturesque watersides, a host of historic attractions and a world-famous nightlife that makes for a great post-wedding celebration. No wonder it is one of the mainstays of any Greece honeymoon package!

Rhodes: Another classic Greece honeymoon package destination is Rhodes, an island that features a lovely blend of coastal bliss, heritage explorations and active adventures. Idyllic weather lets you make the most of your time, whether it be at one of the stunning resorts, the quaint villages, lively town squares or bars.

Thessaloniki: When you’re visiting the country that’s regarded as the “Cradle of Western Civilization”, your honeymoon vacation is a journey through time itself. Especially with destinations like Thessaloniki on your Greece honeymoon itinerary. The second largest city is home to innumerable heritage sites and locales, museums and galleries, to sightsee. The beaches, hiking, diving and nightlife only add to the experience.

Crete: The 160-mile long island of Crete deserves to be in the itinerary of your Greece honeymoon package, as it is one of the most romantic spots of the country. Stay in 5-star hotels, explore the mountains, wander around archaic monuments, savour sumptuous wine and catch sunsets by the harbour — divine, isn’t it?

Best time to visit Greece

At any moment, you can always find a plethora of Greece tour packages for couples. So, the best time to visit the country really depends on the kind of experiences you wish to enjoy together. There are two main seasons — a hot, dry summer and cool, wet winter. A mild transitional spring and autumn occur too, often providing the ideal climes and conditions for a wonderful yet affordable Greece honeymoon.
Summer: If a beach vacation or Greek island-hopping is what you and your love would enjoy the most, the sunny summers are the time for your Greece honeymoon. Water sports, diving, swimming, sunbathing and hiking — this is the best time for it all. Keep in mind that this is peak tourist season so book in advance to beat the crowds.

Winter: Winters in Greece are cool and rainy, making it off-season for most tourist activities. But it’s a great time to book a Greece honeymoon package as the top attractions are much less crowded, and while it isn’t beach weather, there are still plenty of activities and sensational views to keep you happy. Especially the walking tours that you can take on without worrying about the blistering heat!

How to reach Greece

The most important travel arrangement of your Greece honeymoon package is your arrival into the country. Naturally, getting from India to Southern Europe is best done by flight. And there are plenty of options provided by major airlines such as Etihad, Turkish Airlines, Air India and Emirates, from top cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and more. The main airport for international travellers to land is the Athens International Airport, which is the perfect place to start your Greece honeymoon adventure!

From Athens, you can easily get domestic flights, car rentals and even ferries, to get to the next destination on your Greece honeymoon tour.


What are the most popular destinations for a Greece honeymoon?
The most popular Greece honeymoon package is Athens-Mykonos-Santorini, covering all the best experiences the country has to offer, from the super paradise islands to the culturally alive cities.

What makes Greece a romantic destination?
Couples from around the world pick Greece honeymoon packages to celebrate their wedding, as it is a country that offers everything from islands and beaches to big cities, natural wonders and urban thrills, amazing hotels and plenty of activities.

Are meals included in SOTC’s Greece honeymoon packages?
Yes, our Greece honeymoon packages come with meals included and your preferences are taken into consideration. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to dine locally, at the eateries of your choice.

Does a Greece honeymoon package need to be booked in advance?
Greece honeymoon packages are arguably the most popular so the earlier you book, the smoother your journey will be, right from flights to hotels to activities.

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