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You’ve just booked a tour of Rajasthan, one of India’s most vibrant and thrilling destinations that offers everything from rich history to colourful culture, exotic wildlife to unique experiences. And with SOTC’s packages, you get a taste of it all. Now, before you make the journey, it’s time to go over all of the necessary information to get you travel-ready. 

With desert-like climes, you need to be prepared for the conditions and weather. Not just that — the activities can range from boating to hiking to camel riding, so it’s important you’re comfortable throughout. This helpful guide has our expert tips on getting you to do just that.  


Two Weeks Prior

Let’s get started with some of the frequently asked questions about journeys to Rajasthan.

What Are The Important Documents Required For This Journey?

Since this isn’t an international journey, you do not need a passport or visa documentation for Indian nationals.

But you will still need:

1. Photo ID with address proof like driver’s license or Adhaar Card for airport entry and hotel check-in

2. Tickets in print and soft-copy


What Should You Pack?

  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Good quality walking shoes
  • Reading material
  • Travel torch
  • Hand sanitiser and bug repellent
  • Sunblock and UV protected sunglasses
  • Personal essentials 
  • Electronic necessities

What Is The Maximum Luggage Allowed By Airlines?

For domestic flights, your luggage should generally weigh not more than:

  • 7 kgs for hand luggage 
  • 15 kgs for check-in bags

However, various carriers could have different baggage allowance rules, so it’s best you check on their website to be sure. 


Two To Three Days Before The Trip

Foreign Currency

You do not need any foreign exchange as the Indian Rupee is the local currency.

Power Banks And Adapters

Most plugs should work in the available sockets around Rajasthan, but it is always better to carry an adapter just in case. Power banks can come handy when you’re out and about for long hours or in regions without power outlets.


  • Toothbrush & toothpaste, preferably your own for hygiene purposes
  • Sunscreen & moisturiser to protect your skin
  • Shampoo & conditioner that suit your hair type
  • A hair comb or brush
  • Face and body wash that suit your skin
  • Hand sanitiser


  • Layers and woollens if visiting in winter
  • Light comfortable clothes if visiting in summer 
  • Shawl and hat or cap
  • Rain-proof jacket if visiting in the monsoon


Make and take your own travel first-aid kit with the following items:

  • Pain killers
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Safety pins
  • Crepe bandage
  • Skin cream
  • Cough & cold medicines
  • Allergy medication

The Day Of Travel


There’s no real need to carry any ready-to-eat food for the journey to Rajasthan as it won’t take that long, but you can if you wish to. 

Important Documents

  • Valid photo ID and address proof to enter the airport and check into the hotel
  • A printed copy of your tickets
  • Photocopies of all important documents including travel, sightseeing arrangements, bookings etc.
  • Scanned soft-copies of all the above documents that are always accessible


Travel insurance is an important asset when it comes to protecting yourself while holidaying, like in the case of unwanted circumstances interrupting or cutting short your trip once the bookings have been made. It allows you to recover some of your money as well as provides medical assistance and cover during the journey. Choose from any of the top travel insurance companies or ask SOTC for assistance. 

Important Numbers

While travelling through Rajasthan, it is wise to have the local emergency and police numbers for safety.

Hotel Bookings

Confirm your hotel bookings and insist on a receipt before you leave for your destination. Check if your hotel provides pick-up and drop-off services or ask SOTC to organise it as part of your package.

Cash / Card

Debit and Credit Cards are accepted across most places in Rajasthan and ATMs are available in all major cities and towns. Though it’s always good to carry some cash for daily use.


During The Trip

The language spoken locally is primarily Hindi, although there are plenty of regional dialects as well. As tourism is prominent, English is also known by many. You shouldn’t have any trouble communicating or getting around.

Tips For Travelling In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is such a wonderfully different destination and these handy pieces of advice are just what you need to explore it with ease, comfort and the joys of travel.

Getting Around:

  • Rajasthan is extremely well connected by road and rail
  • Local transport that you can sought includes buses, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, taxis and trains
  • Transport apps are also available in major cities so you can make your own daily bookings yourself, if required
  • Hired taxis are the comfortable and easy way to travel long distances, with mostly fixed rates

Food Culture:

  • Rajasthan’s vibrant culture is reflected in its flavourful cuisine, which sees everything from royal to gypsy influences.
  • Some of the most famous dishes you must try during your visit include kachoris, dal boat churma, laal maas, mohan thaal, mirchi bada.
  • There are plenty of dining options available across the state, from fine dining restaurants to rooftop cafés and street vendors, so you’ll always find a meal for your budget. 
  • Visit the Chokhi Dhani traditional village set up in Jaipur for a delicious authentic meal in a setting that’s just so.

Lodging Options:

  • There are plenty of lodging options across Rajasthan, as per your preference.  
  • Choose from luxury hotels, budget hotels, boutique stays, villas, guesthouses and even camping. 
  • Many of the royal palaces have been converted into exclusive hotels, which offer a unique stay experi-ence, especially popular with couples.
  • On an average, stay per night in Rajasthan for a premium hotel is around 1400-2000 INR, depending upon the city or location you are in.

Social Etiquette:

  • Rajasthan is super friendly to visitors, but it is important to respect the local culture by following the social etiquette 
  • It is best to dress modestly and always have a head cover for visits to temples or other sacred sites.
  • Do not litter and follow basic traffic regulations. 
  • Ask people before you take pictures of them, as it is rude not to do so.
  • Don’t hug locals, shake hands instead.

When To Visit:

  • Rajasthan is India’s desert state, making the climate and environment unique. 
  • Summers are scorching hot, with temperatures well into the forties. While tourism is still active, you must be up for extreme heat if you wish to visit during the months of March to June. 
  • By the end of June, monsoon arrives and offers some respite to the usually arid region. Some parts of the state sees more rain than the rest and it is an enjoyable time to visit. 
  • The most preferred time to visit is the winter season, when temperatures drop and the days are ideal for sightseeing or other activities. 
  • So the best time to visit depends on the itinerary and season preference, but there will always be inter-esting things to do no matter what time you decide to go.

Unmissable Experiences:

You’re in for a host of amazing experiences in beautiful Rajasthan, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, culture lover, wildlife admirer or spiritual seeker. 

  • Explore the royal history of Rajasthan, through forts, palaces, monuments and museums. The architec-ture, stories and locations will leave you inspired.
  • If you love nature, you’ll love visiting the many national parks and sanctuaries across the state, such as Ranthambore, Desert National Park, Sariska and Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary.
  • Rajasthan’s sacred and holy sites are some of the most renowned in the country and even the world. Places like Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Karni Mata Temple and Dilwara Temples simply must be visited.

Rajasthan In The Arts:

Rajasthan’s picturesque cities and landscapes have often picked depicted in movies. Some of the biggest Bollywood films shot here include Jodhaa Akbar, Highway and Rang De Basanti. Some Hollywood movies also have scenes filmed here, such as The Dark Night Rises and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

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