Bali Tourism Guide

For millions of people, Bali is one of the most sought after holiday destinations. Bali has everything – a fantastic cultural experience, glorious beaches, lush forests, fields, valleys, rivers. Bali tourism has gone up significantly in the past few decades as more and more people are discovering the island as a potential dream vacation spot. 

Bali is known for its beaches foremost. No Bali tour can be complete without a visit to Kuta, Seminyak, or Uluwatu, which are some of the most popular beaches here. There are several excellent beach resorts which are often populated by tourists who want to enjoy the sun and sand. 

There is so much to see in Bali and so many fun activities to do that you will find yourself booking a Bali tour every now and then for yourself and your family. There are walking streets to explore, temples to visit and historical sites to absorb. Let’s not forget the beaches too.


Bali Tourism Information
Official Language Balinese
Also Known as Island Of The Gods
Currency Indonesian Rupiah (INR)
Time Zone UTC+08 (WITA)
Area 5,780 Square Kilometer
Best known for Surfing, Jewelry and Handmade Dupa
Things To Do Beaches, Temples, Watch The Sunsets And Go On A Sea Walk
Places To Visit Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, Bali Safari And Marine Park And Tanah Lot

Bali Geography 

Bali is a province and an island in Indonesia. Bali tourism is one of the biggest reasons why people visit Indonesia. Bali can be found east of Java and it lies to the south of the equator. Bali is surrounded by mountains and some of them are active volcanoes. Thanks to the presence of volcanoes, Bali’s soil is fertile and that’s the reason why we see so many rice crops there. Bali is surrounded by coral reefs and an interesting fact about their beaches is that those in the south have white sand, while the beaches in the north and west have black sand. 

Bali Climate 

Bali’s proximity to the equator assures a tropical climate throughout the year. This means that people are free to sign up for a Bali tour any time they like. The weather is warm and humid and the sun shines more often than not. There could be rainy days from October until April. Summer is at its peak between May and August. The best time to visit Bali when there’s low humidity, so during the summer months, people often flock to Bali.

Places to see in Bali 

Bali is full of places to see and things to do. You won’t have a moment of doing nothing, unless you actually plan to do nothing and simply laze by the beach. But if you want to have an eventful and packed holiday, there are many interesting things to soak up in Bali apart from the sun. Here’s a look at some of the popular tourist places in Bali that you should include in your Bali tour without fail.


Beaches are one of the popular Bali points of interest. Tourists are always on the lookout for that unspoilt stretch of beach that they can claim for their own in the short span of time they are in Bali. But then, thanks to Bali tourism’s popularity, the chances of finding an undiscovered beach are nearly zero. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to venture into beaches such as Kuta beach with its white and grey sand, or Legian which is known for its partying and surfing scene. Sanur beach on the other hand has a quaint feel to it which many seem to enjoy. The coastline here is known for its coarse coral sand and the Sanur Reef protects it. There’s also Canggu Beach with its black volcanic sand and Nusa Dua which is a tourist’s dream come true. 


In the middle of some surfing and sunbathing, you might want to hone up on your cultural education a bit by checking out some of Bali’s temples. The temples are all unique and with their age old architecture, they make for great photography spots. A great time to observe different rituals played out would be during the temple anniversaries. Tanah Lot in West Bali is one of the most famous temples that even epitomises Bali tourism thanks to being featured on Bali’s postcards. The Uluwatu temple is on a clifftop and the crashing waves provide a dramatic backdrop. Besakhi temple on the other hand is on the south western slopes of Mount Agung. Goa Gajah is an exotic temple in a cave and a spot that should not be missed. Do remember to wear respectful and modest clothing when visiting temples. Sarongs are often available for rent. 


Bali is known for its volcanoes and the trek in Mount Batur or Kintamani is quite popular with those who want to take a closer look at the volcanoes. Certainly, a striking part of Bali tourism, you can see the rugged lava slopes contrasting with the lush greenery around you. 

Bali Tour 

While Bali is considered a paradise for surfers and beach lovers, Bali tourism is more than just the tropical environment it exudes. Palaces, temples, rice terraces and other exotic sights await you. But there are also several dining spots serving eclectic cuisine. Bali cuisine is influenced by several other cultures and apart from experimenting with some tasty Balinese food, you can also stick to Western or European food which is easily available. 

Night markets in Bali offer a wealth of information on not just knickknacks and souvenirs that you want to buy but also stalls offering quick and tasty meals. A stroll through these night markets is a great way to round off your evening. The other option would be to step into one of the many nightclubs or pubs which are always full of people, and have a merry end to your evening. 

Bali is an excellent vacation spot as millions of tourists have discovered now. Do remember to check SOTC for some great offers and deals on Bali packages before you book your Bali trip.

If travelling from India, there is an visa exemption for short stay i.e., less than 30 days. If your stay is above 30 days, then you will need an Indonesian tourist visa. Also, an official Indonesia currency is Indonesian rupiah (IDR). 

Language Spoken

Bahasa Indonesia

Currency used:

Indonesian Rupiah

NOV-MAR 25-27oC
APR-OCT 27-30oC

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