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Breath taking beaches, looming volcanoes, aromatic cuisine, lush terraced rice fields, picturesque coral reefs, idyllic retreats, gorgeous waterfalls, quaint wellness and meditation centres, beautiful ancient temples, bold mountain peaks and a kaleidoscope of enriching culture and tradition—that’s how you’d describe the ‘Land of the Gods’, Bali, the very famous Indonesian island located to the west of Java in the Lesser Sunda islands. Being the focus of a host of popular travel shows, journals, and many works of literature, Bali’s charm is boundless as there is something exciting and pleasing for everyone. Bali is safe to travel even for solo female travellers. You do not obligatorily need to get your visa done from an Indonesian embassy before you enter Bali as there is Visa on Arrival or a Tourist Visa facility when you travel to Bali, which remains valid for 30 days. 

Types of Bali Visa 

You may choose from the following types of Bali visa and work out on the things to do in Bali as per your requirement:

  1. Tourist visa 30 days - It is a short duration visit visa for 30 days without an extension option. 
  2. Visa on arrival with extension - It is a short duration visit visa for 30 days with one time entry and extension option of 30 more days. 
  3. Business visa - It can be a multiple entry 12 months business visa or single entry 60 days business visa. 
  4. Social/Cultural visa - It is a short duration visit visa with single entry for 60 days with a social or cultural purpose.
  5. Student visa (Student KITAS) - It is a long-term stay permit which is valid for 1 year. It can be extended upto 5 years, every one year. 
  6. Retirement visa (Retirement KITAS) - It is a limited stay permit for 1 year, which can be extended every one year.
  7. Temporary stay permit - Working visa (KITAS)- In combination with an IMTA work permit, it is a temporary stay permit valid for 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. 
  8. Family visa (Family KITAS) - It is a limited stay permit for 1 year, and can be extended upto 5 years, every one year. 

Documents required for Bali Visa 

  1. For Tourist visa 30 days - There is no requirement for any document. Upon your arrival, you receive a free stamp in the passport at the airport. 
  2. For Visa on arrival with extension - Documents required are the return flight ticket and the passport which should be valid for at least 6 months from the entry date.
  3. For Business visa- For this category, you have to show a passport valid for 6 months, CV, photograph, sponsor letter or the official invitation and documents from an Indonesian company. For the 12 months visa, you also need to produce a special permit (TELEX).
  4. For Social/Cultural visa - You need to produce passport and photographs, application form from the Embassy, sponsor letter from school or an Indonesian citizen, return flight ticket, KTP from your sponsor. However, it might vary between various embassies and also if you apply via an agent
  5. For Student visa (Student KITAS) - Your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months, Application form, CV, photographs, medical report and sponsor letter from school
  6. For Retirement visa (Retirement KITAS)- Health and life insurance, pension proof, CV, passport valid for at least 18 months, statement showing employing an Indonesian citizen for informal assistance.
  7. For Temporary stay permit - Working visa (KITAS)- Passport, CV, photographs and sponsorship from an Indonesian based company proven with official credentials.
  8. For Family visa (Family KITAS)- Marriage certificate or birth certificate, passport with at least 18 months validity, other documents depending on if sponsor is an Indonesian citizen or foreign family member with KITAS.

Bali Visa Fees 

The following is a rough sketch of Bali visa fees:

  1. Tourist visa 30 days- It’s free of charge
  2. Visa on arrival with extension- US$35 payable at the airport’s visa counter, US$35 for extension
  3. Business visa- Around US$50 for single entry visits; multiple entry visits will cost you around US$110 for 2 months
  4. Social/Cultural visa- About US$50, for every 30-day extension, it’s about US$50
  5. Student visa (Student KITAS)- US$370 per year 
  6. Retirement visa (Retirement KITAS)- Around US$600 per year 
  7. Temporary stay permit- About US$500 per year 
  8. Family visa (Family KITAS)- Around US$340 per year

Bali Visa Centres in India 

Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and New Delhi are the four Indian metros where you would find the Indonesian visa centres in India and these remain open from 9 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays, except national holidays of both the countries. Saturdays and Sundays remain closed. 

The main tourist attraction of Indonesia is ‘the Island of Gods’, Bali. Prior to travelling to the picturesque island, choose your pick from the ideal Bali tour packages available with tour planners. In addition, visit the authentic visa related websites for any visa-related information before travelling. The island’s dry season is between April to October, which is the best time to visit Bali. However, if you want to avoid the peak season and too much crowd then it is better to visit either between April to June or September to October, these being months of dry and sunny weather, lighter on your pocket and manageable crowd.

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