Cruise Holidays

For most people, the epitome of a luxury holiday can be going on a cruise. After all, with so many movies showcasing the high-end life of a cruise holiday, this one is certainly on most people’s travel lists. Not only is it an adventurous experience in the midst of luxury, it also has a certain romantic allure.

Most people choose to go on cruise holidays so they can experience the joys of different destinations in one holiday. Whether you’re travelling with family or as a couple, going on cruise vacations is thrilling and rejuvenating to say the least. Most often, cruises are also where people get to make new friends or even rediscover their own loved ones.

There are several cruise tour packages available that perfectly meet all your requirements, whether it is the destinations you want to visit or the overall experience that you want to enjoy. There are also all-inclusive cruise packages which turn out to be great value for money and are also economical. One of the reasons why cruise holiday packages are so popular is because they allow people to visit multiple destinations without going through the hassle of packing, unpacking, changing hotel rooms and various other situations that come up as part of a vacation. Here are some of the most fun and interesting cruise packages that you can take if you’re planning a cruise vacation.
  • Domestic Cruises

    Cruise vacation packages are great for even domestic holidays. In fact, there are some domestic cruise trips in India that take people from Mumbai, across the High Seas and finish back in Mumbai. Meanwhile, other domestic cruise packages in India go on the Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore and back to Mumbai routes. Considering that domestic cruise packages have to focus on coastal areas and also bear in mind the situation regarding monsoons, there aren’t that many of them operating at the moment. Don’t let that deter you if you are keen on a cruise vacation because it is indeed something different and very enjoyable.

    However, the best time to go on a cruise package from India is after monsoon, typically after October. This is the time when new and farther routes are added. If you are indeed planning to treat your family or a loved one to an exciting and adventurous cruise holiday, do remember to check the SOTC website periodically as there are some great cruise holiday packages available here.
  • International Cruises

    If you’re looking for international cruise packages from India, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a wide range of options to choose from. Some of these are all inclusive cruise packages which even includes the cost of airfare. One of the popular international cruise packages offered by SOTC is the Summer Value Tour Alaskan Delight which is a ten-day trip that includes a flight to Seattle as well as a sightseeing tour of the city. From there, a luxurious cruise takes you to some of the spectacular delights in Alaska. A visit to the capital city of Juneau, as well as glaciers and ice fields makes this cruise truly breath taking.

    A slightly more intensive cruise package is the Summer Highlights of USA with Orlando and Bahamas Cruise. This 18-day cruise takes you to Orlando, Bahamas, New Jersey, Washington DC, Buffalo, Las Vegas and offers much to explore. This is a popular package especially if you’re travelling with children because of the opportunity to visit Walt Disney’s World Magic Kingdom Park! For a more inclusive cruise vacation package, there’s a 19-day package that takes you to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, Washington DC, New Jersey, Orlando and Bahamas. What appeals to many people about such cruise holidays is that the nitty gritty of planning a vacation, especially food, is taken care of beautifully. Especially for cruise packages from India, travellers need not worry about access to vegetarian or Jain food.

    When it comes to such cruise tour packages, there are numerous choices – there’s one that takes you to the Canadian Rockies, while yet another one takes you on a 6-day trip where you can explore Singapore and then travel to various islands nearby.
  • Why go on a cruise vacation?

    There are various other cruise holidays that you can choose to go on and all of them are exciting and interesting. Cruise holidays allow you to see much more than you can on a regular vacation. Even if you’re not up for sightseeing, there’s something about being on a luxury liner that is certainly enjoyable and fulfilling.

    There is enough entertainment that happens on board most such cruises. Ones such as comedy acts, live bands and live performance acts will make you forget that you’re on board a ship. There’s everything you need, right here, especially for nightlife entertainment such as dancing or casinos. During the day, you can swim or indulge in a bit of sunbathing right on the ship’s deck.

    The food at these cruises is also top-notch as they hire some of the best chefs to oversee the restaurants in the liners. They offer a variety of menu options and the entire experience becomes all the more interesting and amazing for travellers. Cruises are great for families who are looking to spend time together constructively as there are several family entertainment options also available. Another interesting aspect about going on a cruise is that it’s a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh your mind and body. Massages, spa treatments and various other pampering options are available on cruises where you can enjoy the good life before you get back to real life and its gruelling demands.

    Whatever the reason, a cruise is often a most interesting and delightful way to discover a city, make new friends, learn new things about a culture and enjoy everything that life has to offer. If you are interested in taking a cruise vacation with your family or spouse or even alone, then don’t hesitate to check the SOTC website for some remarkable offers and deals on cruise packages.

Cruise Holidays

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