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The charming Himalayan town of Manali has long since been a favourite honeymoon spot for couples who love the mountains, romantic landscapes and just the right touch of exciting adventure. That’s why we, at SOTC, have specially curated Manali honeymoon packages and itineraries that we’ve built over the years, for the newlyweds of today.

Trending Manali Honeymoon Packages

Explore the majestic Himalayas, go for long rides on the motorbikes, trek through the scenic valleys or eat at the numerous cafes offering delicious food. To explore Manali, talk to the travel experts at SOTC for various Manali Honeymoon packages.

Manali Honeymoon Packages No. of Days Price*
Himachal Honeymoon Special Tour Package 6 Nights 7 Days Rs. 26 999.00
Hilly Escapades - Manali - Himachal Tour Package 3 Nights 4 Days Rs. 13 499.00
Spectacular Manali With Dharamshala Tour Package 6 Nights 7 Days Rs. 23 999.00
Exciting Himachal Tour Package 7 Nights 8 Days Rs. 26 999.00
Wonders Of Himachal- Budget Tour Package 7 Nights 8 Days Rs. 22 999.00
The Manali honeymoon experience takes you and your partner to the wondrous mountain resort town where spectacular hotels sit amidst captivating views, close to exquisite natural wonders like lakes, waterfalls and peaks, sacred sites like temples and monasteries and there are countless activities to keep you engaged. All you have to do is take your pick from our Manali honeymoon tour packages and leave the rest to us.

Top places to visit on a honeymoon trip to Manali

From delightful sunset viewpoints to calming hot springs, snowy mountain tops to quaint villages, whichever Manali honeymoon package you select, expect to find some or all of these top destinations in and around the town, to feature on your itinerary. For they are the reasons why Manali honeymoons are so loved, as you’ll soon find out for yourself.

Old Manali: A walk through the Old Manali town is a must on your Manali honeymoon, for it gives a glimpse of culture, a vibrant marketplace to explore, restaurants serving every cuisine, cosy cafés aplenty and quirky stores too. Begin at Mall Road, from where you can venture into by-lanes. This is good spot to pick up souvenirs of your trip, such as prayer wheels, Kullu shawls and more.

Solang Valley: One of the most highly rated destinations to visit on your Manali honeymoon is the thrilling Solang Valley, where you will be presented with a multitude of adventures-for-two, from paragliding to horse riding, zorbing to skiing. There’s nothing like a bit of edgy fun between newlyweds and there’s nowhere quite like the stunning Solang Valley to indulge in it.

Kullu Valley: While Manali sits up top, amidst sensational views, Kullu Valley down below has equally magnificent panoramas on offer. Many of our holiday packages itineraries are focused around Manali and Kullu, so you can really enjoy the most of the spectacular region with your special someone. Or if you’d prefer to only spend your nights in Manali and visit Kullu for a day trip, it can easily be arranged.

Hidimba Temple: Enveloped by towering deodar trees sits the Hidimba Devi Temple, just a couple of kilometres from the centre of town. Commemorate your marriage with this auspicious visit, which will surely leave you feeling blessed. It is one of the major stops on any Manali visit, but takes on even more meaning when you’re on a Manali honeymoon.

Rohtang Pass: One of the highest roadways in Himachal Pradesh, Rohtang Pass is a must-visit on your Manali honeymoon, for the postcard worthy views along the way and the snowy surrounds upon arrival. Besides the romantic panoramas, you can indulge in active adventures together, such as skiing, snow mobile rides and zorbing.

Vashisht Hot Springs: Take your partner to the Vashisht hot springs for a bit of natural rejuvenation, courtesy the earth! Located next to the Beas River, these sulphur springs are said to have healing properties, making for a truly one-of-a-kind experience to have on your Manali honeymoon.

Jogini Waterfall: Combine your trip to Vashisht with a visit to the magnificent Jogini Waterfall, where a truly romantic moment can be had. It only takes a short trek to get there, but the beautiful sight and its almost therapeutic gushing promises to keep you fixated for a long while.

Van Vihar: Behind the Hidimba Temple is the lush greenery of Van Vihar, a place couples love visiting on their Manali honeymoon, for it is an idyllic spot for all leisure activities, from strolls to boat rides or even just sitting besides one another on the grass.

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary: Witness exquisite native Himalayan wildlife living in the marvellous eco-system of Manali Wildlife Sanctuary, where you and your partner can venture on one of the many picturesque trails, capture lovely photographs and make lifelong memories.

Naggar: It is quite common for couples to spend a night or two in the charming town of Naggar, as part of a Manali honeymoon. Aside from the sweeping mountain views and misty skies, there is an enchanting castle here that you can explore together. Also stop by the Gauri Shankar Temple, where you can seek blessings.

Best time to book a Manali honeymoon package

With it’s location high up in the Himalayas, one has to consider not just your wedding dates but also the local weather, before planning your Manali honeymoon. It is a year-round destination, so you’ll find Manali packages for couples at any given time, but the best seasons to visit are the summer and winter.

Summer: March - June
Spend your Manali honeymoon in idyllic summer weather, with plenty of sunshine and cool breeze to really enjoy the outdoors and amazing mountainside activities, right from casual sightseeing to serious trekking. The snow recedes to only the very highest peaks, leaving most of the hillsides wearing their verdant best. Still, the nights can get chilly so you’ll have to carry some warming layers to be prepared. The other great thing about planning a Manali honeymoon in the summer is that you’ll have full accessibility, with all the passes open, so you can visit even the most remote locations. And we all know how romantic those can be!

Winter: October - February
Prepare for the cold, but also prepare to be swept off your feet, by the wonderful white winters of Manali. Whether you are snow aficionados or there to witness snowfall for the very first time, Manali honeymoons from October right until February, let you experience this miraculous natural phenomenon in spectacular fashion. Sign up for a host of thrilling winter adventures, from skiing to ice trekking. Enjoy piping hot local mountain delicacies on the streets and under the stars. Cosy up besides warm bonfires and tandoors. And wake up the next day only to do it all again.

Monsoon: July - September
Manali tour packages for couples are least sought after in the rainy season, between July and September. But perhaps the exclusivity of off-season is exactly the kind of intimate experience you’re looking for? If you don’t mind the rain and avoiding a few precarious regions, you could have a truly memorable Manali honeymoon surrounded by the lush landscapes, alluring misty skies and private excursions. The drop in rates is just a bonus.

Things to carry for a Manali honeymoon

Packing for your Manali honeymoon includes some travel essentials and some seasonal requirements. Here’s a compiled list for your convenience.
Clothing: Pack clothing that suits your Manali honeymoon package dates. Like light cotton clothes, shorts and pants for the summer, and heavy woollens and full length clothing for the winter. Even if you are visiting during the warmer months, at least one jacket is needed for post-sunset when the temperatures drop. Wind-cheaters are needed for the monsoon.

Footwear: Closed shoes, running or hiking shoes, boots and a pair of indoor slippers should suffice for this trip, and all the different activities and environments you’ll face. Don’t forget enough pairs of socks!

Accessories: UV protected sunglasses, comfortable hats, umbrellas in case of rain, sunscreen and moisturiser to protect your skin from harsh sun and dryness — these are the most common accessories to pack for any trip to Manali, including honeymoons.

First-Aid: While hotels will have first-aid supplies and there are chemists in town, it’s always good to carry your own little travel safety kit with basics like ointment and band-aids as well as any personal medication you may be using.

Identification / Documents: Never leave home without an ID proof, that you’ll need to show at hotels and a few other checkpoints.

Extras: Granted, your Manali honeymoon is going to be mostly about spending time with each other, but sometimes it’s nice to just be around each other and doing your own thing. So carry books, music, electronics or any other personal hobby items you enjoy.

Manali honeymoon FAQs

How long should a Manali honeymoon ideally be?
We have plenty of Manali honeymoon packages of varying durations, for you to choose from. Ideally, you need about 6-7 days to really enjoy the town and all nearby attractions. Check out our Kullu Manali honeymoon packages and deals that combine Shimla and Manali as well.

From which cities are Manali honeymoon packages available?
Honeymoon packages from Delhi are the most common, as Delhi to Manali is a much frequented road journey. Although you can easily find packages from all major parts of India, such as Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai and more.

How to reach Manali?
You can reach Manali by air, road and rail. The nearest airport is in Bhuntar, around 50 km away. But flights are not the recommended transport to the state of Himachal Pradesh, especially high-altitude destinations. You’d much rather take a Volvo bus, taxi or self-drive to Manali, along the scenic mountain roadways.

What are the top things to do on a Manali honeymoon?
Your Manali honeymoon promises wonderful experiences, whether it be dining under a starlit sky, picnicking by the riverside or gazing at the sunset over snow-capped peaks. Some of the top things to do include temple hopping, trekking, yak and horse rides, road-trips, wildlife spotting, relaxing at cafés, adventure sports like river rafting, paragliding and skiing, photography, museum visits, hot spring dips and much more! Once you let us know of your interests, we can help curate your itinerary or suggest specific Manali honeymoon packages.

What are the Manali honeymoon package inclusions?
Pick any of our honeymoon packages to visit Manali and you’ll get travel, transfers, sightseeing or activity tours and meals included.

Can Manali tour packages be customised?
Yes, we can help customise your honeymoon tour of Manali to suit your needs and wants, giving you the dream romantic getaway that you wish to experience.

Are there any interesting cultural events in Manali?
One of the great cultural things to do on your Manali honeymoon is attend one of the town’s festivals or local celebrations. The Doongri Forest Festival, Hidimba Devi Fair, Losar Festival, Winter Carnival and Baisakhi are the big ones of the year.

What’s the nightlife of Manali like?
Manali is a mountain resort town and doesn’t have as vibrant a nightlife as a big city, however, there are many pubs and bars in town that stay open late and you can visit.

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