Places to visit in Bhutan

Bhutan is a beautiful country with multiple places which are a must see for any traveller. We've highlighted some which we feel are a must visit when you travel to Bhutan.


Bumthang also profoundly known as Jakar is a great destination to consider visiting while exploring this remarkable land of Bhutan.Situated beautifully towards the north-central region is a home to Chumey, Choekhor, Ura and Tang valleys. Jakar has gained immense popularity due to the presence of stunning temples and religious sites. Wangduechhoeling Palace, Jambay Lhakhang Temple, Burning Lake, Jakar Dzong are the most recommended places to visit while you are in Jakar.


Mongar is a must visit destination with beautiful eucalyptus trees lined around the town sides which are soothing to the eye as well as soul. Another feature that adds beauty to this place is the pretty homestays. Mongar is famous for its eye catching sights as well as its shopping markets which are filled with unique wooden products and colourful fabrics. Mongar Dzong, Dramatese Monastery, Yagang Lhakhang, Zhongar Dzong Ruins are few places that are unmisable on your Bhutan Trip.


Thimphu the capital of the world’s most splendid destination Bhutan is a splendid destination to visit. It is the perfect destination to explore for travellers seeking a recreational getaway. Surrounded with popular sights to visit like Tango Chari Monasteries, Semtokha Dzong, the Clock TowerSquare and the National Post Office Thimphu has a lot to offer to its guests. Varied culture, attractive shopping markets and marvellous monasteries all pooled together make Thimphu just the right place you need to visit on your Bhutan tour. Owning numerous traditional Buddhist marvels as well as abundant cafes, restaurants and bars Thimphu is rightly known as the heart of Bhutan.





Paro ranks amongst the list of widest valleys holding lush green surroundings. Beautifully situated along the banks of Pa Chhu, Paro is a picturesque destination of Bhutan. It is a charming destination that you must surely pay a visit to while you are here in Bhutan. Paro is the best Bhutanese town to visit as it is the hub to adventures like trekking, rafting, mountain biking and kayaking. Paro is also famous for its colourful wooden shops and restaurants. Major attractions of Paro include Tigers Nest, Chele La Pass, Rinpung Dzong, National Museum and many more!

Punakha holding wonderful views, exotic scenery and marvellous resorts is truly a magical destination to explore. It is recommended to stay back in Punakha for a few days if you wish to completely experience the undisturbed beauty that this place holds. Serving to be the religious centre of Bhutan, Punakha experiences maximum footfall throughout the year. You should definitely pay a visit to the famous Punakha Suspension Bridge, Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten and the Dro Chu La Pass to enjoy the complete gist of Punakha.

One of the loveliest places to visit in Bhutan is the Rinpung Dzong.  This fort is also known as the Fortress on the heap of jewels. Its 16th century architecture is said to be a shining example of Bhutanese craftsmanship. The beautiful Buddhist paintings and murals are a rare treat and a treasured memory to back with you. 

Tip: Do not click photographs inside. Remove all footwear before going in and make sure your knees and elbows are covered.


Another one of the unique places to visit in Bhutan is the Chele La Pass. It is located at an altitude of around 4000 meters. You’ll have to pass the Ha Valley in Paro to get to it. But once there, you will be enchanted by its wild flowers, waterfalls and clouds that feel so close you can almost touch them.

Tip: Young children and senior citizens might get altitude sickness at this point. Everyone has to get used to the high altitude starting higher-altitude explorations. Also, dress in layers – the open winds make it colder than it actually is.


This Dzong is the second Dzong to be built in Bhutan and therefore a must-see in your list of places to visit in Bhutan. It is also renowned for its architecture, sacred Buddhist relics and stories. The remains of the famous terton, Pema Lingpa and Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal lie here. Click photographs from its small bridge for an interesting angle and capture the timeless beauty of its Buddhist paintings.

Tip: Do not click photographs inside. Remove all footwear before going in and make sure your knees and elbows are covered.


This statue is Bhutan’s tribute to the lord Buddha, whose learnings and worship govern its very ways of life. Legend has it, that there are 1,25,000 little Buddhas inside this giant statue. It sits on top of a hill in Kuenselphodrang Nature Park, overlooking the southern entrance to Thimpu Valley. It is one of the important places to visit in Bhutan. You can get a glimpse of it from anywhere in Thimpu. But its stunning gold and bronze craftsmanship and stature merits an up-close viewing. 

Tip: It is a deity. Be respectful when around it and ensure you don’t offend the locals.


This monastery houses the remains of the revered Guru Rinpoche. It is a landmark destination, making it one of the important places to visit in Bhutan. It is located in Paro at 10,000 feet above the sea level. So it’s a bit of a trek. 

But your efforts are rewarded by the blessings of this holy place and a majestic view of the Paro Valley. Be sure to see the cave temples and the tiger’s nest.

Tip: A trek to the monastery is quite long and steep. Consult with locals before embarking on this trip with children or senior citizens. 


Situated at a very high altitude of 10,200 feet, this pass is off the tourist trail and therefore, one of the off-beat places to visit in Bhutan. It is located on the route from Thimpu to Punakha. These caves are built with stone and have colourful Bhutanese dragons painted on them. For those who venture higher, there is a magnificent view of places to meditate. 

Tip: This is an extremely high altitude, so the usual warnings of taking young children and elderly people apply. If it’s not summer, dress in layers. 


This preserve is in Thimpu itself and is populated by Takins – Bhutan’s national animal, making it a great pick among Bhutan’s tourist places. These beasts are gentle and are a mix between cows and goats, making for a strange but unforgettable sight.

Tip: Children will enjoy the most. Carry cameras or a good camera-phone!


Also known as the “Fertility Temple”, this monastery was built in 1499 by a Buddhist monk called Drukpa Kunley. This temple has murals of phalluses painted everywhere so you might want to consider the finer feelings of senior citizens. But it is really one of the can’t-miss attractions among Bhutan’s tourist places. Visitors travel from around the world to seek blessings here.

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