Best Time to Visit Bhutan

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Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Spring and Autumn are generally the best time to visit Bhutan. However, some local guides recommend that the best time to visit Bhutan is between October to December. It’s a time when its sunny and clear skies abound. For those who prefer cooler climes and enjoy a good winter, the best time to visit Bhutan is January and February.

Bhutan for Nature Lovers

For nature lovers, the best time to visit Bhutan is from March to April, when the fields are in full bloom with its national flower – the Rhododendron. If you’re driving across one of the fields, stop to take pictures of this spectacular sight. Take the time to smell the flowers. In Bhutan there’s no rush to reach anywhere.

For birders, the best time to visit Bhutan is between late October to mid-February to see the rare black necked cranes. You’ll have to travel to the Phobhjika Valley for this but we promise you, it will be worth it. This can also be the best time to visit Bhutan with children as no one will be as gleeful as them when they spot one. But make sure you all dress in layers and are warm.

And while, we are on the topic of wildlife, Bhutan’s forests and preserves have the golden langur, tigers, two kinds of leopards and many more of such rare breeds. It’s also interesting to know that this tiny kingdom has the most area covered for biodiversity and has received worldwide acclaim for it. Its land boasts of 770 species of birds and 5,400 species of plants.

The best time to travel to Bhutan for camping is the winter. At higher altitudes, grown ups who are weather hardy and fit can go camping. They can see the gray wolf, the Himalayan blue sheep and even the almost-extinct animals like the musk deer. Be prepared for a rustic camp, with only the bare essentials. Carry your own equipment and appropriate clothing as you won’t get those in the markets.

The Festivals of Bhutan

Festival time is also the best time to travel to Bhutan. The cultural festivals called Tshechus, which mean the “the 10th day”, are held throughout the year. But you must book in advance and coordinate with your guide to be a part of one of these.

The Thimpu Tshechu is considered as one of the biggest festivals in the land. It is a 3-day holiday for locals and people flock to its capital, dressed in elaborate costumes. The monks pray and chant, months in advance. Do participate if you’re travelling with family. Why not buy a local costume for the children? It would make for a one-off experience for all of you. Do carry a good camera or at least a smartphone with a good camera. This festival takes place from the 14th to 16th of September.

Bhutan in May

The weather in May is a bit hot and humid. But this is the time when the flora really blooms. Jacarandas blossom throughout Bhutan and paint the landscapes in bright, happy colours. You can also witness the Gomkora festival held in Trashigang during this time. For trekkers, there is the Drukpath and the Jomolhari trek to look forward to. Be sure to book in advance as flights and hotels may be full up by January.

Bhutan in June

June in Bhutan is monsoon season. While it mostly rains at night, it is not ideal time for trekking. Others can go along exploring the cities and villages armed with rainproof gear. The Trel Da Tschechu and the Nimalung Tschechu festivals take place between the 21st to the 23rd of June. The first one is in Mongar and the second, in Bumthang. So, find out which one is closer to you and plan ahead to include it in your itinerary.

For action enthusiasts, the best time to go Bhutan is for the annual archery contest. Check again for the right date as these are largely based on Buddhist calendars and may vary from year to year.

Bhutan in July

July in Bhutan is monsoon season too. But if you wish, you can immerse yourself in a hot stone bath experience based on ancient Bhutanese healing cures. Spas are there too if you wish. For the more adventurous, we recommend stepping out in the rains in raincoats to carry on with your day as planned. Remember, night rains leave skies wonderfully clear in the mornings so click away! The annual Tshechu Kadam Goenpa festival is held in July in Mongkar from the 23rd to the 25th. Also, enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables this season brings.

Bhutan Beckons

Overall, a good time to visit Bhutan is between October to December – that’s when you can pack a little bit of everything in.

Of course, the ideal time to visit Bhutan depends on what you want. Your agenda and whom you are travelling with makes the decision for you.

But on no other kingdom on earth can you find such variety – from healing Bhutanese medicine, from roots and herbs to thriving wildlife. From crowded celebrations to spiritual solitude. From ancient dancing festivals to monks with laptops.

Bhutan is a little bit and everything of all that would interest a man, woman and child. So, do visit here and take away something more meaningful than just another experience. SOTC has a multitude of Bhutan tour packages that cater to the traveller in you. Pick one that suits your mood and let the calm wash over you in the happiness capital of the world.

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