Darjeeling Honeymoon Packages

There’s nothing quite like celebrating the start of your new journey together, surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. Darjeeling is one such destination, where couples can experience the best of the iconic mountain range, from spectacular nature to thrilling adventure to charming culture. So, if you’re wishing for an intimate and memorable getaway, a honeymoon trip to Darjeeling has everything to make your dreams come true.

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Darjeeling is one of the best holiday destination in India. Here's a list of Darjeeling Travel Packages offered by SOTC.Choose from our splendid range of Darjeeling Holiday Packages and explore Darjeeling in a way like never before.

Darjeeling Honeymoon Packages No. of Days Price*
Attractive North East Tour Package 7 Nights 8 Days Rs. 45 999.00
Magical Darjeeling & Sikkim Tour Package 8 Nights 9 Days Rs. 45 999.00
Treasures Of North East Tour Package 8 Nights 9 Days Rs. 51 999.00
Marvels of North East Tour Package 6 Nights 7 Days Rs. 39 999.00
Glimpses Of Eastern Himalayas Tour Package 4 Nights 5 Days Rs. 27 999.00
At this quaint hill-station, you’ll find countless views to swoon over, lush verdant tea estates to dance your way through, moments of wonder under the gaze of the towering Khangchendzonga, breathtaking scenery to soak in together, magnificent monuments and monasteries to explore as one, lively towns and markets to navigate hand-in-hand — all the makings of an unforgettable romantic holiday.

So, pack your bags full of love and take the first steps of your life together by booking one of our SOTC Darjeeling packages for couples. Read on, to discover more about the destination so that you can plan the perfect honeymoon.

Places to visit in Darjeeling

A Darjeeling honeymoon lets you spend quality time with your partner across a variety of different settings, be it a place of natural wonder, a serene monastery, bustling marketplace, thrilling hiking trail, mellow sunset point or picturesque tea plantation. Here’s our pick of the top places that simply cannot be missed.

Happy Valley Tea Estate / Glenburg Tea Estate:

Reminisce about the the magical wedding that was, as you sip on gloriously fresh brews of famed Darjeeling tea. The estates themselves are heritage experiences, some of them dating as far back as the 1800s. Take a guided tour, sample exotic flavours, stroll amidst greenery and leave with special memories, all your very own.

Tiger Hill:

Hike or hire a car to take you 2,590 metres above sea level, up Tiger Hill, and find yourselves at one of the most spectacular viewpoints in all of North-east India. A mainstay of any Darjeeling honeymoon, this truly romantic spot offers panoramic views of the Khangchendzonga and surrounding mountains, as the sun and clouds paint the sky in magnificent colours.

Darjeeling Ropeway:

Couples would thoroughly enjoy taking in the entire Darjeeling landscape, from snow-capped peaks to budding tea gardens from the spectacular height of 7000 metres, on India’s very first cable car system, known as the Ropeway. What a way to celebrate the crescendo of your love!

Lake Tsomgo:

The day trip to Tsomgo Lake in neighbouring state of Sikkim, is one of the main highlights to include in a Darjeeling honeymoon package. Cross the Nathu La pass to the awe-inspiring glacial lake for unreal views of earth at its best. On the way, you can also stop by at the Baba Mandir that’s dedicated to the legendary Baba Harbhajan Singh.

Singalila National Park:

For lovers who love nature just as much as each other, Singalila National Park is a must-visit destination. The high-altitude natural reserve takes you into picturesque evergreen forests that are home to amazing native flora and fauna, including the elusive Himalayan black bears and red pandas. Expansive views of the surrounding mountains and sensational trekking routes make this an unforgettable experience.

Ghoom Monastery:

A visit to the Ghoom or Sakya Monastery deserves its spot on any Darjeeling honeymoon package, if only to witness its marvellous 15-foot statue of the Maitreya Buddha. But the 18th Century structure is also filled with plenty of carvings, deities and depictions that offer a wonderful glimpse into Buddhist heritage. Don’t forget to pick up a string of colourful prayer flags to take back home as a token of your Darjeeling honeymoon.

Batasia Loop:

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that lets you and your loved one take in the scenic surrounds aboard a heritage toy train as it slowly inches its way through the hills. The Batasia Loop is one of the main attractions of the ride, where the track takes a spiral shape that lets the train take a complete 360-degree turn, climbing 1000 feet higher in the process — you have to experience it to believe it!

Padmaja Naidu Zoo:

Between breakfasts in bed and candle-lit dinners, treat yourself to an amazing wildlife experience on your Darjeeling honeymoon, with a visit to the town’s zoo. Here, many endangered species are homed, protected and bred, including snow leopards, red pandas, Bengal tigers, yaks and more.

Japanese Peace Pagoda:

A Darjeeling honeymoon would be incomplete without a visit to the peaceful and spiritually uplifting monument that is the Peace Pagoda, the tallest free-standing structure in the town. Stand side by side, soak in the serenity, observe the four avatars of Buddha and the etchings of his life and times, leave with a whole new sense of connection and love.

Best time to visit Darjeeling

With SOTC, you can always find the ideal Darjeeling honeymoon package for your preferred travelling dates. The town itself has plenty to offer, all year round. Here’s a brief seasonal overview so you know what to expect.


Plan your Darjeeling honeymoon in the summer months between April and June for comfortable 18-25°C weather, the perfect balance of sun and shade, and ideal conditions for an active, outdoor experience. If you’re thinking of an adventurous romantic escapade, this it is. Sightseeing, hiking, biking and even yak riding — intrepid couples will revel in the amazing activities that come with a summer Darjeeling honeymoon package.


June onwards begins the annual monsoon, with high humidity and heavy rains taking over the sky for the next two months. Now past the peak tourist season, Darjeeling becomes even more enjoyable for couples looking for an intimate getaway in the lush lap of nature. Don’t expect the Ropeway to be working and expect some roadblocks, but there’s plenty of reasons why this is a great time to visit. From eco-stays that let you rejuvenate to grand hotels that hold you in a luxurious state, a monsoon Darjeeling honeymoon promises to fulfil all your desires and leave you with lifelong memories of each other.


By November, winter is in full effect, and the visitors are few. However, this off-season is a lovely time for couples to unwind, relax and explore together — especially since the 2-7°C weather is ideal to cosy up and keep each other warm! From riding the Passenger Ropeway to admiring the snow-capped peaks, indulging in nourishing local delicacies to strolling through fog-filled streets, it couldn’t be more romantic than a winter Darjeeling honeymoon. And with the Teesta Tea and Tourism Fest celebrations, you get to experience a new culture together as well.

Spring & Autumn:

The time between March to April and September to November are transitional seasons of spring and autumn, offering idyllic weather and experiences for newlyweds on their first holiday. The clear skies provide uninterrupted scenic views of the mountains by day and stars by night, sightseeing and hiking is pleasant and never overly crowded, and nature is blossoming all around. If you end up picking a Darjeeling honeymoon package during these dates, don’t leave without your warm clothes and a bit of rain gear too!

How to reach Darjeeling

Surely by now you’ve decided to take on a Darjeeling honeymoon. But there’s one more crucial bit of planning you need to investigate — how to get there. The options are air travel, the railways or by road.


Being a hill-station, Darjeeling doesn’t have its own airport. The nearest landing strip is about 38 km away in the town of Bagdogra, which sees regular daily direct flights come in from Delhi, Guwahati and Kolkata. These cities are some of the most well connected in the country, so connecting flights from anywhere across India are easily available. Once you land, hop into a taxi at the airport terminal itself to complete the 3-hour road journey up to the town.


The nearest main railway junction is New Jalpaiguri, about 88 km away from Darjeeling. Trains arrive here every day from various parts of the country, so it is a convenient and more economical way to make the journey. Once you alight, private taxis and shared jeeps are easily found outside the station for the drive up to Darjeeling. To add something experiential and different to your Darjeeling honeymoon, take the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway or heritage “Toy Train” from Siliguri Station right up to the town itself — it is said to be one of the most scenic train rides in the world.


Do you wish to take your partner on a road trip like never-before? Then begin your Darjeeling honeymoon along the spectacular roads leading up the foothills of the Himalayas from nearby cities like Siliguri, Kalimpong and Kurseong. Taxis and buses are also available from the same locations as well as bigger cities like Gangtok and Kolkata.

Local Transport:

Once you’re in Darjeeling, the best way to get around is by car, especially 4-wheel drives that are more suited to the mountainous roads. With SOTC Darjeeling honeymoon packages, you need not worry as all transfers are included.


Finally, here is some more useful information to help you plan the perfect romantic honeymoon trip to Darjeeling and get to know the town better.
What does the name “Darjeeling” mean?
The name “Darjeeling” is derived from the Tibetan word “Dorje” which is “Thunder” and “Ling” which is “Land”, meaning “The Land of The Thunderbolt”. Originally a part of Nepal, then Sikkim and finally West Bengal, the town captured the imagination of Colonial rulers who saw it as the ideal spot for trade and tea plantations. It was then that the nick name “Queen of the Hills” was bestowed upon the beautiful town.

When is the best time to experience Darjeeling’s tea culture?
Whether you wish to simply sip on a fresh brew or explore the process behind its making, March to May and June to November are the best times to visit some of Darjeeling’s famed tea estates, all which offer tours and sampling along with countless moments surrounded by the spectacular greenery — including plucking yourself a fresh batch!

What is the local cuisine of Darjeeling?
A range of cultures influence the culinary landscape of Darjeeling, from traditional Tibetan and Sikkimese cuisine to North Indian staples to Bengali and Nepali dishes. It all comes together to create a wonderfully mixed bag of flavours and delicacies that are best enjoyed with a side of Darjeeling’s breathtaking scenery and sensational views.

Which are Darjeeling’s most popular shopping destinations?
Darjeeling is a delightful place for street shopping, with eclectic and colourful marketplaces where you can go souvenir hunting, pick up affordable clothing, find colourful winter wear and accessories or discover quaint works of local handicraft. Your Darjeeling honeymoon package leaves you with enough free time to check out interesting bazaars and flea markets such as The Mall Road, Ghoom Monastery Market, Batasia Loop Market and Pashupati Nagar.
SOTC’s Darjeeling tour packages for couples are complete experiences, with customised itineraries that bring out the romance of the destination, for you to enjoy the love you share. All you have to do now, is browse and book!

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