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Best Time to Visit Bali

In places like Bali, there are always visitors, always people who come expecting a wonderful holiday away from their desks and worries about mortgage payments and other such mundane things. People come to lose themselves in Bali but instead find a different version of themselves here. It is indeed such a magnificent location. Whether it’s the beaches or the temples or the greenery that beckons you, you will find yourself here, no matter what time of the year it is. 

Even then, it’s always good to have an idea of the best time to visit Bali. Weather here is often pleasant and comfortable and with the proximity to the beaches and the equator, the tropical element is often more pronounced. Bali typically has two kinds of seasons – dry and wet. So expect sunny days and warm nights but then there can be sudden unexpected rains as well. So it’s always a good idea to be prepared about the best season to travel to Bali.

Dry Season 

Bali’s dry season is often considered best weather to visit Bali. This season lasts from May to October with southeast winds bringing dry air from Australia. During this season, the skies are a brilliant blue and evenings can be cool and pleasant. There are several reasons why best time to travel to Bali is during this season. The humidity is low and it’s a great time for surfers who want to beat the waves while conditions are also good for diving. 

Other outdoor activities are also favoured during this time. Whether it’s a trek through the jungles or through the green rice fields or splashing in the spectacular Bedugal waterfalls, all these activities are best done during this season. One of the most exciting activities to do here is climbing a volcano and the dry season is indeed the best season to go to bali, to do it. In fact, there are planned tours such as a dawn trek that takes you right to the top of Mount Batur. This is a nearly two-hour climb and is not very difficult. Once you reach the top of this ancient volcano, you will be rewarded with a spectacular sight of the sun rising over three volcanoes – Mount Abang, Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani. Such activities make you realise why this is indeed the best time to visit Bali.

However, there’s a downside to the weather being so favourable for traveling and sightseeing. Since everyone seems to love the dry season, you can expect everything to be crowded – shops, restaurants, beaches and of course hotels. In fact, hotels often raise their rates during this season, so everything could be a tad bit more expensive especially during July and August. If you are in Bali during this time, don’t miss out on the annual Bali Kite Festival which takes place during the months of July and August, as this is the beginning of Bali’s windy season. For a more laidback and less crowded holiday, the months of May, June and September can be the best time to visit Bali.

Wet Season 

The weather in Bali can get steamy during the wet season which falls during the months of December to January. These are the wettest months of Bali with skies overcast and temperatures averaging at 31 degrees. But even so, many travellers have found that this can actually be one of the best month to visit Bali. The crowds are more manageable and everything can cost less too. It’s even possible to get a reservation at some of the trendy restaurants and even resorts and villas offer discounted rates. 

During this season, there be downpours during Christmas right until February. It’s not exactly a great time for beach hopping especially because debris from nearby rivers gets washed ashore. But even so, many travellers have found that this can actually be one of the best season to visit Bali for honeymoonIf you find yourself here during this season, remember that you don’t always have to camp out at a beach to have an excellent holiday. You can also enjoy a day at the spa, or visit some of the temples, or join a cooking class. This is also apparently the best time for canyoning and there are several operators that offer beginner classes. If you’re adventurous enough, you could also try white water rafting. 

Enjoying Bali Anytime 

Bali is one of those places that can be enjoyed at any time. Even during the rains, the grey skies are no deterrent for most people. One of the reasons why the best time to visit Bali doesn’t make a difference to many people is because there are so many activities that you can enjoy here. The weather doesn’t make any difference when you want to surf the waves, especially Bali’s Bukit Peninsula coastline becomes a popular surfing spot. Even if you want to just float in the infinity pool at your resort, what difference does rain make? You’re going to get wet anyway!

The weather doesn’t have to play spoilsport for your vacations. After all, you can take your vacations only when you get them. So don’t be too concerned about whether or not it is the best season to visit Bali. Come here, soak in the sunshine (or the rain) and see for yourself. Bali tourism has everything that we can think off. Before you book your trip to Bali, do remember to check the SOTC website for some great offers and Bali tourism packages which will make your Bali holidays  fun and exciting.


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