Goa Travel Guide

After much contemplation and speculation, you have finally chosen Goa as your destination. We are aware that the infamous jokes revolving around Goa plans that never materialise may have occurred to you. However, we will make sure that your plan works out this time by creating a timeline for you and guiding you step by step.

Pre-trip jitters are no strangers to us, which is why, it is essential to prep yourself for the trip way before the big day! Here are a few tips to make yourself trip-ready and ensure that everything is in place before the D-day! Be it two weeks prior to your Goa trip or just a few days before it, we have got you covered with all the necessities that you need to look into.

Two Weeks Before Your Trip to Goa

Here are some questions that you may have before you head on to the fun trip in Goa. 

What should I pack?

  • Since Goa is better known as a tropical paradise, make sure that you carry plenty of sunscreen. 
  • Clothes that will keep you cool and comfortable in the heat.
  • Swimwear if you plan to live in the water.
  • Avoid carrying heels and go for flats or sports shoes.
  • Sunglasses will be your best friend in this sunny paradise. 
  • Whether you’re travelling by road, air or train, tit- bits to munch on the way will help kill time.

What is the maximum luggage allowed by airlines and how many kgs?

  • Your luggage should not weigh more than 15 kgs for check-in bags. 
  • For cabin baggage, 1 hand baggage and one laptop bag or purse is typically allowed.  
  • However, please check the luggage rules of the airline you are flying as these tend to differ across carriers.

Two to Three Days Before Your Trip

Power Banks and Adapters

You need to make sure that you are accessible at all times. It is essential to stay connected with the people you are travelling with and to have access to information while on the go. Hence, make sure that your power banks are always charged in case your phone batteries run out during the trip. You do not want a dead phone when you reach an unknown destination. Also, do not forget to carry universal plug chargers and adapters. You will usually find two and three round pin plugs used in Goa.


  • Hand sanitiser a must to free yourself from any germs you may have been exposed to during the trip.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush, though available in the hotel is a cleaner option if it’s your own.
  • A sunscreen and moisturiser always to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Your own face wash which you can use anywhere and anytime during the trip to feel fresh.
  • Shampoo and conditioner, since you know your hair type best; the hotel provided ones may not suit your skin.
  • Your personal hair comb or brush, which ideally, must not be shared with anyone.


  • Swimwear if you plan to jump into the sea or laze at the resort pool. A pair or two of shorts to keep yourself cool.
  • Breezy, light and loose tops to stay comfortable.
  • A wide-brimmed hat for protection against the heat and sunrays.  Flip flops, flats and sports shoes.
  • A pair or two of heels for the night.


  • Always keep a first aid kit bag handy with you in case of any emergencies.
  • Pain killers
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Safety pins
  • Crepe rolled bandages
  • Skin rash cream
  • Cough and cold medicines


The Day of Travel


Carry some ready to eat food like biscuits, nuts, sandwiches or rolls to keep your stomach full during the trip and just in case the airlines food doesn’t suit you. Homemade food is safer as you do not want an upset stomach on a flight or a train.

Important Documents

  • Valid photo identification proofs such as your passport, pan card, adhaar card or driving licence to get onto that plane or even to get access to certain places in Goa.
  • A printout of your ticket no matter how you are travelling - be it by road, railways or air.
  • Photocopies of important documents such as your tickets, passports, valid photo identification proofs, credit/debit/forex cards, and hotel and other sightseeing bookings
  • Scanned copies of the above, which must be emailed to yourself


God forbid, if unwanted circumstances interrupt your trip or cut it short after the bookings have been made, travel insurance is a way to get some of your money back. Most domestic travel insurance companies in India provide you services such as medical assistance on your phone across the country and reimbursement of medical costs during the trip, no matter where you are.

Important Numbers

Always keep handy the numbers of the local Consulate, police and other emergency services as well as of the travel consultants and agents you have organised your trip through.

Hotel Bookings

Confirm your hotel bookings and ask for the payment receipt or booking voucher before you reach your destination. Some resorts also provide pick up and drop facilities from and to the airport. SOTC also organises hotel bookings for you as a part of its holiday packages.

Cash and Card

Credit cards are accepted by most hotels and restaurants in Goa. You will also find 24/7 ATMs. MasterCard and Visa are the widely accepted credit cards in Goa. In case you plan to go to a remote beach, it would be advisable to carry some cash.

During Your Goa Trip

If you are visiting Goa, learning a few Konkani phrases could prove to be handy for you. Here are some phrases in the most widely spoken language in Goa:

  • Hello/Good Morning- Deu boro dis dium
  • My name is – Mhojem Naum
  • Can you help me? – Mhojem modot korshi?
  • Where- Khuim
  • I feel sick- Mhojea jivak borem dissonam

However, English and Marathi are also languages spoken in Goa.

Goa Travel Tips

If you are looking for some peace and solitude, head to the unexplored beaches. Some of them are Galgibaga, Kakolem, Mobar and Butterfly beach. Head to Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort, Mangeshi Temple and Basilica of Bom Jesus to explore the history of this hamlet. 

Getting around - The most convenient way to explore Goa would be to get behind the two-wheelers available on rent.  Get a bike or scooter to explore India’s smallest state with no hassles. However, if you are looking to explore Goa with your family, you must rent a car to roam around the city as per your convenience.

Some food specialities of Goa include Goan red rice, Sanna, Poee and Kokum. Dine at Martin’s Corner and you might just spot your favourite celebrity.

Bargaining is king - Make sure that your bargaining skills are strong while engaging in some street shopping outside Calangute beach. Do not accept the first price, get yourself the best deal!

Tipping - It is not really necessary to tip the waiters or porters in Goa. However, it is almost always appreciated. 10% of a bill is considered to be acceptable. If you are in high end hotels, tipping porters and waiters is expected. INR 50 would do. If you are visiting beach shacks and local restaurants, they do expect a tip from tourists.

Cost of Living in Goa

  • If you are planning to visit modest beach shacks or hostels, you would require INR 500 TO 1500.
  • Local restaurants would go up to INR 500 and taxis would take INR 50-100, depending on the distance.
  • However, we would suggest the mid-range budget for you which would be INR 3000-12000 which would give you both a comfortable and reasonable experience.
  • A mid-range beach hut or house would cost INR 1500-5000.
  • A meal in a beach shack would be INR 500-1000.
  • Renting a scooter or car would range up to INR 1500 per family.
  • Please note that these costs are only indicative and are subject to change.

Best Time to Visit Goa

If you want to enjoy the summers in Goa and maybe also get a tan, then the months of March to May are the best time to visit Goa. Temperatures go up to 35 Celsius in May.

To take a break from the heat, visit during the monsoon months of June to late September as the temperatures range from 24 Celsius to 30 Celsius.


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