Best Time to Visit Egypt

Weather Conditions in Egypt

MAY-AUG 35-40oC
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Best Time to Visit Egypt

It is likely that the Great Pyramids make your travel bucket list, but it really should be all of Egypt, for there’s so much more it offers. In these fast-moving times, travel to a land that symbolises the very meaning of the word ancient. And for the best version of the experience, plan it all based on the best season to go to Egypt.

Naturally, climatic conditions and annual seasons are the most important factors to consider, as venturing outdoors under the sweltering desert heat is not the most comfortable experience. While the cooler seasons are simply ideal! Then there’s also the yearly festivals and celebrations that determine the best time to visit Egypt. Like the month of Ramadan, when food and local transport is affected. As such, the country welcomes tourists throughout the year, but it’s always better to schedule your vacation to suit your personal travel needs.

Summers in the Land of Ra 

Egypt’s weather is pretty much hot and sunny throughout the year, but summers are exceptional even in this regard. Temperatures reach as high as 50 degrees, if the wind doesn’t offer some respite. That’s why May to mid-September isn’t regarded as the best time to go to Egypt, especially since most of the famed landmarks and sites are located in the open desert and may become unbearably hot to visit.

It doesn’t matter whether you intend to visit Cairo or some of the southern regions like Luxor, you’d much rather tour Egypt in the cool of the winters. The only exception being if you wish to pursue a diving trip, in which case you’ll get plenty of opportunities to cool off through the day and enjoy the cooler evenings. You’ll also get the perks of off-season prices!

Spring and Autumn in the Oasis 

Tourism picks up in the months following autumn, with October and November really some of the best weather Egypt has to offer. If this is when you tour, you’ll get prime Mediterranean climes to enjoy — often considered the best time to visit Egypt for the beaches! While another not-so-touristy time for your trip can be the spring, from March to May.

The only climatic constraint of this season is dealing with the harsh Khamsin winds that carry with it sand and dust storms. But perhaps the reasonable off-season prices, a not too severe sun and pleasantly cool nights are reason enough to enjoy an Egyptian sojourn at this time of the year.

Winters by the Nile

Tourists generally flock to Egypt in winter, for the cooler climate around the Nile and Cairo regions. It would be wise to book early for a winter tour of Egypt. You could even witness some desert rain (a mere sprinkle compared to India), making things slightly damp but also cooler. Following the law of nature, nights in the desert can get really cold, even in the urban districts of the country. Carry your woollies!

Best Time to Travel to Egypt for Activities

Now that you’re caught up on the different seasonal conditions of Egypt, maybe the ultimate deciding factor for you comes down to the experiences the country has to offer.

The world’s longest river has been home to civilisation since times immemorial. Some of their ancient relics are still standing tall, and some perhaps not discovered yet at all. Play archaeologist as you take on a Nile Cruise anytime from October to April, where you get ample opportunity to witness and explore sights like the Valley of the Kings and Temples of Luxor.

From floating atop a river, enter the depths under water when you go diving at the mesmeric Red Sea. June to September is one of the great times to do this, with the summer heat keeping away most tourists. The water is always perfect temperature, the reefs wear their best colours and you have thousands of beautiful fish for company. Little wonder this is global diving hotspot! It is also a round-the-year one, though the winter winds can be a bit challenging for beginners, while visibility is also affected.

If you’re looking to visit the Western Desert region, summers should absolutely be avoided. You don’t want to be under the sun when it’s a roaring 45 degrees. Visiting during the month of Ramadan will give you the opportunity to really experience local culture, albeit only post sunset! During the day, local life slows down almost completely, with people staying indoors during the fasting hours. The dates for the Holy Month keep changing according to the Islamic Calendar, but it usually occurs during the summer months.

Yet another occasion that makes for the best time to visit Egypt is the Abu Simbel Sun Festival. Held on 21st February and 21st October, they’re the dates of King Ramses II’s crowning and birthday respectively. Planning a tour around either of these two dates will give you an incredible experience of witnessing an antiquated marvel. The temples of Abu Simbel are designed in such a way, that on these two days only, the sun aligns to light up their inner sanctums. It’s even more stunning than you’re imagining right now!

Egypt has a lot to offer no matter what time of the year you choose to come with respect to activities, the more important consideration to make is the weather. SOTC can help plan your tour of this old and mysterious land taking into account all your travel preferences. Pick a suitable Egypt tour package  and travel back in time on your next holiday.


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