Festivals in Egypt

Wedged neatly between Asia and Africa – the two vast continents, Egypt is a unique place to visit. And it’s not just because of its grand ancient civilization. The people are an example to the world as they live in perfect harmony with each other. And this peace and joy makes it a welcoming land for those who do choose to visit.

There are many festivals in Egypt, and they are all celebrated with great pomp and splendour. Here are some of them. We are all familiar with Ramadan, Ed-Al-Adha and Id Al -Fitr but what is unique here is the multi-cultural participation. Besides these, there are other festivals which are celebrated with passion.

Egypt’s majority maybe modern Muslim but honouring its ancient civilization is something that everyone participates in. The Sphinx Festival is one of the most important festivals in Egypt. This 5-day festival aims to bring its ancient past to life and looks to educate people and help them celebrate their rich and grand heritage. This festival is held in June in El Gouna, a Red Sea town, and attracts many artists and travellers. The highlights are its music, dancing and other educational activities.

Coptic Christmas is another festival that is celebrated by all, regardless of faith. This week-long celebration is one of the main events in Egypt and is enjoyed by all. It takes place on 7th January and is a national holiday in Egypt’s calendar. If you’d like to participate in the celebrations, visit the Coptic regions and Cairo where the fervour is at its peak. After a traditional mass, a meal with meat, rice and garlic is eaten and shared with all.

Like most countries, Egypt celebrates the coming of spring with a festival called the Sham Al Naseem. It is also named by locals as the ‘Sniffing the Breeze’ festival. Celebrated by everyone with a gathering of families, citizens head out to historical sites and beaches with packed picnics. Streets come alive with dancers, vendors and performers – a sight to behold. Visit Egypt in April for this heart-warming take on Holi.

Leylet En Nuktah is another unmissable event in Egypt. Just like India where the River Ganga is considered holy, they worship the river Nile as a deity. This river is the cradle of Egypt’s ancient civilization and still remains an important source of water. Locals organise picnics and gather on the riverbanks. Come on the 17th June to witness this festival and participate in it in your own way.

So many festivals, so little time! Another unique festival is the Sun Festival held at Abu Simbel. Egyptian mythology dictates that Sun God is the most superior God. This festival is celebrated twice in a year, on 22nd February and 22nd October. On these days the sunrays penetrate the Abu Simbel temple, reaching its innermost sanctum, brightening all the Gods like Ra, Amun and Ramses while keeping the Goddess of darkness in the shadows. If you want to pick one festival during which to visit, make it this one. It will make you believe in the powers that may be.

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