Restaurants in Egypt

The multicultural vivacity of Egypt is a melting pot of diverse culinary cultures. From fine dining to simple local fare, your gastronomic journey in Egypt will be one memorable ride. Cairo and Alexandria have a good selection of restaurants which may pose a challenge for a budget traveller or family. A good meal here could cost you as much as a meal in a capital city anywhere, so check menus before you walk in.

Also, alcohol is not served in local restaurants, so you’ll have to spend a bit more if you want a drink. It will probably be an imported bottle of wine so check prices or don’t say you weren’t warned!

One of the best places to eat in Egypt, the newly renovated 1902 restaurant dishes up a French Levantine menu and very expensive and exquisite wines.

The 2 Greek Club is where intellectuals meet for heated debates. Come here to watch people engage in intellectual duels as you enjoy cold beers and Greek favourites.

The 63-year-old 4 Abou Tarek is famous for the being the best Egyptian restaurant. Come for its Koshary and Rice pudding infused with rose water.

Founded in 1908, the 5 Café Riche is where artists, activists and turbaned waiters are found serving mezze platters and cold beers and coffee. It is one of the top places to eat in Egypt because the revolution of 1952 was planned here. This is where history and food meet, in a charming atmosphere.

For pocket-friendly food, hit the streets. There are a great many options and it’s a great education on what to eat in Egypt throughout your trip. Vegetarians, please remember that a vegetarian dish in Egypt means “no beef” so get clarity before eating. Otherwise Egyptian food has many options. Rice, macaroni, lentils and chickpeas with a spicy sauce make a “Koshary” which is absolutely delicious. Sandwiches with a version of dried meat, liver, cheese and Tamiyah are available. Fuul, an Egyptian Fava bean stew, and Tamiyah, an Egyptian Falafel, are also good. Winters here are warmed up with chicken soup, sweet potatoes and chicken and meat stews.

The Trianon in Alexandria has a wonderful homely, old-world magic. Its menu is Mediterranean-meets-Levantine meat and even vegetarian dishes are available. And to top it off, a patisserie next door does lovely coffee, tea, cakes and omelettes for breakfast.

Get your hotel or a deli to pack a picnic for you and the captains at Dok will set sail on a felucca, a boat with cushioned seats and a table, along with a bottle of wine. Sunsets are particularly beautiful, so come then.

Still wondering where to eat in Egypt? Well, simply select one of SOTC’s Egypt tour packages and be off on a culinary adventure with a little bit of culture, adventure and romance thrown in.

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