Andaman Honeymoon Packages

They say marriages are made in heaven, but your honeymoon destination should be nothing short of heaven either. So if you’re one of those looking for the perfect honeymoon holiday package to celebrate being married, we have news. If your heart is set on a spectacular island getaway, you’ll find just what you’re looking for with SOTC’s Andaman tour packages for couples. Each of our carefully curated romantic itineraries will transport you to the island paradise, where beautiful skies, clear blue waters, brilliant marine life, pristine pockets of green, charming heritage and a host of memorable experiences await.

Trending Andaman Honeymoon Packages

Explore the sunny beaches, stunning islands, or indulge in exciting water sports, scuba diving and snorkelling, enjoy delectable seafood or visit the historical landmarks. Explore the wonderful islands with SOTC. Talk to the travel experts for Andaman honeymoon packages.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands Honeymoon Packages No. of Days Price*
Highlights of Andaman Tour Package 5 Nights 6 Days Rs. 45,999
Beach Fun In Andaman - Budget Tour Package 5 Nights 6 Days Rs. 21,999
Andaman With Diglipur - Baratang Ross & Simth Island Budget Tour Package 5 Nights 6 Days Rs. 32,999
Amazing Andaman- Luxury Tour Package 5 Nights 6 Days Rs. 91,999

So, leave behind the tall buildings for gently swaying palm trees, the loud traffic for the rhythmic sounds of the ocean, the bright lights for glorious sunshine and starry nights. Simply browse our Andaman honeymoon packages and begin your life’s journey with a holiday as exquisite as the love you share.

Top places to visit on your Andaman honeymoon

The loveliest Andaman honeymoon is one where you get to explore the archipelago’s best places, including some tourist favourites and some hidden spots that only a select few can make it to. Here they are, as compiled by our travel experts, that you can find or include in our packages for couples.
Port Blair: All our Andaman honeymoon packages will have you first arrive at the capital, Port Blair. The picturesque town is home to notable cultural edifices such as the Cellular Jail where many freedom fighters were once imprisoned, stunning beachfronts like Corbyn’s Cove which are just a few minutes away and thrilling experiences like trekking at Mount Harriet National Park can also be had. Treat Port Blair as a base from where you can go island-hopping from, as it offers the most connectivity.

Havelock Island: Regarded as one of the best dive sites in the world, Havelock Island is where your partner and you can explore the magical underwater world of colourful coral reefs, iridescent fish and marine plant life. And when you surface, there are stunning beaches like Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Kalapathar Beach and Vijaynagar Beach to lounge, sunbathe or stroll on. Public ferries, private boats and sea planes are available from Port Blair to the serene surrounds of Havelock.

Neil Island: Most 4 to 5-day Andaman honeymoon packages cover Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. Less than an hour away by ferry from the capital, is located one of the most fertile islands of the Andamans, where native farms sit nestled between the azure sea and verdant tropical forests — an idyllic setting for your partner and you to unwind, relax and spend quality time in the luxurious lap of nature. Get plenty of sun, sand and surf at Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur Beach and Bharatpur Beach.

Baratang Island: Discover the relatively unexplored gem that is Bharatang Island, where lush mangroves, glistening seas and extraordinary natural wonders lie in wait. The island is home to spectacular limestone caves that you can enter and explore! If that wasn’t enough, there is also a mud volcano which actively spews organic matter from the ground, and the picturesque Parrot Island is a wonderful spot by the jetty where you can see the birds take over the sky, at sunset. The lovely Baratang Island can be included in your Andaman honeymoon package as a day trip or an overnight excursion.

Ross Island: Past and present intertwine in the most alluring way on Ross Island, another one of the top destinations to visit on an Andaman honeymoon. The island is dotted with Colonial-era remnants, the structures of which are now being taken over by the ages-old native foliage. Spend a day wandering past these exquisite sites, including the Commissioner’s House, old Cathedral and Graveyard.

Rangat Island: You don’t have to be avid naturalists to fall in love with the surreally beautiful ecosystem of Rangat Island, a place that boasts some of the finest eco-tourism ventures in the world. The fishing and farming-based villages follow only natural practices, and this is extended to the tourist set-up as well. Couples looking for a natural retreat with eco-stays, pristine beaches and untouched landscapes like natural pools and waterfalls, will surely find peace here. The Dhaninallah Mangrove Nature Walkway is a one-of-a-kind experience you can have, which leads to the miraculous beachfront known to be a nesting ground for turtles. Cutbert Bay Beach and Panchavati Hills are other famous attractions of Rangat.

Diglipur Island: Your beloved and you can immerse yourselves in the best of Andaman honeymoon experiences both underwater and on the land, when visiting Diglipur Island where white-sand beaches like Kalipur, Ramnagar and Pathi Level host everything from banana boating to snorkelling and diving. Meanwhile, the high peak and rolling hills of the island provide a great natural playground for romantic sunrise or sunset hikes. How amazing is that!

Long Island: Boasting tropical forests, teeming mangroves, evergreen tidal swamps and gorgeous sandy beaches, Long Island is one of the top places to visit on your Andaman honeymoon, where you can indulge in activities like boat rides, dolphin cruises, bird watching, sunbathing and snorkelling. Ferries run from Port Blair to Long Island three times a week, or you can take a bus to Rangat and catch a boat from there.

Things to do on a honeymoon trip to Andaman

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling: The immaculate waters of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands provide some of the best dive spots and snorkelling experiences in the world. The native marine life has been pristinely maintained and witnessing it in front of your eyes is a real gift. Whether you both are experienced divers or are trying it for the first time, in the Andamans you will find countless diving schools and operators to choose from. The best season for diving is between December and April, when the waters are most calm. Popular dive spots to visit on your Andaman honeymoon include Turtle Bay, Barracuda City, Pilot Reef, Cinque Island, North Point and Fish Rock, amongst others.

Snorkelling is great if you prefer to explore the underwater world from surface level safety, or perhaps you’d just like your daily swim to be a bit more exciting. Either way, your Andaman honeymoon will give you plenty of opportunities to go snorkelling together and see the phenomenal marine eco-system in action. For the best coral reef and aquatic animal sightings, visit spots like Elephant Beach at Havelock, North Bay Island, Neil Island and Rutland Island.

Water Sports: Let your tryst with the waters continue with the many thrilling water-based sports, many of which even non-swimmers can partake in! Whatever your affinity level is with the sea, take your pick from a host of activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, under water sea walking, surfing, sailing and banana boat rides. Amongst the many romantic moments you’ll share on your Andaman honeymoon, these activities promise memorability, laughter and joy that you’ll always look back on fondly.

Boating & Fishing: Try your hand at fishing when you’re on your Andaman honeymoon, for it is one of the destination’s prime activities. Along with boat rides, including an exotic glass bottom boat ride, this is another great way to interact with the amazing eco-systems of the archipelago. The sunsets you’ll get to see as you float off the shore, in some of the more remote parts of the islands, will be truly spectacular.

Sightseeing: Take a break from the beaches and the ocean — as hard as it may be — for you will not be disappointed with the wonderful sightseeing tours found on the Andamans. From cultural centres like the Cellular Jail Museum, Anthropological Museum, Marine Museum and Cottage Emporium to the heritage structures on Chatham Island, Ross Island and Mount Harriet, discover the long and significant history of the islands on your Andaman honeymoon, just as you discover more about each other. Add a touch of spirituality by also visiting some of the peaceful religious sites of the islands, like the Lord Shiva Temple, Sri Karpaga Vinayakar Temple, Roman Catholic Church, Jama Masjid, Bahai Temple and Buddhist Temple.

Camping & Trekking: For adventurous couples, activities like forest or beach camping are an absolute must. But even if it’s not something you usually do, all the more reason to give it a go on your Andaman honeymoon. Our travel experts can help you plan intimate camping experiences, whether by the sea or under the forest canopy, if you so desire.

Treks are more commonly found in Andaman tour packages for couples, with many of the islands being home to hilly or mountainous regions that offer spectacular trails to go hiking together, taking in scenic vistas all along the way. Popular trekking routes that you can venture on include Mount Harriet to Madhuban, Havelock to Elephant Beach, Diglipur Island to Raman Caves and Chidia Tapu to Kala Pahad.

Wildlife Experiences: Your Andaman honeymoon would be incomplete without sampling some of the wondrous wildlife, natural reserves and parks found here. Other than the seascapes, the Andamans is home to everything from tropical forests to mangroves to marshlands, and countless native species of flora and fauna. Some of the best places to experience the wild side of the Andamans are Mount Harriet National Park and Saddle Peak National Park, Campbell Bay National Park, Blister Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Brush Island Wildlife Sanctuary and Clyde Island Wildlife Sanctuary. A highlight experience to look for is the mangrove creek safari found at Yerrata Creek, Dhanninallah Mangrove Creek and Sabari Village.

Shopping: With so many exciting and romantic things to do on your Andaman honeymoon, you’ll still have plenty of time for the timeless travel experience of shopping! Buy your partner something special, take back souvenirs for your home or simply enjoy the vibrant marketplaces, by visiting places like Aberdeen Bazaar, Handicraft Emporium, Goalghar, Junglighat and Delanipur. Items to look out for are the traditional makes such as wood works, handmade jewellery and beach clothing.

Things to carry for your Andaman honeymoon

Lovestruck newlyweds about to embark on their Andaman honeymoon simply cannot leave without reading these important packing tips.
- The Andamans witnesses typical island weather that’s characteristically hot, sunny and humid for most of the year. So, for your Andaman honeymoon, pack as many light cotton clothes as you need, so that you’re always comfortable.

- Beach wear or resort wear cover your other clothing requirements, from swimsuits to sarongs — show off your beach style, as you stroll hand in hand!

- Expect plenty of sunshine on your Andaman honeymoon. UV protected sunglasses and heavy-duty sunscreen are absolute must-haves!

- An umbrella, hat or both will surely come handy as you switch from surf to sand, across the majestic archipelago, irrespective of the Andaman honeymoon package you ultimately pick.

- Yes, your Andaman honeymoon will be filled with romantic barefoot moments, but you still need to carry the appropriate footwear for the entire trip. Flip flops are great for day wear, a pair of sneakers or walking shoes are needed for urban explorations, sightseeing or hiking. You can also carry a single pair of slightly formal shoes for any special occasions you have planned, such as a candle-lit dinner.

- Don’t forget that the Andaman honeymoon is an outdoorsy holiday, with all elements of nature surrounding you all the time — including pesky bugs! So, pack enough of your preferred insect repellent, instead of relying on local makes.

- Your hotel will provide you with towels, but it’s always good to have your own for hygiene purposes.

Andaman honeymoon FAQs

What’s the best season for an Andaman honeymoon?
While Andaman honeymoon packages are available all year round, the best time of the year to visit the islands is from October to May, essentially the winter, spring and summer. The only few months that are generally avoided are those of the monsoon, as the sea gets too rough. Whatever dates you choose, SOTC Andaman packages for couples guarantee the best experiences of the destination.

How does one reach the Andamans?
SOTC’s Andaman honeymoon packages include flights to and from the destination, which is the most preferred way to reach the island. Flights to Port Blair are available from all major cities in India. If you’re looking to add a unique experience to your Andaman honeymoon, you could even take to the seas and book yourself on a 3-day cruise to the island capital from Chennai, Kolkata or Vishakhpatnam.

What food can one expect on the Andaman Islands?
Sharing meals and unique dining experiences are surely one of the things you’re looking forward to, on your Andaman honeymoon. And the island does not disappoint! Surrounded on all sides by the spectacular ocean, you will be spoilt for choice with fresh seafood dishes every single day. High quality continental classics, North & South Indian specialties and plenty of vegetarian food is also available, with everything from beach shacks to 4-star restaurants to visit. When you book an Andaman honeymoon package with SOTC, we ensure your included meals let you sample plenty of the local flavours as well as your preferred cuisines.

Are there any interesting festivals celebrated in the Andamans?
If you wish to include some noteworthy cultural experiences in your Andaman honeymoon, book your Andaman tour package such that it coincides with one of the island’s many festivals and celebrations. The Island Tourism Festival in January, Beach Festival in April, Monsoon Festival in August, Food Festival in September and Film Festival in November, are most popular.

Is an overnight stay necessary to visit Havelock Island?
There are daily boats between Port Blair to Havelock, so you can easily make a day trip of it and return to Port Blair by the evening if you so wish.

What are the inclusions in an Andaman honeymoon package?
SOTC’s Andaman honeymoon packages include flights, airport pick-up and drop, hotels, meals, transfers, sightseeing tours and select activities. You can always make inquiries to further customise your package.

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