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Kintamani in Bali, Indonesia is one of the few places on the island that is away from the beach. This, however, has no bearing on its status as a destination for an epic vacation. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of other party towns, this tiny town on the caldera of Mount Batur still packs a punch thanks to its reputation as a place for adventure sports and adrenaline packed activities, which is the essence of Kintamani tourism. A Kintamani tour is perfect when you’ve had enough of Bali’s legendary party spots.

Located at a high altitude, with an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level, Kintamani has a lot to offer in terms of culture thanks to its many temples and the beautiful gardens. A trip to these temples offers a glimpse into Bali’s spiritual side. A side not seen by many thanks to the blinding neon and flashing lights of its party capitals. But it's there, with beautifully carved sculptures, stoic stone monuments and well-manicured gardens with temples such as the Goa Gajah temple, the Elephant Cave temple and many others spread all over beautiful misty Kintamani. Kintamani tours therefore are a study in duality, where spiritual silences and screams of adventure and excitement coexist. Here’s a handy Kintamani tour guide giving you the lowdown on all things Kintamani to prepare you for your trip.

Things to do in Kintamani

1. Climb Mount Batur 

You must start off your Kintamani tour Bali by trekking up Mount Batur, an active volcano, to watch the sunrise paint the sky with a palette that sets it ablaze. From gentle pink, to placid purple, to fiery red and finally gentle golden.

2. Visit Pura Ulun Danu Batur 

Cool your heels at Pura Ulun Danu Batur in Kintamani, a Hindu temple by a lake which offers you activities such as boating and jet-skiing or simply allows you to relax, take a breath and marvel at the wonders life has to offer.

3. Go off roading 

Turn your Kintamani trip into an adventure on an ATV as you go off the beaten path and make your own. These 4 wheeled mini monster trucks will go anywhere and are the best way to chart your way through Kintamani’s uncharted forests.

4. Get high in Kintamani

Literally. You can take a helicopter tour to catch a bird’s eye view of the caldera of Mount Batur where Kintamani lies.

5. Get for caffeine fix 

Visit one of Kintamani’s many coffee plantations such as Belantih Coffee Farm, Tegarah Windhu Coffee Plantation or Wedang Sari Coffee Plantation to see how Indonesia’s famous Kopi luwak is made. Watch cute civet cats turn coffee beans into rich, earthy kopi luwak. No Kintamani holiday is complete without a trip to one of these plantations.

6. Spring back to life at Tampak Siring 

Tirtha Empul temple also called Tampak Siring Temple or the Holy Spring Water Temple in Kintamani is home to an ancient Hindu temple carved out of stone with a natural spring considered sacred in Balinese culture the waters here are said to have healing properties.

7. Witness the majesty of Mount Agung

Mount Agung is a currently active volcano close to Kintamani and is a trip worth making.  Witness it spew columns of volcanic ash and spit lava all from a safe distance. You can hike up to the caldera or take a helicopter tour for a bird’s eye view.

8. Watch the eternal battle between good and evil

Attend a performance of Barong and Keris dance performances at one of Kintamani’s many temple complexes during your Kintamani tour Bali. These traditional Balinese dance forms depict the battle between good and evil. The highlight of these is the Barong, a half lion, half dog creature from Balinese legend, played by two dancers in a long silk costume and masks. 

9. Temple Run in Kintamani

The most peaceful, laid back way to experience beautiful Kintamani in all its misty majesty is to take a private tour to visit its many Hindu temples such Pura Tegeh Kahuripan, Pura Hulundanu Batur Songan and many more, each dedicated to a different Hindu deity and mostly carved out of stone. A trip to these temple complexes is a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon reading or meditating in the tranquil environment they create. No Kintamani travel is complete without soaking in some spirituality. 

How to reach Kintamani 

By Air

The closest airport is Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar with international flights connecting it to every major city around the world. The airport is 2 hours away from Kintamani. Local taxis will bring you to Kintamani but be sure to fix a price before your ride begins. 

By Road

The trip to Kintamani is usually approached from the south with 2 routes in from Ubud, which is 45 minutes away, and one each from Besakih, an hour away, or Bangli, 30 minutes from Kintamani. There is also an easy way in from the north via Singaraja, an hour away.

Food and Restaurants in Kintamani

Just like Kintamani tourism, its food too will nourish your soul. Because it lies off the beaten path, food options here are primarily local, authentic Balinese cuisine.

1. Anam Vegan Restaurant

Be sure to try Anam Vegan Restaurant, located in the Beingsattvaa Resort, Kintamani which is a no smoking, no drinking holistic natural resort. Anam serves delicious South Indian fare, which is an acknowledgement of Bali's Hindu influences.

2. Lake View Restaurant

Lake View Restaurant is Kintamani's first and oldest restaurants. It offers diners the best views of the Batur Caldera in Kintamani with tasty Indonesian food, making it the tourism highlight of any Kintamani travel guide.

3. Warung Baling Baling

Warung Baling Baling in Kintamani offers fresh fish, straight out of Batur lake. Feast on the fresh catch with scenic vistas of misty mountains and majestic lake Batur. 

4. Danu Art Cafe

Enjoy a languid day in Kintamani at Danu Art Cafe, a bohemian cafe and bakery where you can chill with a cup of Kopi Luwak, Indonesia's famous Civet coffee and a book while savouring freshly baked pastries and more. 

Shopping in Kintamani

Tour Kintamani, Bali's hawker capital, with stalls and street markets selling everything from bamboo handicrafts to fashion accessories. Must buys in Kintamani include Kopi Luwak coffee and wooden warrior masks. 

1. Banjar Saap Kintamani

The best place to do all of this is Banjar Saap Kintamani, a market in Banggli. Besides the curios, handicrafts and other collectibles, you could also pick up tie and die, Batik fabric on your Kintamani tour or sundresses, t-shirts or sarongs made from the same fabric. 

2. Celuk Village

Take a tour to Celuk village an hour away from Kintamani to pick up traditional Balinese gold and silver handicrafts, made by imbuing everyday objects with gold and silver leaf. You could also buy artisanal gold and silver jewellery here. 

3. Batuan Village

Batuan is another village close to Kintamani to include in your shopping tour. Situated an hour away, it is a trip you should make should you wish to purchase traditional Balinese art and paintings. You can also visit workshops to see the artisans at work and take a break from shopping at nearby Batuan temple. 

Nightlife in Kintamani

Nightlife in Kintamani is laid back and quiet, the antithesis of nightlife elsewhere in Bali. This is primarily because drinking in public is outlawed in Kintamani, leaving hotels or bars your best option to enjoy a quiet drink with your fellow travellers. However, if the urge to party strikes, you can always take a trip to nearby Seminyak, Canggu or Jimbaran. 

Kintamani FAQs

What is there to do in kintamani at night?

Kintamani is a quiet village town and has no known night clubs. Your best bet is to grab a quiet drink at a hotel bar. 

What is Barong Kintamani?

Barong Kintamani is a traditional dance form depicting the fight of good against evil through interpretive dance. The ‘Barong’ refers to a mythical Balinese creature that is half lion and half dog. The Barong in Barong Kintamani is played by two dancers in a large connected costume.

How far is Kintamani from Seminyak?

Kintamani is 62 kms from Seminyak and the distance takes about two hours to cover by road. 

What are the places to visit near Kintamani?

Kehen temple, Trunyan village and the Kintamani Highlands are just some of the many places to visit near Kintamani and you may need a guide for these.

What are the places to visit in Kintamani in December?

The Kintamani highlands are the best place to visit in Kintamani in December. Thanks to the weather, the altitude and the time of the year.

Kintamani is the place to go to recover when you’re all partied out in Bali. Even a short trip is enough to rejuvenate the senses and slow down your fast paced hectic life. Places near Kintamani such as Toya Bungkah hot springs exist primarily for this purpose. Think of Kintamani as Bali’s mother, who tucks you into bed when you get home after a long hard night.  If you wish to witness Kintamani up close, be sure to visit the SOTC website for our Bali tourism packages or stop by our nearest office and we’ll be happy to chalk out the perfect itinerary for Bali or any other international tour packages.

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