Maldives Visa Intro Paragraph

Maldives is one one of that popular island country that is frequently visited. The capital of this country is Male and the country is located in the Arabian Sea. Doesn’t that sound interesting? The official language of this country is Dhivehi and, in some parts, English is widely spoken. 

Types of Maldives Visa

Are you planning to visit Maldives any sooner? Well, you must as there are many places to visit in Maldives. Whatever, the reason for your travel may be, you will require Maldives visa. The best part about visiting this place is that you don’t require a pre-arrival visa. Avail visa on arrival and enjoy your thirty days. There are, however, many types of Maldives Visa. Depending on your travel type, your visa will be categorized. You definitely need to have a valid passport that is valid for not less than six months. 

There are different Maldives visa types. You may fall into one of those categories. Some of the visa types allow employment while the rest don’t. Visa on arrival doesn’t allow employment. Also, the visa charges for Maldives vary depending on the visa types. Read on to know about the types of Maldives visa and a few other important information.

  1. Tourist Visa: It is valid for nationals from every country visiting Maldives (Employment prohibited)
  2. Resident Permit: This visa is valid for only those who have work permit from any part of the world (Employment allowed)
  3. Marriage Visa: As the name suggests, someone who gets married to a Maldivian national gets Maldives Visa. Of course, one needs to submit a few documents to prove the nuptial bond. (Employment allowed)
  4. Student Visa: Someone willing to study in Maldives with other terms and conditions fulfilled gets this visa. (Employment prohibited)

Other visas are Foreign widow, dependent visa, business visa and co-operate resident visa. 

Which of those Maldives visa types suits your travel to the destination? Prepare and embark on your journey full of memories. 

Documents Required for Maldives Visa 

Your visa requirement gets fulfilled when you have all the right documents in place. Maldives visa requirements demand that you need to have specific documents, so you get those visas approved. Most people enquire about the tourist visa. Let us know about the various documents one must have to get this visa. 

  • Your passport should be original and should be valid for the next six months at least, and that should be from the date of travel
  • Your air tickets must be confirmed for Maldives
  • Without money, one can’t survive in a new place. Hence, one must have enough money in their account for surviving in the country
  • Two passport size photographs of the person flying must be handy to get Maldives visa
  • The document where the person will stay in the country
  • Confirmed ticket of return

Getting the visa documents ready is the first and the most important step towards flying to Maldives. Are you prepared for a planned set of steps towards Maldives visa?

Maldives Visa Fee

A place that fascinates everyone and attracts for a calming as well as adventure trip is Maldives. Apart from considering the visa charges for Maldives, you should also consider getting Maldives tour packages in advance. you should be stress-free because Maldives offers on arrival visa that is free. Isn’t that something to cheer about and plan your vacation soon?

Yes, you heard it right! There is no visa fee when visiting Maldives on visa on arrival However, you need to pay the visa on arrival rate which is 666.69 Maldivian Rufiyaa. Indian nationals need not pay any visa charges for Maldives. They are approved visa on gratis basis. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to dive into the beaches of Maldives. 

Maldives Visa Centers in India

The first thing people worry about when applying for a visa is the number of visa centers available. You need not worry at all because there is the Embassy of Maldives in New Delhi that can guide you through. If you are an Indian and looking to visit Maldives in future, you need to know the purpose of your visit. You can visit the embassy if you have any doubt related to Maldives visa documents. There is also a centre in Trivandrum by the name of Consulate of Maldives. 

Soon you enter Maldives, you need to get your visa on arrival. This visa is valid for thirty days only. This can be extended on special request if you fulfill certain conditions. There are a few centres that can help in applying for other visas to Maldives. 

Apart from everything mentioned, don’t forget to make a note of things to do in Maldives and also find out the best time to visit Maldives.  

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