Best Time to Visit Shillong

Weather Conditions in Shillong


Best Time to Visit Shillong

The north east is full of beautiful cities with excellent weather and delightful views. Shillong is one of the most well known as it is a famous hill station that sees a huge influx of visitors every year. No matter what the time of the year, people can be found making plans to visit Shillong. Not only is the weather great here, but it is also known for its music, which gives it the name Rock Capital of India.

So obviously, if you are planning on a visit, you either want to make sure that the weather is perfect or you’re in time for some excellent music festivals and that’s why you should focus on the best time to visit Shillong before you make your decision. Typically, it is believed that the best time to travel to Shillong is from September to May. This gives a significant window of time for visitors to choose their timing carefully. Here’s a season-wise look at the best time to go to Shillong.

Summer in Shillong

Summer months in Shillong are from March to June. The weather at this time is pleasant and cool and tourists love the stark difference here, as compared to the bustling cities they have escaped from. Temperature remains between 15 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius and often, it’s considered to be the best time to visit Shillong.

Everything about summer in Shillong is simply lovely. The air is fresh and cool and there’s a sense of quiet beauty in the air that visitors greatly appreciate. During this season, locals in Shillong celebrate the thanksgiving festival of Shad Suk Mynsiem with traditional music and dances. Consider yourself lucky if you happen to visit Shillong at this time of the year. However, do bear in mind that summer holidays across India are during these months so you can expect to see crowds and it’s considered to be the peak season. Hotel and flight bookings are also expectedly high at this time.

Monsoon in Shillong

Monsoon happens in Shillong between the months of July and September. There is often heavy rainfall during this season and in fact the annual rainfall can be as high as 3300 mm. Although temperature remains slightly cold between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius, visiting Shillong in the monsoon is not everybody’s cup of tea. If you have an adventurous bent of mind and you can happily lug your backpack along with you, then by all means, this could be the best time to visit Shillong for you. After all, there is nothing quite as beautiful as Shillong in the rains, when the entire landscape transforms into a marvellous lush green panorama.

The traditional festival of the Jaintia tribe is also celebrated at this time and there’s much to see and observe here, especially their rituals and offerings. Shillong in the monsoons is also the best time to see their waterfalls as the water flow is hypnotic and the lush greenery around is at its most intense. However, if you are not fond of wet weather then it’s advisable not to visit Shillong at this time as hiking and exploring the city can be quite irksome in wet conditions. If you do happen to visit Shillong during the monsoon, then do remember to carry an umbrella and bring raincoats and mud boots too. Since it is off season, it’s considered to be an excellent time for photographers and nature lovers who can capture the beauty of the city in the rains, without getting jostled by crowds.

Winter in Shillong

Shillong’s winter season lasts from October till March. The temperature can drop down to as low as 2 degrees Celsius although during the day, it is a comfortable 22 degrees. If you happen to visit Shillong at this time, you can use the day time to explore the city without worrying about getting caught in a downpour as most of the rain ends by this time and winters are quite mild in comparison to most other places. Most people consider this to be the best time to visit Shillong.

Winters are often cool and dry and it is considered to be the ideal season to visit for honeymooners and couples who are looking for a romantic holiday. The city is quite dolled up for winter celebrations like Christmas and New Year and there’s a different sort of excitement in the air. Another excellent aspect about winters in Shillong is that the humidity is quite high, which ensures that you do not suffer from dry skin and chapped lips which is a common feature during winters where it gets very cold.

Winter and the brief autumn also sees several festivals being celebrated here – the Autumn Festival celebrated between October and November is a fantastic event with cultural programs and concerts that entertain locals and visitors alike. October and November also see the Nongrem Dance Festival which is celebrated as a thanksgiving festival to thank the almighty for good harvest, peace and prosperity. In February, there’s the Wangala Festival which is in honour of the God of fertility and there is much celebration and rejoicing at this time. Locals wear colourful traditional clothes and head dresses and there are several interesting rituals and sacrifices which make for fascinating observation.

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