Places to Visit in Bali

Bali is a beautiful country with multiple places which are a must see for any traveller. We've highlighted some which we feel are a must visit when you travel to Bali.

  • Kuta Beach
  • Seminyak Beach
  • Tanah Lot
  • Ubud Monkey Forest
  • Bali Safari And Marine Park
  • Goa Gajah
  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Bali is Indonesia’s top tourist destination. Every year, people come here to relax, spend their holidays, have fun with friends or loved ones and they return, feeling rejuvenated and ready to come back. Bali tourism isn’t just about beachside resorts though. There are many places you must visit in Bali and you would need to organise your time accordingly so that you don’t miss out on top places to visit in Bali. Bali’s reputation as a beachside destination however precedes everything else and many come packed with more beachwear than anything else, intending to spend as much time on beaches such as Kuta and Jimbaran. The lesser known regions of Bali towards the East and north are perfect for diving and there’s a lot of ecological diversity to enjoy here.Before you embark on Bali trip, check out the list of some of the places to visit in Bali. Here’s a list of some tourist places in Bali.

It’s an easy bet that most travellers to Bali will find their way to Kuta beach sooner or later. It’s after all, one of the must visit places on your Bali trip. Kuta beach is one of the most favoured spots for surfers. Every morning, you are bound to find several of them, waiting for that perfect wave as they gaze over the brilliant waters. While there are plenty of vendors selling food and other trinkets, if you’re looking for a more refined experience, then walk up to Kuta Beachwalk where you can find several restaurants and shops.

While we’re still talking of beaches, let’s not forget Seminyak. It’s a scenic and refined beach resort of sorts with villas and resorts along with spas and best places to eat in Bali. Seminyak however is a good surfing spot only for those who are experienced as there are strong undercurrents. There are clubs and bars and other hang out spots where you can watch the brilliant sunsets. Explore the best of Bali with pocket friendly Bali Tour Packages.

Tanah Lot is one of the most iconic places to visit in Bali. This temple, located on the coast, has an ancient Hindu temple on a clifftop. The setting makes it unique and scenic at the same time. Do witness this stunning sight with our Bali Packages. With waves crashing against it continuously for centuries, the cliff had eroded until there were specific preservation efforts taken to ensure that Tanah Lot did not completely disappear. During high tide, visitors are unable to cross and view the rock base but during low tide, it’s possible. Do note that people are not allowed to enter the temple grounds, but the views make up for it entirely.

Have your fill of exotica at the Ubud Monkey Forest, one of the most popular places to visit on your Bali Tour. Trek through the forest which is a natural sanctuary for grey long-tailed macaques. There are paved pathways here which lead to the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal or the Great Temple of Death. The dense trees prevent sunlight from entering, so there’s definitely a mysterious aura around the place. The statues and other relics look ancient thanks to the moss covering them luxuriously. Since this is a sanctuary, there are plenty of monkeys to be found here. Do be careful about wearing shiny or loose jewellery as the monkeys might take a fancy to it.

Among the interesting places to visit in Bali is the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Animals here are allowed to roam freely and you can ride a safari bus to visit the animals. Some of the animals here are Himalayan bears, black bucks, African hippos, ostriches, baboons and lions while the biggest draw would be the Indian white tigers. The safaris give you a chance to view the animals in their natural habitat There’s also a water park and amusement park adjacent to this, so it’s a great spot for families, especially with children. There are free live animal shows and photo opportunities with some of the animals. Do check out our Bali Tourism Packages for more.

Note- A visit to this park can easily take up the whole day so it’s advisable to wear appropriate clothing and carry water with you so that you stay hydrated.


This is another iconic temple which is near Bedulu village. There’s much to see and explore at this exotic temple which is an archaeological site with a rich historic background. The rock walls are carved with various designs and there are fountains and bathing pools in the main grounds. Like most tourist places, there are kiosks and vendors, selling souvenirs and trinkets as you walk down the steps to the main ground. This temple has both Hindu and Buddhist influences and there’s a sense of serenity in the air which you must definitely experience on your Bali Holiday

Note - Do remember to wear appropriate clothing to enter the temple.

Verdant rice fields are aplenty in Ubud while the terraced rice fields of Tegallalang offer a breath taking scene. Inhale the fresh, crisp air as you look across the stunning green views. Nearby, there are small villages, particularly Padukui village where Balinese craftsmen create some splendid work in sculpture and wood carving. You can pick up some excellent souvenirs here, although do be wary of pushy vendors. 

When you visit Bali, you will realise that there is much more to it than the fancy beach resorts, and the idea of chilling by the beachside with a cocktail in your hand might even seem boring to you. Bali is exciting and at every turn, there’s something interesting and historic to explore and understand. Do note that SOTC has several great offers and deals on Bali Tour Packages if you want to book a tour to Bali.

Look up tropical paradise online and the name Jimbaran is sure to pop up. This idyllic fishing village and resort in the southern part of Bali is a haven for beach bums, surfers, water sports enthusiasts and anyone looking to kick back, relax and watch the waves gently lap its golden sands. What started off as a quiet, traditional Balinese backwater with a tiny fishing village and fish markets, Jimbaran, has now expanded to a swanky, ultra-chill resort town boasting of the best Bali has to offer. Whether you want to catch some waves on a surfboard, or the sunset while lounging on a recliner with a drink in your hand or some fish for your dinner, Jimbaran lets you do it all while having a great time. Sunny, bright Jimbaran and its beautiful beaches will put you in the mood to lay back and take a breather with its inviting vibe and friendly people that is what makes Jimbaran tourism special. Here’s a Jimbaran travel guide to help you plan your beachside escapade to Jimbaran.

Things to do in Jimbaran

1. Surf’s Up  

You can’t not mention Jimbaran and the beach in the same breath. It is after all part of the Bukit Peninsula and has some of the best beaches in Bali. Some of the beaches in Jimbaran are Jimbaran beach, Suluban, Padang Padang, Pandawa, Dreamland, Balanagan and Bingin. Of these Suluban, Padang Padang and Dreamland are known for their reef breaks, which means some pretty epic waves for surfing. 

2. Explore a hidden beach 

30 minutes away from Jimbaran, Pandawa beach is famous for its inaccessibility making it famous as the ’hidden beach’ due to its location among sheer limestone bluffs. Another fun fact about Pandawa beach is its name, which comes from the five Pandavas from the Mahabharata. Their statues can be found adorning stone arches in nearby Kutuh village.

3. See a new avatar of Vishnu 

Jimbaran however isn’t just a beach town with nothing else to do. It is culturally significant as it has a number of temples and historical sites from Indonesia’s past. Garuda Wisnu Kencana is one such place. A cultural park in Ungasan, a few minutes’ drive from Jimbaran’s centre, all 250 hectares of this park are postcard worthy vistas. The name is derived from a large statue of Lord Vishnu, seated on a majestic garud. The Balinese connection to Hinduism is very strong and goes back to the roots of its foundation. Also called GWK, this park has many stages where you can catch local Balinese folk dances, traditional theatre and music performances.

4. Cross a forest full of monkeys to see a magical temple 

Uluwatu temple overlooks the sea from its vantage point on a craggy limestone bluff. Located just outside Jimbaran and surrounded by a tropical forest, the approach to Uluwatu is guarded by mischievous macaques, who won’t hesitate to steal your stuff unless you pacify them with some fruit.

5. Visit Nusa Dua 

Your Jimbaran tour Bali must include Nusa Dua, with its beautifully designed luxury resorts where you can grab a drink while floating in one of the many private pools attached to one of the many resorts or beach clubs. Just 17 mins away from Jimbaran, this is a one-day trip you cannot miss. 

How to reach Jimbaran

By Air 

The closest airport to Jimbaran is Bali’s Ngurah Rai International airport, which is 15-20 mins away from Jimbaran. It is serviced by all major airlines with flights to and from every major country. Airport pickups are provided by every hotel, thanks to the proximity of the airport to Jimbaran, so make sure to confirm this while booking your stay.

By Road 

Jimbaran is a 15-minute drive from the airport should you choose to rent a car or a bike. The fastest way to get around is on a bike, which you can rent for a daily fee. Jimbaran is also well connected by buses that run from all over Bali to Jimbaran, Uluwatu and Nusa Dua. 

Food and Restaurants in Jimbaran

Since it used to be a fishing village, fish is a staple here. Seafood restaurants line the beach and main avenues. These have large tanks where the seafood is kept alive until a diner orders it to be prepared. Some of the restaurants are:

1. Radja Seafood Cafe 

Radja Seafood Cafe serves up some of Jimbaran’s freshest catch. Order the catch of the day grilled over charcoal and served with a variety of dipping sauces.

2. Warung Mami Ikan Bakar 

Warung Mami Ikan Bakar is a pocket friendly seafood cafe in Jimbaran that serves a variety of seafood prepared the traditional Balinese way and must be a part of your tourism itinerary.

3. Wahaha Pork Ribs 

Carnivores rejoice for Wahaha pays homage to every part the humble pig in a myriad of ways. From fire-grilled chops, sticky ribs and spicy skewers, Wahaha in Jimbaran will leave you delighted with its sheer variety and electric ambience.  

4. Jimbaran Beach Cafe  

For a meal by the sea, stop at Jimbaran Beach cafe where you can sample a variety of cuisines ranging from Balinese to Indonesian to Asian fusion and more. If seafood isn’t your thing, Jimbaran Beach cafe has you covered thanks to its vastly inclusive menu.

Shopping in Jimbaran 

Indulging in some retail therapy between dips in the sea is the perfect way to make the most of your Jimbaran trip. For starters, you could visit the famous Paul Ropp Shop selling beautiful silk and cotton textiles in a variety of modern and traditional Indonesian prints. A visit here is a must for you to stay trendy and comfortable in Jimbaran’s hot and humid climate. If you’ve packed enough clothes you might want to check out the Jimbaran Corner Shopping Centre, a collection of shops ranging from trendy, high fashion to traditional. Must visits here include Atlas South Sea Pearls for authentic pearls, and BIN for traditional Batik printed textiles. Jenggala Gallery is a gallery and pottery store where you can buy artisanal ceramic products. Finally, hit up one of Jimbaran’s many coffeeshops to pick up some kopi luwak or traditional Indonesian civet coffee, which makes the perfect gift for those back home. 

Nightlife in Jimbaran

Nightlife in Jimbaran is eclectic with many bars and clubs around town. Some of these are built directly into the limestone cliffs above the Indian Ocean.

1. Rock Bar 

Rock Bar is one of Jimbaran’s most famous spots with a fantastic bar and great music that requires you to take a funicular ride down the sheer limestone cliffs to get to the bar at the bottom. 

2. Jimbaran Beach Club 

Jimbaran Beach Club is synonymous with sundowners, where you can chill and watch dusk descend over the horizon from the comfort of white pergolas and discreet gazebos, placed on the beach. 

3. Omnia Dayclub 

You’ve heard of nightclubs, but have you ever heard of a day club? Omnia Dayclub in Uluwatu, 34 mins from Jimbaran, is a novel concept where you can party all day with fabulous cocktails and a private pool. Getting there is easy as Omnia has busses to ferry you to and from the club starting from Jimbaran. 

There are many other options to choose from as even the restaurants and tiny bars at Jimbaran's many beaches offer you a range of entertainment options from DJs to live music and even traditional Balinese bamboo orchestras along with offers on food and beverages. 

Jimbaran FAQ’s 

Can you swim in Jimbaran Bay?

Yes you can. Thanks to Jimbaran bay’s long, wide, crescent shaped beach, the waves are moderate and the sea is calm.

What is there to do in Jimbaran at night?

Nightlife in Jimbaran is eclectic with many bars and clubs around town. Some of these are built directly into the limestone cliffs above the Indian Ocean. You can dance to electronic music or catch a live gig at bars such as Rock Bar. Whatever you do, don’t forget to start the evening by watching the sunset. 

How far is Jimbaran Bay from Seminyak?

The distance from Jimbaran Bay to Seminyak is about 14.8 km which takes 39 mins to cover by road.

What can you do in Jimbaran?

Jimbaran is a popular spot for surfing enthusiasts thanks to its many beaches. Besides this it is known for its many bars and clubs built directly into limestone cliffs overlooking the Indian ocean. Apart from these, Jimbaran is also home to botanical gardens and temples which offer a glimpse into Balinese culture. 

How far is Jimbaran from Legian?

Jimbaran is 13.7 km away from Legian. The distance takes 34 mins to cover. 

How far is Jimbaran from Uluwatu?

Jimbaran is 13.7 km away from Uluwatu by road. The distance takes approximately 34 mins to cover. 

How far is Jimbaran from Denpasar airport?

Denpasar airport is 9.5 km away. The distance takes 34 mins to cover.Jimbaran isn’t just a run of the mill tropical paradise, it is rich in its culture, people and natural beauty. With so much to do and so much to see, planning your Jimbaran trip can get confusing. Thankfully, you can visit the SOTC website and check out our Bali tour packages and other international tour packages, or simply drop in to your nearest office where we can curate the Bali itinerary for your dream Bali holiday.

Kintamani in Bali, Indonesia is one of the few places on the island that is away from the beach. This, however, has no bearing on its status as a destination for an epic vacation. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of other party towns, this tiny town on the caldera of Mount Batur still packs a punch thanks to its reputation as a place for adventure sports and adrenaline packed activities, which is the essence of Kintamani tourism. A Kintamani tour is perfect when you’ve had enough of Bali’s legendary party spots.

Located at a high altitude, with an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level, Kintamani has a lot to offer in terms of culture thanks to its many temples and the beautiful gardens. A trip to these temples offers a glimpse into Bali’s spiritual side. A side not seen by many thanks to the blinding neon and flashing lights of its party capitals. But it's there, with beautifully carved sculptures, stoic stone monuments and well-manicured gardens with temples such as the Goa Gajah temple, the Elephant Cave temple and many others spread all over beautiful misty Kintamani. Kintamani tours therefore are a study in duality, where spiritual silences and screams of adventure and excitement coexist. Here’s a handy Kintamani tour guide giving you the lowdown on all things Kintamani to prepare you for your trip.

Things to do in Kintamani

1. Climb Mount Batur 

You must start off your Kintamani tour Bali by trekking up Mount Batur, an active volcano, to watch the sunrise paint the sky with a palette that sets it ablaze. From gentle pink, to placid purple, to fiery red and finally gentle golden.

2. Visit Pura Ulun Danu Batur 

Cool your heels at Pura Ulun Danu Batur in Kintamani, a Hindu temple by a lake which offers you activities such as boating and jet-skiing or simply allows you to relax, take a breath and marvel at the wonders life has to offer.

3. Go off roading 

Turn your Kintamani trip into an adventure on an ATV as you go off the beaten path and make your own. These 4 wheeled mini monster trucks will go anywhere and are the best way to chart your way through Kintamani’s uncharted forests.

4. Get high in Kintamani

Literally. You can take a helicopter tour to catch a bird’s eye view of the caldera of Mount Batur where Kintamani lies.

5. Get for caffeine fix 

Visit one of Kintamani’s many coffee plantations such as Belantih Coffee Farm, Tegarah Windhu Coffee Plantation or Wedang Sari Coffee Plantation to see how Indonesia’s famous Kopi luwak is made. Watch cute civet cats turn coffee beans into rich, earthy kopi luwak. No Kintamani holiday is complete without a trip to one of these plantations.

6. Spring back to life at Tampak Siring 

Tirtha Empul temple also called Tampak Siring Temple or the Holy Spring Water Temple in Kintamani is home to an ancient Hindu temple carved out of stone with a natural spring considered sacred in Balinese culture the waters here are said to have healing properties.

7. Witness the majesty of Mount Agung

Mount Agung is a currently active volcano close to Kintamani and is a trip worth making.  Witness it spew columns of volcanic ash and spit lava all from a safe distance. You can hike up to the caldera or take a helicopter tour for a bird’s eye view.

8. Watch the eternal battle between good and evil

Attend a performance of Barong and Keris dance performances at one of Kintamani’s many temple complexes during your Kintamani tour Bali. These traditional Balinese dance forms depict the battle between good and evil. The highlight of these is the Barong, a half lion, half dog creature from Balinese legend, played by two dancers in a long silk costume and masks. 

9. Temple Run in Kintamani

The most peaceful, laid back way to experience beautiful Kintamani in all its misty majesty is to take a private tour to visit its many Hindu temples such Pura Tegeh Kahuripan, Pura Hulundanu Batur Songan and many more, each dedicated to a different Hindu deity and mostly carved out of stone. A trip to these temple complexes is a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon reading or meditating in the tranquil environment they create. No Kintamani travel is complete without soaking in some spirituality. 

How to reach Kintamani 

By Air

The closest airport is Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar with international flights connecting it to every major city around the world. The airport is 2 hours away from Kintamani. Local taxis will bring you to Kintamani but be sure to fix a price before your ride begins. 

By Road

The trip to Kintamani is usually approached from the south with 2 routes in from Ubud, which is 45 minutes away, and one each from Besakih, an hour away, or Bangli, 30 minutes from Kintamani. There is also an easy way in from the north via Singaraja, an hour away.

Food and Restaurants in Kintamani

Just like Kintamani tourism, its food too will nourish your soul. Because it lies off the beaten path, food options here are primarily local, authentic Balinese cuisine.

1. Anam Vegan Restaurant

Be sure to try Anam Vegan Restaurant, located in the Beingsattvaa Resort, Kintamani which is a no smoking, no drinking holistic natural resort. Anam serves delicious South Indian fare, which is an acknowledgement of Bali's Hindu influences.

2. Lake View Restaurant

Lake View Restaurant is Kintamani's first and oldest restaurants. It offers diners the best views of the Batur Caldera in Kintamani with tasty Indonesian food, making it the tourism highlight of any Kintamani travel guide.

3. Warung Baling Baling

Warung Baling Baling in Kintamani offers fresh fish, straight out of Batur lake. Feast on the fresh catch with scenic vistas of misty mountains and majestic lake Batur. 

4. Danu Art Cafe

Enjoy a languid day in Kintamani at Danu Art Cafe, a bohemian cafe and bakery where you can chill with a cup of Kopi Luwak, Indonesia's famous Civet coffee and a book while savouring freshly baked pastries and more. 

Shopping in Kintamani

Tour Kintamani, Bali's hawker capital, with stalls and street markets selling everything from bamboo handicrafts to fashion accessories. Must buys in Kintamani include Kopi Luwak coffee and wooden warrior masks. 

1. Banjar Saap Kintamani

The best place to do all of this is Banjar Saap Kintamani, a market in Banggli. Besides the curios, handicrafts and other collectibles, you could also pick up tie and die, Batik fabric on your Kintamani tour or sundresses, t-shirts or sarongs made from the same fabric. 

2. Celuk Village

Take a tour to Celuk village an hour away from Kintamani to pick up traditional Balinese gold and silver handicrafts, made by imbuing everyday objects with gold and silver leaf. You could also buy artisanal gold and silver jewellery here. 

3. Batuan Village

Batuan is another village close to Kintamani to include in your shopping tour. Situated an hour away, it is a trip you should make should you wish to purchase traditional Balinese art and paintings. You can also visit workshops to see the artisans at work and take a break from shopping at nearby Batuan temple. 

Nightlife in Kintamani

Nightlife in Kintamani is laid back and quiet, the antithesis of nightlife elsewhere in Bali. This is primarily because drinking in public is outlawed in Kintamani, leaving hotels or bars your best option to enjoy a quiet drink with your fellow travellers. However, if the urge to party strikes, you can always take a trip to nearby Seminyak, Canggu or Jimbaran. 

Kintamani FAQs

What is there to do in kintamani at night?

Kintamani is a quiet village town and has no known night clubs. Your best bet is to grab a quiet drink at a hotel bar. 

What is Barong Kintamani?

Barong Kintamani is a traditional dance form depicting the fight of good against evil through interpretive dance. The ‘Barong’ refers to a mythical Balinese creature that is half lion and half dog. The Barong in Barong Kintamani is played by two dancers in a large connected costume.

How far is Kintamani from Seminyak?

Kintamani is 62 kms from Seminyak and the distance takes about two hours to cover by road. 

What are the places to visit near Kintamani?

Kehen temple, Trunyan village and the Kintamani Highlands are just some of the many places to visit near Kintamani and you may need a guide for these.

What are the places to visit in Kintamani in December?

The Kintamani highlands are the best place to visit in Kintamani in December. Thanks to the weather, the altitude and the time of the year.

Kintamani is the place to go to recover when you’re all partied out in Bali. Even a short trip is enough to rejuvenate the senses and slow down your fast paced hectic life. Places near Kintamani such as Toya Bungkah hot springs exist primarily for this purpose. Think of Kintamani as Bali’s mother, who tucks you into bed when you get home after a long hard night.  If you wish to witness Kintamani up close, be sure to visit the SOTC website for our Bali tourism packages or stop by our nearest office and we’ll be happy to chalk out the perfect itinerary for Bali or any other international tour packages.

Canggu, pronounced Changgu, is the chilliest spot in Bali. Canggu tourism has seen a major uptick in the past couple of years as it is the destination of choice for digital nomads. Canggu isn’t uber luxurious or as expensive as the other resort towns in Bali such as Ubud, Seminyak or Uluwatu, which makes it perfect for less expensive, longer vacations. The best thing about Canggu is that it still retains a feel of Balinese culture, but with a tinge of modernity. Here, you can relax on the beach, attend a yoga retreat and also get a bit of work done at a shared working space like a cafe or art gallery. These factors are what make a Canggu holiday unique and all the more desirable. Read on for a comprehensive Canggu tour guide as you explore this island paradise in the Indian ocean.

Things to do in Canggu

1. Climb mount Batur

If partying isn’t your thing, turn in early, wake up before dawn and trek up mount Batur in Canggu - an active volcano which last erupted in 2000 - to watch the sunrise. Catch your breath and explore the quaint village of Kendisan on your way back.

2. Swim with manta rays at Nusa Penida

If climbing mount Batur was part of your Canggu tour Bali, you can soothe your muscles with a therapeutic dip in the sea while scuba diving with docile manta rays at Manta point at Nusa Penida, a tiny island nearby,

3. Ride the waves at Batu Bolong beach

Batu Bolong beach in Canggu is a haven for surfers. Whether you’re a novice or a master of the waves, Batu Bolong beach has surf spots for everyone. Just rent a board and say ‘Cowabunga’.

4. Pray at Tanah Lot temple after you eat and love

The full name of this ancient Hindu temple is Pura Tanah Lot which literally means ‘Land in the Sea’. This is a major tourist attraction, about 30 minutes from Canggu.

How to reach Canggu

By Air

The closest airport is Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar with international flights connecting it to every major city around the world. The airport is 45 minutes away from Canggu. You can easily arrange local taxis from the airport to reach Canggu. 

By Road

Canggu is connected by bus to other major towns in Bali such as Ubud, Denpasar, Uluwatu etc. Alternatively, you could rent a scooter for a nominal fee and zip around, to make your Canggu travel interesting. Almost every hotel in Canggu provides complimentary airport transfers, so be sure to check while making a reservation.

Food and Restaurants in Canggu

Here’s some places to eat in Canggu that your Canggu travel guide must include:

1. Monsieur Spoon

Monsieur Spoon is a trendy little cafe on Batu Bolong Street. Must tries include the croissants, baked fresh in-house and the Breakfast Smoothie Bowl, a healthy, scrumptious breakfast option.

2. Warung Dandelion

Canggu tourism is incomplete without a trip to Warung Dandelion, a cafe serving authentic Indonesian cuisine. Grab lunch on a sunny afternoon in Canggu in their al-fresco dining area which is lined with wooden tables and plenty of vegetation for shade. Fair warning, they do not serve alcohol, even though their lip-smacking sate will leave you craving a cold beer. 

3. Betelnut Cafe

Also located on Batu Bolong Street, the Betelnut Cafe is an all-day dining option that dishes up an eclectic mix of Asian and Western fusion that is foreign, yet familiar at the same time. The food here will surely be the tourism highlight of your Canggu trip.

4. The Cafe- Mulia Bali

If you want to splurge a little and treat yourself to a once in a lifetime meal while in Canggu, head to The Cafe at the Mulia Bali resort at Nusa Penida for a seafood dinner by the sea that will leave you stunned. 

Shopping in Canggu 

Bohemian Canggu is vastly different from the rest of touristy Bali and this is reflected in the shopping here too. Here you will find well made, high quality products that come at a price which is open to negotiation. Some boutiques you must hit up in your Canggu tour are Bungalow Living, which is part art gallery part boutique where you can buy well designed household items and ceramics and White Peacock for your fashion fix.

Nightlife in Canggu 

Here’s a ready reckoner for you to party in Canggu.

1. Old Man’s 

Nightlife in Canggu is synonymous with two words, Old Man’s. A Canggu establishment, no Canggu trip is complete without a visit to this buzzing bar with live music

2. Lacalita Bar Y Cocina 

The party never stops at Lacalita, an energetic Mexican themed bar in Canggu where you can knock back tequila and chat up strangers from around the world.

3. Ku De Ta 

Sip on heady cocktails as world famous DJs put you in a trance with some amazing up tempo beats in a laid back vibe like none other, at Ku De Ta in Kerobokan, a little distance away from Canggu. 

4. Finn’s 

Situated at Berawa beach in Canggu, there aren’t enough words in the English language to describe the electric atmosphere and beautiful people that congregate at Finns.

Canggu FAQs 

What is there to do in Canggu?

There’s plenty to do in Canggu right from water sports and snorkelling to trekking and simply chilling at one of the many cafes, bars and restaurants dotting Canggu. If you’re culturally inclined, get a guide to explore the temples, villages interspersed with rice paddies and forests. 

Can you swim at Canggu beach?

Yes. You can swim at any of Canggu’s beaches such as Berawa Beach, Nelayan Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Echo Beach, and Pererenan Beach. You can also participate in water sports, scuba diving and many other aquatic activities.

Where should I stay in Canggu?

Canggu has accommodation options for every budget. Right from quaint bed and breakfasts, backpacker hostels, 5-star beach resorts and full-service hotels, you will find it all in Canggu. 

How far is canggu from Uluwatu?

Canggu is 35 kms away from Uluwatu by road. The drive takes about an hour and 25 minutes.

How big is canggu?

Canggu is an 8 km long coastal strip of land in the southern part of Bali. Even though it seems small, it packs in loads of activities.

What is the main area of Canggu?

Pantai Batu Bolong is the epicenter of Canggu. It is a street where you will find the highest concentration of bars, restaurants and clubs in Canggu. Pantai Berawa and Padang Linjong are two other streets running almost parallel to Pantai Batu Bolong making these three roads the nerve centre of Canggu.

Is canggu good for families?

Yes. Canggu can make a good destination for a family holiday as it isn’t as flamboyant as the rest of Bali and managed to retain its Balinese heritage, which adds to its wholesomeness and charm. However, many of its bars and clubs might not be child friendly.

How far is Canggu to Seminyak?

Canggu is 9.6 km away from Seminyak. The bus from Canggu to Seminyak takes 20 mins, while taxis take about 11 minutes. You could rent a scooter. The roads between Canggu and Seminyak are well maintained. One word of advice, if you do decide to take a taxi, negotiate the price before starting your journey to avoid being fleeced. 

How far is Canggu from Kuta?

Canggu is 14 kms from Kuta. The distance takes about 48 mins to cover by road.

What is there to do in Canggu alone?

There’s plenty to do in Canggu alone. Right from water sports and snorkelling to trekking and simply chilling at one of the many cafes, bars and restaurants dotting Canggu. If you’re culturally inclined, there’s temples, villages interspersed with rice paddies and forests for you to explore.

Where can you go in Canggu?

From Canggu you can take day trips to mount Batur or island hop to Nusa Dua and Nusa Penida. Also, Canggu is pretty well connected to places like Uluwatu, Kuta, Denpasar, Jimbaran and Kintamani, which are all a short drive away. 

How far is Uluwatu from Canggu?

Canggu is 35 kms away from Uluwatu by road. The drive takes about an hour and 25 minutes.

What can you do in Canggu?

Thanks to its supremely laid-back energy of Canggu you can relax on the beach, attend a yoga retreat and also get a bit of work done at a shared working space like a cafe or art gallery. These factors are what make a Canggu holiday unique and all the more desirable.

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Candi Dasa has received high praise for being the ‘Pearl of Bali’. Returning tourists have come to the small village of Candi Dasa in East Bali tens of times. Candi Dasa also has hidden beaches (some that even have black sand) and heritage Balinese temples, and are a must-visit as part of any Candi Dasa Travel guide. As a former fishing village, Candi Dasa’s seafood offering is one of the greatest in all of Bali.

How To Reach Candi Dasa, Bali 

1. Flying To Candi Dasa, Bali 

Tourists need to fly into Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar and then make arrangements to travel to Candi Dasa by road. Being a small village, it does not have its own airport.

2. Taking The Road to Candi Dasa, Bali 

Candi Dasa is placed by Amok Bay towards the South in East Bali. It is therefore quite far away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport of Denpasar, but it is worth the trip. With a rented private taxi, you should expect to be in Candi Dasa in less than three hours. Because it is Bali and there is a little piece of heaven at every corner - you can break up your drive to eat and go sightseeing along the way.

Take a lunch pitstop at the Warung Legong in Keramas on the way. The Nasi Campur there will truly make you feel welcome in Bali.

Things To Do In Candi Dasa, Bali

Taking your rented bike and zooming around Candi Dasa for a Candi Dasa city tour, eating food at its different restaurants is probably a good enough thing to do at this laidback village. But when there’s so much fun to be had, why wait. Here are some things we recommend you do to thoroughly enjoy your Candi Dasa tour experience:

1. Deep Dive Into A Whole New World 

If you’d ever wanted to hang out with a Manta Ray, this is your chance. In Candi Dasa, both expert divers and beginner divers can enjoy the opportunity to become explorers of the coral reefs and see real wrecks. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a shark lurking around.

2. Take A Stroll Along The Lotus Lagoon 

You will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and beauty of the Lotus Lagoon. Go for a walk in the early hours of the morning and you can witness the lotuses in full bloom. The lagoon also has paths that lead down to a lovely beach.

3. Make A Wish At Pura Candi Dasa, Bali 

Pura Candi Dasa, also known as the Temple of Ten Children, or Mother Temple, is a Hindu twin temple dedicated to the goddess of rain and fertility, Hariti, and Shiva. With a lagoon and an ocean on either side, Pura Candi Dasa is a wonder to behold. Pay close attention to the carvings on the walls for they tell beautiful stories of Hariti, and give you a look into original Balinese mythology.

Shopping in Candi Dasa, Bali 

1. Get Rare Textile at Tenganan Village Art Shops 

A short cab or even bike ride away from Candi Dasa is the Bali Aga village of Tenganan where they sell the rare Geringsing fabric. It can be found at Tenganan Village Art Shops. The Geringsing fabric is so difficult to make that a single piece of cloth takes over 5 years to make. When you go back from your Candi Dasa, Bali tour, you will take home a magical piece of Balinese culture.

2. Pick And Buy at the Jalan Raya Candidasa 

When you tour Candi Dasa, stop along the Jalan Raya Candidasa road. It is the main road in the village where small stalls are propped up along the length of the road. You can pick up jewellery, handicrafts and souvenirs made by locals. 

3. Get Yourself a Garuda Statuette Gubuk Kita Souvenirs 

Gubuk Kita Souvenirs or Toko Ketut as it is also known in the area is a lovely little shop in Candi Dasa that sells miniature statues, hand-stitched tote bags, wonderfully colourful accessories, postcards and more. Everything is sold at a reasonable price. Your tour would be incomplete without a visit here. 

4. Take Home an Antique Ceramic Pot from Nusantara Archipelago Handicrafts & Giftware 

The Nusantara Archipelago Handicrafts & Giftware in Candi Dasa sell only the most unique decoration items for the home. They especially have sturdy and beautiful ceramic pots, and wooden spoons and bowls. Take some utensils back from your Bali tour and your guests will surely be impressed!

5. Gorge on delicious Balinese Chocolate 

Bali is also known for its sweet and aromatic cocoa beans. Barely 20 minutes away from the centre of town of Candi Dasa is Jasri village, where you will find the Sorga Bali Chocolate. They not just sell delicious chocolate but also show you the entire chocolate-making process. A must-include activity on your Bali honeymoon tour! 

Food & Restaurants in Candi Dasa, Bali 

During your Candi Dasa trip, you will find restaurants that get you plenty of opportunities to sit by the sea, enjoy some live music and have an extraordinary meal. Some of our restaurant picks are below:

1. Vincent’s Restaurant 

Vincent’s is a restaurant in Candi Dasa that by its name, and even décor, pays homage to Vincent Van Gogh. It serves exceptionally good European cuisine, something the late painter would probably be proud of. It’s even a popular tourist recommendation. If you’re in the mood for some silky crab croquettes or Tempe ratatouille, you’re in the right place. You might even give their Indonesian menu a whirl. Come for the delicious food, and stay for the live jazz. 

2. Warung Padang Kecag 

A little discovery in West Candi Dasa will lead you to this wonderful eatery. Warung Padang Kecag is a small home-style cooking restaurant that serves up some gobble-worthy Balinese cuisine. Their Beef Rendang and Sate Ayam are known to be so delicious you won’t realise you’ve finished them - so remember to order two portions. Finish up a meal with their highly recommended black rice pudding and you may find yourself patting your tummy for not realising earlier that good food could make you this happy.

3. Nyoman Cafe 

If you’d like to feast like a king on Balinese/Indonesian cuisine when you’re enjoying Bali tourism, Nyoman Cafe in Candi Dasa is the place for you. They’re a family-run warung and the staff speaks fluent English. You can even book a cooking lesson here. You must order their fried rice when at the restaurant, and their King Prawn Special which needs to be ordered at least a day in advance.

4. Warung Dwi Utama 

This warung in Candi Dasa is special because it is small, and run alone by an elderly lady. She cooks and serves so remember to come with time because the food is delicious and worth every minute waited. Do not forget to give the prawns and coconut crepes a try!

5. Lotus Bungalows Restaurant 

Unsurprisingly, the Lotus Bungalows Restaurant comes with a breath-taking view of the sea and is for those looking for a tiny break from eating Indonesian cuisine during their Candi Dasa Bali tour. This restaurant is famous for its wood fire pizza, bruschetta and iced coffee. The crumbed veal is also a delicacy you must try.

Only want a quick peek into Candi Dasa Tourism? Here are some FAQs

What is there to do in Candidasa?

Candi Dasa has a lot to offer in terms of things you can do. This small town has plenty of restaurants that are managed by local families and serve authentic and delicious Indonesian cuisine. You can take a stroll at the lotus pond in the centre, go for dives, or go exploring some hidden beaches.

How far is Candidasa from Denpasar airport?

Candi Dasa is about 50 KM away from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar. The easiest way to reach Candi Dasa is by a private taxi, but you can also take a local bus.

Where can I stay in Candidasa? 

There are many lavish resorts such as Ramayana Candidasa, Aquaria Eco Resort Candidasa, Discovery Candidasa Cottages and Villas, and more where you can stay. 

What is the best time to visit Candidasa? 

Bali has a dry season from April to October and therefore, these months are the best time to visit Candi Dasa also.

How many days are enough for Candidasa? 

You can spend as many days as you want in Candi Dasa, but 2-3 days are also enough to look around and cover at least one dive.

What is Candidasa famous for?

Candi Dasa is said to be the best dive site in Bali. When here, going scuba diving is a highly recommended activity, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

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If ever there is a place which promises 24 hours of fun unlimited, Kuta it is! Situated in the south of Bali, this beach town boasts of something for everyone! Kuta tourism gives you an amazing opportunity to spend all day surfing, shopping or sight-seeing. In the evenings enjoy a glorious sunset on Kuta beach and as day turns to night, you can head to one of the many nightclubs to party the night away.

Kuta’s long sandy beaches stretch till the eye can see and it attracts surfers from all over the world. A bustling street runs along the beach, dotted with restaurants, shops, bars and malls offering myriad shopping, drinking and dining choices. Hotels and resorts are galore to suit every type of tourist. And if you are looking for a high voltage nightlife, Kuta is the perfect party destination for you.

Things to do in Kuta

Kuta tourism offers several exciting activities for all visitors. Here’s a Kuta tour guide of things that capture the essence of Kuta.

1. Kuta Beach

Kuta beach, with its breath-taking sunset vistas, is considered Bali’s topmost sunset destination. Follow it up with a lip-smacking dinner at one of the clusters of beachside cafes. Surfing is another delightful activity to indulge in with the perfect beach breaks. A visit to the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation centre is also highly recommended.

2. Waterbom

A trip to Waterbom, the oldest and largest waterpark in Bali, promises a rollicking good time, especially if you are with children. But even if you’re not, there are enough exciting rides for adults and a swim-up bar too. 

3. Kuta Theatre

A series of small theatres which host dazzling magic, traditional dance and cultural shows makes for a great evening in Kuta.

4. Vihara Dharmayan

Any Kuta travel guide will tell you that as you step inside this over-200-year old Buddhist Temple, a sense of calmness comes over you. Its eastern style architecture, huge murals and distinct red walls and pillars wrapped by fiery dragons gives a glimpse of Kuta’s rich cultural heritage.

5. Upside Down World

If you have a couple of hours in your Kuta city tour, you must make a trip to the Upside Down World with your kids. As the name suggests, it has assorted rooms with quirky concepts and gravity-less experiences. Don’t forget to take your cameras.

6. Seminyak   

Make a trip to Seminyak, a short ride away from Kuta. Enjoy the glorious beaches of Seminyak or a day with the kids at Dream Museum Zone, an interactive art gallery which has 3D life size murals and illusions to play with.

Two major tourist attractions a short ride away during your Kuta tour are Tanah Lot, a temple which sits on a large offshore rock and Uluwatu Temple perched on top of a steep cliff.

How to reach Kuta

Air – To get to Kuta you must take a flight to Denpasar Bali Airport. All major international cities are connected directly to Denpasar by flight.

Road - From the airport you can either take a taxi or rent a car (even without a driver is available), or take a bus to Kuta.

The distance between Denpasar and Kuta is approximately 10 kms and will take you less than 30 minutes by taxi / car. 

The Trans Sargabita bus to Kuta will take about 40 minutes. It is important to note that buses do not ply at night after 10 pm. Also keep change in the local currency handy for the bus ticket.

Food and restaurants in Kuta

Tourism in Kuta Bali offers food experiences that will satiate all your food cravings, thanks to the variety of cuisines that are available here. From prize winning small warungs to fine dining restaurants, you will find them all here.

Here is a guide to help you with your food choices. Sample authentic local food at Sanur Village Street Food and night market with its mobile food carts and food stands. Try terong pedas, ayam goreng, pekedel kantong and lawar here.

Ma Joly, with its impeccable setting against the gorgeous backdrop of the Indian Ocean, makes for a memorable romantic dinner.

Fat Chow for Asian fare, Spice Mantra for Indian food, Colosseum for Italian food and Bluefin for a creative fusion Japanese menu, are some of the many dining options.

Enjoy local cuisine at The PaD Grill & Bar along with international and Australian food.

Want authentic flavours but want to go easy on the pocket? Then a trip to Warung Nikmat is recommended.

A tour of Kuta will prove to you that dessert fanatics can indulge in some mouth-watering delicacies in Kuta in niche coffee shops and charming patisseries.

Shopping in Kuta

Kuta tour Bali has a surprising number of shopping options, right from huge upmarket malls to local street shopping.

Kuta Square is the major shopping district lined with the Kuta Art Market, boutiques, jewellery and surf shops. It has arty Balinese souvenirs – wooden carvings, masks, shirts, sarongs and shells. Don’t forget to bargain here for good deals.

The four-storey Matahari Departmental Store houses everything from clothes to Indonesian merchandise to food to housing items.

Right opposite the Kuta beach is the Beachwalk Shopping Centre. You can find international brands here as well as local boutiques. In the centre of Kuta town stands Discovery Shopping Mall.

Krisna Souvenir Shop is a one-stop shop for all kinds of souvenirs and trinkets. You may find things better priced here than at other shops.

Make a trip to Legian Street to discover local treasures and trinkets, brightly coloured tropical clothes, unique souvenirs and art markets

Nightlife in Kuta

If you are looking for an action-packed night of club hopping and pub crawling during your Kuta travel, go no further! Nights come alive at Kuta’s discotheques and pubs, rooftop bars and beach clubs. Listen to jazz, rock, hip hop or dance the night away, the choice is yours.

Bounty Discotheque is a legendary disco at Kuta where you can show ‘em those funky moves or join the sexy dancers in the human sized bird cages. Paddy’s pub has fun themed parties and Engine Room with its resident team of DJ’s cranks up the music with a splendid mix. Craft beers, karaoke nights, live bands, it’s all here at Kuta, the Mecca for party animals.

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Is Kuta worth visiting? 

Kuta is the most popular tourist hub in Bali. This beach town boasts of the gorgeous Kuta Beach perfect for surfers. Kuta is also well-known for its nightlife with a wide range of restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs. If you like shopping, food and action, Kuta is the place for you.

What is there to do in Kuta? 

Enjoy a glorious sunset at Kuta Beach or go surfing on the gentle waves. If you like fun activities with your family you can head to Waterbom or go to Upside Down World to enjoy the quirky concepts and gravity-less experiences. If you are a night animal, the variety of bars and nightclubs will make your visit worth it.

How far is Kuta from airport? 

Kuta is about 10 kms from the Denpasar International Airport. It takes a little less than half an hour by road to get to Kuta from the airport. You can either take a taxi or rent a car from the airport or take the Trans Sargabita bus to Kuta.

What is there to do in Kuta at night? 

Enjoy the sunset with a cocktail at one of the oceanfront bars and continue late into the night. Have an intimate candle-light dinner by the sea in one of the beach restaurants. Sky Garden offers an amazing rooftop barbecue under the stars. Enjoy Kuta’s nightlife with partying and dancing. Craft beers, karaoke nights, live bands, it’s all here at Kuta.

How long does it take from Kuta to Ubud? 

The journey from Kuta to Ubud is approximately 35 km. It takes a little over an hour to get there by road.

Is Kuta a city?

Kuta Town is the best-known tourist destination on the island of Bali. It is popular for its active nightlife, beautiful beaches, bustling streets, varied cuisines and vibrant shopping.

How far is Gili from Kuta? 

Gili Islands are 105 kms from Kuta. To go to Gili Islands from Kuta, you first need to go by road to Padang Bai harbour which is a 1.5- hour drive depending on traffic. Padang Bai Harbour, a transit spot, offers fast boat services which take you on direct rides to Gili Trawangan, the largest of the Gili Islands.

How far is Nusa Dua from Kuta? 

Nusa Dua is 12.7 km from Kuta. It takes about 25 min to get to Nusa Dua by road. Some of the options of driving to Nusa Dua from Kuta include hiring a local taxi or renting a car.

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Denpasar, the capital of Bali, lies in the southern part of the island. It is a major hub and acts like a gateway to many tourist destinations in Bali. Denpasar Tourism may not have the bustle of Kuta or the serenity of Ubud, but it strikes a wonderful balance where modernity and culture blend perfectly, and where relaxation and action merge seamlessly.

Denpasar, offers you get a great mix of attractions and activities. Feel alive at Sanur beach as you take in the mesmerising sunrise views. Or take a culinary tour of the exciting cuisines that Denpasar presents. You can visit ancient temples or check out the exquisite artworks displayed in the museums. If you are with kids, Denpasar also has fun things for you to do. And if you are a shopaholic, Denpasar has a plethora of upmarket shopping malls as well as local markets displaying batiks and other fabric as well as unique handicrafts and souvenirs.

Things to do in Denpasar

Here is a Denpasar travel guide to give you a complete holiday package.

1. Bajra Sandhu Monument

Located in the heart of the city, this imposing monument has been built to commemorate the struggles of the Balinese people. It comprises 33 dioramas that portray historical stories and cultural aspects of Bali. It’s a must-see for those interested in history.

2. Museums

The Bali Provincial Public Museum displays over 10,000 artworks which give a peek into Balinese life, history, culture and traditions. 

There is also the Le Mayeur Museum which houses the unorthodox and splendid works of Belgian artist Le Mayeur, who spent the last years of his life here inspired by the Balinese way of life.

3. Seminyak

Make a trip to Seminyak, a half hour ride away from Denpasar. Enjoy the beautiful beaches or spend a day with your kids at Dream Museum Zone, an interactive art gallery which has 3D life size murals and illusions to play with.

4. Tanah Lot

The Tanah Lot Temple is a not-to-be-missed iconic structure which stands tall atop a rock. This famous Hindu temple is known for its spectacular setting overlooking the open sea. Located about 20 kms from Denpasar, this approximately 1-hour drive is completely worth the trip.

5. Shark Island

If you are an adrenaline junkie, Denpasar travel gives you your vacay fix at Shark Island. You can take a 3-hour eco tour here, where you not only swim with sharks but feed them too. Take your kids along and have a blast in this safe and guarded environment.

6. Serangan Island

The turtle park on Serangan Island can be reached easily in about half an hour from Denpasar by road. It is an important nesting ground for green sea turtles where you can watch and learn about turtle breeding.

7. Sanur

This half hour drive from Denpasar to Sanur takes you to the gorgeous Sanur beach where the sunrise is breath-taking. You can relax on the beach, indulge in water sports or even take a walk on the Sanur Boardwalk. The Pasar Sindhu Night Market is worth visiting for its local food markets.

8. Jagatnatha Temple

Explore the religious side of Denpasar with a trip to the Jagatnatha Temple, the largest temple in Denpasar devoted to the Hindu God, Sanghyang Widi. It’s a visually striking temple with a towering Padmasana. The walls have well-preserved carvings and stone motifs depicting traditional stories from the Ramayana.

How to get to Denpasar

Air - Take a flight to Denpasar International Airport. Denpasar is well-connected to all the major international cities in the world by flight and has regular domestic flights within the country. Taxis are available at the airport to take you to your destination.

Road - Denpasar is located centrally and can be easily reached by car or taxi from the chief tourist regions of south Bali.

Food & Restaurants in Denpasar

Denpasar has a well-rounded food scene to cater to varying palates but if you are looking for authentic local flavours, look no further! Denpasar is a paradise for Indonesian-food lovers. From warungs which whip up lip-smacking local fares to fine dining Indonesian restaurants, it’s all right here. Interestingly, there are several vegan eateries here too.

Warung Wardani, Warung Satria, Warung Gula Bali will tease your taste buds with their local flavours and seasonings.

Mauri in Seminyak offers top notch dining at reasonable prices. The 6-course “Discovery Tasting Menu” with wine pairings is an experience not to be missed.

If seafood is your thing, DCost Seafood serves the most authentic Indonesian seafood.

Honeybees, a reasonably priced restaurant offering American and Indonesian food, creates flavours simply to-die-for.

For succulent, perfectly cooked steaks, drop in at Club House – Steak Grill & Bar at Sanur.

Bodhi Leaf Eatery, Loving Hut and MaiVeg offer vegan food for those of you with this special preference.

Shopping in Denpasar

Itching to indulge in some retail therapy? Here’s a guide to shopping in Denpasar.

Indonesia is a veritable art abode for art lovers and shopaholics. Markets here are brimming with artefacts, handicrafts, wooden carvings, souvenirs and textiles. 

You will find traditional items at Badung and Kumbasari Traditional Market and Pasar Badung.

Krisna Bali is a one-stop shop for unique souvenirs and gift articles available at fixed prices for those who do not wish to visit unending rows of shops and art markets.

If you are looking for textiles then Jalan Sulawesi is the place for you. Here you will find fabrics ranging from silk to cotton to luxurious brocade.

Shop at Batik Popiler for Indonesian heritage textiles, ready-to-wear batik clothes and framed batik paintings.

If you are not a fan of bargaining, Erlanga 2 offers fixed priced Balinese knick-knacks, batik clothes, trinkets and curios.

Denpasar also has numerous upmarket shopping malls with international brands and labels. Spread over four levels, Level 21 Mall is one of the trendiest shopping malls in the city. Besides, Robinson Mall is a departmental store where you can find fashion and clothes outlets.

Nightlife in Denpasar

Denpasar has a vibrant night life with a diverse range of options to choose from. There are discotheques, lounges, karaoke bars, pubs and restaurants for a rocking night-out.

Akasaki Bali, popularly known as A-Club, is a one-stop nightclub for three types of parties – karaoke, music club and food. It has separate karaoke rooms so you can drop in with your own private group and enjoy the night singin’ away!

Groove the night away at New Star Club with a 1000 people capacity dance floor, where the resident DJ keeps the dance floor alive with his funky music.

Denpasar awaits you to take you on a beautiful trip around Bali. So, go ahead, click on the link below and plan your next vacation right here!


How do you get from Bali to Denpasar? 

Denpasar is the capital of Bali. To go to any part of Bali, you need to fly into the Ngurah International Airport also called Denpasar Airport. Denpasar is centrally located in Bali and well-connected with all major international cities of the world. On arrival at Denpasar, you can take a car to reach your destination.

What is Denpasar known for?

Denpasar is the capital of Bali. It is a gateway to many tourist destinations of Bali. The famous month-long annual Bali Arts Festival is held in Denpasar. Bajra Sandhu Monument, Jagatnatha Temple, Bali Museum, Shark Island and the art markets are other tourist attractions in Denpasar.

What is there to do in Denpasar?

Denpasar is the main hub of Bali. Here you can visit Jagatnatha Temple, Tanah Lot, or enjoy the Bali Museum artworks or go shopping at Badung Traditional Market, Pasar Badung and Krisna Bali. You can make a trip to Shark Island, Seminyak or Sanur beach.

How do you get from Denpasar Airport to Kuta?

From Denpasar Airport you can either take a taxi or rent a car (even without a driver is available), or take a bus to Kuta.

The distance between Denpasar and Kuta is approximately 10 kms and will take you less than 30 minutes by taxi / car. 

The Trans Sargabita bus to Kuta will take about 40 minutes.

What is the best time to visit Denpasar? 

Denpasar is a year-round destination but the best season is April to October which is the dry season. The wet season is from October to March but even that is a good time to visit as it is likely to be sunny for a good part of the day.

Name some of the best places to visit in Denpasar?

Bajra Sandhu Monument, Bali Museum, Le Mayeur Museum, Jagatnatha Temple, Tanah Lot, Sanur Beach, Serangan Island, Shark Island and Seminyak are well-known tourist attractions of Denpasar.

What are the best shopping places in Denpasar?

Traditional items are available at Badung and Kumbasari Traditional Market and Pasar Badung. Krisna Bali is a one-stop shop for souvenirs available at fixed prices. Level 21 Mall and Robinson Mall are well known shopping malls.

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The laid-back town of Ubud, located in the highlands, is quite literally the heart of Bali. Ubud tourism pulsates with a perfect fusion of art, religion and verdant greenery.

Surrounded by lush jungles, this is an ideal place to rejuvenate your spirits. Suffused with Balinese culture, Ubud Bali is home to many temples, spas, restaurants and museums. The streets are vibrant with colourful art, crafts and souvenirs. The hilly jungles are alive with tropical birds and monkeys. The town is dotted with lush green paddy fields and palm trees. Your Ubud tour will be complete only when you shop in this paradise, experience religion in the ancient temples and unwind in this peaceful retreat where serenity and tranquillity will be your true companions.

Things to do in Ubud 

Here is an Ubud travel guide to make your Ubud holiday an unforgettable experience.

1. Ubud Monkey Forest 

This is a must-see in your Ubud tourism itinerary. As the name suggests, this shady green forest is a nature reserve which houses over 600 long-tailed monkeys. The tall trees form a canopy over an ancient three-temple complex marked with symbolic traditional sculptures.

2. Museums 

Art museums are an important part in your Ubud travel. The thriving art and culture scene can be experienced on a tour of the museums such as Agung Rai Museum of Art, the Neka Art Museum, Museum Puri Lukasan and the Blanco Renaissance Museum.

3. Tegalalang Rice Terrace 

A trip to the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, north of Ubud, makes for a blissful experience as you look down rolling green paddy terraces. Take beautiful pictures against this lush backdrop or take a hike down the slopes of the rice terraces where you can see the traditional irrigation system at work.

4. Temples 

You must carve out time to make a day trip to the several temples scattered across Ubud. Some of the Balinese shrines and structures date back to the 10th century. Goa Gajah the Elephant cave, Pura Taman Sarawati Temple, Pura Tirta Empul and Puri Saren Agung are some of the temples worth visiting.

5. The Ubud Palace 

The palace of the royal family is the perfect place to experience art, dance and literature as dance performances and literary events are held here regularly.

6. The Campuhan Ridge Walk 

The breath-taking Campuhan Ridge Walk offers panoramic views of rice fields and the river along this trail.

How to reach Ubud 

Air - To get to Ubud you need to take a flight to the Denpasar Bali Airport. All major international cities are connected directly to Denpasar by flight.  

Road - From Denpasar airport you can either rent a car (available at the airport) or take a bus to Ubud. There is no direct bus to Ubud and you will need to switch to a shuttle or van at Batu Bulan. 

The ride by taxi / car will take a little over an hour whereas the bus ride will take over 1.5 hours, depending on the connecting bus time as well as traffic.

Food and restaurants in Ubud 

The Ubud tour Bali is incomplete without enjoying its rich variety of cuisines. Here is a guide to help you indulge in some great gastronomic experiences right from small local warungs like Bitangbali to award winning fine dining restaurants such as Mozaic and Locavore. Ubud also offers a wide variety of organic, vegetarian or even vegan choices

Aperitif, overlooking a jungle valley, offers a divine setting with a lavish eight course meal.

Set in the midst of nature with spectacular views of the Ayung river, Sawah Terrace at Madapa offers “back to the roots” concept of Indonesian food. 

The Elephant overlooking the gorgeous Campuhan Ridge is known for its green, organic menu.

Moksa whips up fresh and flavourful plant based vegan delights.

When in Ubud, don’t forget to try the famous babi guling, bebek goreng and Nasi Ayam which are rich in authentic local flavours.

Shopping in Ubud 

If you like shopping, you are in the right place. Hone your bargaining skills to get the best deals in the art markets and street shops. 

Ubud Market or Pasar Ubud offers two levels of shops where craftsmen from neighbouring villages get their wares to sell. Prices are reasonable due to the proximity of their workshops to the market. 

Sukawati Art Market will surprise you with the little treasures you can find here. If you are house proud, shop for handicrafts, intricately designed home accessories, paintings, wooden sculptures and handbags.

Indulge in street shopping for arty stuff at Jalan Raya and Ubud Monkey Forest Road. Trendy as well as traditional clothes are in abundance at Jalan Raya. Ubud Monkey Forest Road boasts of wooden artefacts and leather handbags.

Looking for gold and silver works? Then Celuk Village is the place for you. Whether quirky or intricate, ethnic or modern, you will definitely find jewellery here to suit your taste.

Nightlife in Ubud 

Tourism in Ubud offers a relaxed nightlife after the wild partying at Bali or Kuta. 

Enjoy live music at many of the local pubs here such Bunute Kafe. Or make a trip to Casa Luna and enjoy Brazilian jazz. Bar Luna which plays host to international musicians visiting Bali, will make you groove to live music from Crescendo, its residential band.

A traditional Balinese dance performance is must-watch when in Ubud. Laka Leke is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic Balinese meal while watching a traditional dance. 

If you are looking for a wild night of partying, worry not! CP Lounge will tick the boxes for you with a live band, dance floor and a selection of cocktails and tapas.

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What is Ubud known for?

Ubud is the art and culture hub of Bali. Art galleries and museums, temples and artefacts are found in abundance here.

What should I wear in Ubud?

Light cotton clothes and casual dresses, Tshirts and shorts are good options for clothes in Ubud. Being shirtless or exposing one’s belly is considered inappropriate. In temples, shoulders and knees need to be covered so do not forget to pack in a shawl and sarong.

What is there to do in Ubud at night?

You can enjoy live music at many of the local pubs which come alive at night. Grab a drink at Bar Luna as you groove to live music from Crescendo, its residential band. Party and dance at one of the many nightclubs. Watch a traditional Balinese dance performance at Ubud Palace or enjoy a night spa at dragonfly village.

What can you do in Ubud for free?

Enjoy art and paintings at the many art galleries, hike through spectacular lush rice fields on the Campuhan Ridge Walk, learn about textiles and fabrics at Threads of Life, visit Ubud’s amazing Water Palace. Take a stroll through gorgeous gardens and winding walkways at Tjampuhan Hotel or window shop at the bustling art markets.

What can you do in Ubud for 3 days?

Visit Sacred Monkey Forest. Experience the Campuhan Ridge Walk amidst the hills and jungles, along the valleys. Do a temple tour – Goa Gajah, Pura Taman Sarawati Temple, Pura Tirta Empul and Puri Saren Agung. Visit museums and art galleries. Shop at the various art markets. Make a trip to the Tegalalang Rice Terrace to enjoy the tranquillity of nature.

How far is Seminyak from Ubud?

The driving distance between Seminyak and Ubud is approximately 33 kms and takes about an hour depending on traffic.

Where can I go out in Ubud?

A large variety of restaurants, bars and pubs thrive at Ubud, catering to every mood.  Enjoy a relaxed evening with live music at Kafe Bunute, groove to loud thumping music at Sleeping Buddha, sample exotic cocktails at the Night Rooster or enjoy a flavourful wide menu inspired by music that changes every season at LaRamona.

Where should I stay in Ubud?

Ubud boasts of an array of lavish resorts, mid-range and budget stays to suit every pocket. Luxurious stays at Mandapa, Alila Ubud for jungle adventure and Capella Ubud for glamping are some options. Bambu Indah and Bisma Eight are some mid-range hotels. If you want a budget holiday Tegal Sari and Artotel Haniman Ubud are hotels to suit your need.

What is there to do in Ubud with family?

Enjoy sights of monkeys hanging from trees at Ubud Monkey Forest. Visit the captivating Elephant Cave, Goa Gajah. Walk amidst lush rice fields at Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Take your kids to admire colourful butterflies at the Butterfly Garden. Experience an adrenaline rush at the Bali swing 20 minutes from Ubud.

Are there beaches in Ubud?

Beaches are a short drive away from Ubud, between half an hour to 3 hours. The closest beach is the black sand Lebih Beach about 40 minutes away. Kuta Beach, Sanur and Pandawa are some of the other gorgeous beaches at a short driving distance.

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Kicking Back Relaxing and Falling In Love With Lovina Beach. There’s something so therapeutic about the beach: the sea caressing your feet, the sand kissing it. The world looking like it’s coming closer to you and moving away from you at the same time. An unobstructed view to the endless sky, saying hello to the sun that doesn’t seem as far away as it does in the city... Going to a beach is an out-of-the-world experience every single time. So when someone plays “Beaches or mountains”, the correct answer is always “Beach”. To be specific, Lovina Beach in Bali.

How To Reach Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is the crown jewel of Bali’s beaches, it’s a shining black diamond. Black, like the colour of its sand along the beach, the grains of which are rich with volcanic minerals. Much like the rest of Bali, Lovina beach is easy to reach by all modes of transport. If you’re coming in directly from Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can take a taxi. If you’re already in Bali and are coming from Kuta or Sanur, you can hire a car and a driver, or if you’re backpacking, you can even get there on a bike!

If your idea of a holiday is sitting by the beach and sipping cocktails as you watch the sun go down, Lovina beach is for you. It is ideal for laidback tourism. The beach waves are calm and rhythmic. The lovely town of Lovina itself is quiet and peaceful. The fact that it’s surrounded by mountains and rice paddies will give your tour an unexpected country flavour. 

For those who love a mix of both chilling at the beach and indulging in fun activities, Lovina Beach has got your back. Here are some of the many fun things you can do at this paradise in Bali.

Things To Do At Lovina Beach

1. Dance With The Dolphins 

Dolphins that come towards the shore of Lovina Beach in search of breakfast, they also love playing with humans they encounter on their trips. So when planning your tour, highlight Dolphin Watching. Make sure to book an early morning boat ride and welcome the rising sun with the cutest mammals on the planet.

2.  Snorkel & Hangout With Fishes 

Once you’ve made friends with the dolphins, go back in the beautiful blue waters to now make new friends from the coral reef - clown fish, yellow tang, damselfish, and many others!

3. Go ‘Bali Aga’ Village Hopping 

Lovina Beach has about four small villages around it that each offer a different country-side experience. These villages are called ‘Bali Aga’ to recognise that they still reflect old Balinese cultures. Take a walk in Sidatapa Village, see how palm sugar is made in Cempaga Village, get yourself a ‘sokasi-weaved’ basket in Tigawasa Village and checkout the fun-looking “Hobbit Houses” at Pedawa Village.

4. Soak In The Banjar Hot Spring 

Let the worries and soreness from all the hiking and exploring be drawn out in the many pools at the natural hot spring at Banjar. Located within a forest, the hot springs are not just relaxing but also offer a great view.

5. Trek To Bali’s Largest And Only Buddhist Temple 

Meditate in the lush greenery and quiet of the Brahma Vihara Arama temple monastery near Lovina beach. You can book a meditation class, or even just taking a stroll in its sprawling gardens and drinking the beautiful scenery is therapeutic enough.

6. Walk It Up To GitGit Waterfalls 

A paradise abode the hills of Bali, Gitgit Waterfalls are only a 40-minute trip away from Lovina Beach. Its pool is perfect for a leisurely swim. And if you have the time, you can also enjoy many of the other nearby (and also less crowded) waterfall.

7. Enjoy Watching Sunset Behind The Volcanoes 

As the day is winding down, and you sip your favourite beer by a cozy spot at Lovina Beach, enjoy watching a deep orange and pink sunset behind the volcanoes of Java.

Shopping in Lovina Beach

Besides having an array of places to explore nearby, Lovina beach also hosts lively markets. You can first go to Lovina Tradition Market and experience the fun, mad rush there. You can get the freshest local produce here, and at good prices.

Also make a stop at the Seririt Night Market. A wondrous representation of Bali, this market is colourful, noisy, bustling and charming all at once. Don’t hesitate to go for mangoes, and the chicken satays.

Food & Restaurants In Lovina Beach

There are plenty of pubs and restaurants in Lovina beach that offer delicious local specialities. Many even organise Balinese dance performances for tourists to enjoy.

1. AKAR Cafe Lovina  

It is the most recommended cafe around. It’s known for having delicious healthy, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Don’t forget to try their unique sunflower salad.

2. The Damai Restaurant 

When it comes to local cuisine, The Damai Restaurant offers the best food. Every ingredient comes from Damai’s own garden. Seafood fans should definitely try the barracuda fish with rice.

3. Warung Ibu Wina 

For food that’s delicate on the pockets and delicious to taste, this Asian restaurant is a must-visit. They serve what is probably the best satay ever, and lip-smacking Indonesian cuisine as well.

All in all, if you’re looking to go to a place that offers beaches, and mountains; where you can chill, and also go out for fun and tourism; where you can make friends with the dolphins in the day, and slurp cocktails by the beach at night, Lovina beach is where you’d want to be. If there can be a “best of both worlds” scenario, you will fall in love with Lovina beach!

Swim With Fishes In The Deep Blue Sea At Padangbai, Bali. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the world under the sea? What do the fishes do? How do they sleep? If they saw you, would they invite you over for some tea? Bali is home to the most beautiful beaches along the Bali Sea. Taking a dip in its waters and going for a swim is definitely fun, but going deeper than is what your next great adventure at Bali should be. If this sounds good to you, then hear the call of Padangbai, Bali.

Padangbai is a quaint village in East Bali. When planning their Bali trips, tourists usually hang back at Padangbai as a stopover to catch the morning ferry to the Gili Islands. But it’s recommended you give Padangbai tourism a chance. Stay for at least two days before you make your way ahead. 

How To Get To Padangbai, Bali 

Touristy spots can wait. Once you’re at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar take a taxi and head to Padangbai. It’s only a 90-minute journey to this diver’s paradise. If you’re coming from South Bali areas like Kuta, or Sanur, or North Bali areas like Lovina, you can get on the Perama tour bus that has Padangbai as a stop. If you’re coming in from other parts of Indonesia like Lombok, you can even take the public ferry, or better yet, a short cruise.

You might not want to rent any bike or car for your stay in Padangbai as all nearby places are only a walking distance from each other. 

Things To Do in Padangbai, Bali 

While beach-hopping at Padangbai is a perfectly good idea to follow-through, there are a lot of other fun activities you can do at Padangbai such as:

1. Swim With Fishes In Their World 

Explore the wonderful bustling lives of underwater creatures like fishes and turtles, and even sharks with scuba diving at Padangbai. If you can’t swim or haven’t ever been scuba diving, don’t worry. Diving at Padangbai is very beginner-friendly. It is, after all, the best diving location in all of Bali. There are more than enough businesses that can provide you with a short diving course before you can get started. 

2. Post A ’Gram From Gates of Heaven at Pura Lempuyang 

Pura Lempuyang is one of the most popular and sacred temples on the island of Bali. The ‘Gates of Heaven’ are on the premises of one of the seven temples that make the Pura Lempuyang. Looking through it makes you feel like you’re floating in the sky, and it gives you a peek into Mount Agung, an active volcano. But remember to carry a sarong and only wear comfortable shoes. The temple is decorated with stairs and its in your best interest to be comfortable so that you can enjoy every aspect the holy grounds have to offer.

3. Get A Therapeutic Massage 

Put your feet up as you give yourself a mini-break on your vacation. Get a completely relaxing and refreshing massage at Padangbai’s only spa - the Spiral Spa @ Bloo. Choose from an array of therapeutic massages to take away the tiredness from all the diving, and walking. To give you a special VIP treatment, the spa also offers to pick you up from your stay.

4. Relax By Blue Lagoon Beach 

A good swim is something the calm waters at Blue Lagoon beach offer those who stay at Padangbai. Blue, pristine water, and shiny white sand laced with rocky hills and oversized palm trees, relaxing finds a new meaning at this wonderful Padangbai beach. The Bali sun is always in a good mood here, so load up on your SPFs if you’d like sunbathe by the shores. 

Food & Restaurants in Padangbai, Bali 

Padangbai is not just a winner when it comes to what it offers in experiences, but it also has great food. To be more specific - seafood. Most restaurants along the coast can cook up a pescatarian storm. Some of the best places we recommend you go are:

1. The Colonial 

A part of the OK Divers Resort, The Colonial Restaurant is the most enigmatic-looking restaurant in Padangbai. While planning your Padangbai stay, make a date with the delicious seafood served here. Their Rendang is probably the tastiest one there is. The vegetarian version of the Rendang is also well worth the praise.

2. Ozone Cafe 

Tucked away as a local’s secret, Ozone Cafe is initially difficult to find but once you know the place and eat there, you will keep coming back. Their food is reasonably priced and served pork ribs that are worth every rupiah. Their Tuna Steak & Burger is another menu item that a true foodie can never get tired of having. You’re probably going to taste the best Carbonara of your life here, so make sure to place an order it as well. And bring an appetite!

3. Warung Bu Jeno 

A small, family-owned restaurant in Padangbai, Warung Bu Jeno serves probably the best seafood in town. Their grilled shrimps and fish are delicacies that don’t disappoint. Because of its popularity, the place gets filled up fairly quickly. So, it is recommended that you come in early and catch a seat facing the beach - the best spot there can be for a scrumptious dinner.

The “Gates of Heaven” opens at Padangbai, Bali for a reason: it is a great representation of the Balinese experience. From relaxing at beaches to praying at temples, to making new underwater friends - Padangbai has it all. 

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