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Have you always imagined your honeymoon to be the perfect blend of culture, adventure and nature? Then you should check out SOTC’s Bali honeymoon packages. The vibrant island of Indonesia has all the makings of an exquisite romantic escapade, where you can live out the very first chapter of married life with tropical sunshine, ocean rapture, jungle thrills and spiritual bliss.

Trending Bali Honeymoon Packages

Catch sunrise at Mount Batur, marvel at Uluwatu Temple for its magnificent cliff top setting, or play with the monkeys at Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. SOTC can help you plan for an excellent Bali honeymoon packages.

Bali Honeymoon Tour Packages No. of Days Price*
Cost Saver Singapore With Bali Tour Package 6 Nights 7 Days Rs. 1 08 590.00
Grand Value Tour Malaysia & Singapore With Bali Tour Package 8 Nights 9 Days Rs. 1 20 188.00
Love birds can easily fly to this exquisite honeymoon destination right after the wedding or plan ahead for a later visit, with an array of Bali honeymoon packages from India to choose from, that offer specially curated couples’ itineraries loaded with spectacular romantic sights and activities. But first, here’s an in depth guide to the island so you know exactly what Bali tour package to select.

A trip to Bali is a journey through an exquisite landscape of mountains and hills that are complemented by sandy beaches as well as the stunning coastline. The place is also known for beautiful rice terraces, archaeological attractions and an amazing culture of welcoming locals. Bali tourism offers an ideal setting for a romantic honeymoon amidst pristine beaches and beautiful sights.

Top places to visit on a honeymoon trip to Bali

Expect a packed itinerary on your Bali honeymoon, taking you to the island’s wide spectrum of destinations, from beaches to temples and mountains to terraced villages.
Kuta: Bali’s own island metropolis, Kuta is where you and your partner can continue the celebrations long after your wedding day. The party atmosphere is eternal, the nightlife is spectacular, the dining and shopping is world-class, and there are great views to witness all around the city. Visit Poppies Lane for sartorial indulgences, the Kuta Cocktail Safari or Street Food Tour depending on the time of the day, or simply head to Kuta Beach where you can relax and catch the sunset. Everything you’d want from a honeymoon trips to Bali!

Uluwatu: You’re in for a real treat when you visit the Uluwatu region of Bali, about 30 minutes away from the airport. Beaches, temples, sunsets and traditions — the sights you see here you will never forget. Especially the Pura Luhur temple tour, which not only takes you to the town’s best beaches, but finally to the temple itself where you get to witness the alluring traditional Kecak fire dance! When it’s time to relax, simply head over to one of the beach clubs for some fun.

Ubud: No matter which Bali honeymoon package you select, Ubud is likely on it. The jungle haven encompasses everything wonderful about Bali. A scenic tourist town set along the Ayung River that houses stunning resorts and villas, wondrous temples, famed eateries and lush natural surrounds. Ubud is a true treat for all senses and therefore ideal for every couple here after the high-emotions of their wedding day. Take your pick of lavish stays, rejuvenate with a massage or yoga session, take a cooking or wood-working class, trek through the forests and up to Tegenungan Waterfall.

Canggu: One of the most picturesque parts of Bali is Canngu, along the South-West coast of the island. For those on a honeymoon, it is a place to indulge in outdoorsy thrills while staying in total indoor luxury. There are great surf spots here, so you could sign up for a lesson and take to the waves together. While inland experiences such as visiting the colourful local market and the Tanah Lot Temple offer a vibrant interlude from the ocean. Other popular activities at Canngu are the premium retreats or spas and the ever-lively Finns Beach Club.

Seminyak: A great destination to include in your Bali honeymoon package, for it offers urban surrounds acting as the perfect base from where you can make exclusive day tours, only to return to great nightlife options. Be sure to sign up for the active volcano Mount Batur tour, for an unparalleled experience of witnessing the geological wonder as well as the nearby hot springs and lake. The Seminyak Flea Market is another famous attraction of the town.

Jimbaran Bay: Candle-lit dinners, sunrises by the shore, luxury villas, paradisiacal day tours and cruises — these are just a few of the many wondrous experiences that await you in the very romantic Jimbaran Bay. During your stay, you can take on a tour of Nusa Peninda, a magnificent islet that is home to captivating coral reefs underwater and just as enchanting temples on ground. Another famous attraction to look forward to here is the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park.

Things to do on a Bali honeymoon

Bali packages for couples promise the island’s most fascinating experiences for you and your partner to enjoy. Whether you’re the intrepid or leisurely kind, there are plenty of things to do to suit every interest and desire.
Take a helicopter ride over Bali: One of the most epic ways to see Bali is from the sky! All you have to do is sign up for a helicopter tour and escape the traffic to witness the spectacular island in all its glory. The in-flight guide will point out all the iconic landmarks to look out for — if you can take your eyes off the glimmering coastline and thick green forests!

Watch a movie on the shores of Karma Beach: Just the idea effuses romance so you can only imagine what it feels like, to be sitting on the sand watching a movie with your love, and the waves gently crashing in the background. Take a private funicular ride to the exclusive Karma Beach, where you can indulge in this activity.

Make a wish at the Great Banyan Tree: Located in the village of Gesing, the Great Banyan Tree is considered a wishing tree and visiting it on your Bali honeymoon is one of the most special moments to look forward to. It is believed that no wish is left unfulfilled!

Go white water rafting on the Ayung: The gushing Ayung River creates the perfect environment for the thrilling activity of white water rafting. If you’re looking for an exciting day out on your honeymoon, this is not an activity to miss.

Learn or go surfing: The swell around many beaches of Bali is just right for beginners and avid surfers to take on. And this is an activity you can spontaneously take on rather than plan into your Bali honeymoon package.

Visit the Tegallaland Rice Terraces: Bali’s paddy terraces are some of its most recognisable imagery, so it would be unwise to miss the opportunity to see them first hand, while on your Bali honeymoon. They say the most beautiful of are the Tegallaland rice terraces, close to the village of Pakudui.

Go on a sunset dinner cruise: Many Balinese beaches and waterfronts offer sunset cruises, one of the classic romantic things to do on your honeymoon. And as you say goodbye to the sun, out comes a starry sky and candle-lit dinner just for the two of you.

Visit the Gili Islands: A cluster of three islands off the Balinese shore, Gili is an ideal destination for couples seeking a Bali honeymoon package as it is exclusive and picturesque. Here the two of you can partake in adventure activities like jet skiing or surfing, as well as relaxing escapades like horse car and banana boat rides.

Go scuba diving or snorkelling: Surrounded by pristine waters, Bali is a hub for diving first-timers and enthusiasts. If you’re visiting for your Bali honeymoon in the dry season, be sure to check out the services offered by many diving schools and operators. Tulamben is one of the popular dive spots to try and visit.

Hang off the Bali Jungle Swings: The jungle swings of Bali give you the chance to try something you never have before — swinging over a lush wild jungle! Let go of your inhibitions and experience this thrill together on your Bali honeymoon, when you visit the Lake Batur region.

Ride horses on the beach: Feel the wind in your hair as you canter across the sandy shores of Bali’s popular beaches such as Berawa, Pererenan and Tanah Lot, upon majestic horses. There’s nothing like some cinematic old-world charm to celebrate your new love story.

Go souvenir hunting at Ubud Art Market: Put your bargaining skills to the test and discover a variety of beautiful items at the Ubud Art Market, some of which you can take back as memories of your trip as well as keepsakes or decor for your new shared home.

What to carry for a Bali honeymoon

Once you’ve booked your Bali honeymoon package from India you’ll need this handy guide on what to pack. It covers all the basics and ensures you don’t leave behind anything important or needed.
Clothing: Light loose cottons, flowing resort wear, shorts and sarongs and a formal pair or two, make up the clothing requirements.

Shoes: You’ll be spending a lot of time with your feet in the sand, but one pair of travel or walking shoes and flip flops will suffice for this trip.

Accessories: Sunglasses, umbrellas for the rain and sun, jewellery, hats, beach throws and towels.

Swimwear: Carry your entire swimwear collection for your Bali honeymoon and be water-ready and photo-ready at any given time!

Personal Care: You’ll be spending most of your time on the beach and under the sun, so carry lots of sunscreen, moisturiser and lip balm. Also take along any personal medication and a small travel first-aid kit, if possible. Insect repellent and hand sanitiser will come in handy when you’re out hiking, trekking or living in the jungles or countryside.

Electronics: Other than your phones, you can carry digital cameras, drone cameras, underwater photography devices, portable speakers and reading tablets.

Bali honeymoon FAQs

What’s the best time to book Bali honeymoon packages from India?
Bali has a wet season and dry season, generally tropical climate all year round. Bali tour packages for couples can be booked in any month, however there are slight differences in the experience you’ll have. April to September is considered the best time for a Bali honeymoon if you’re looking for the quintessential island getaway, with warm sunny days and idyllic water conditions. The only drawback is that this is when Bali is most crowded. For a quieter, more peaceful Bali honeymoon in slightly cooler climes, the best time to visit Bali is between November and March.

What are the inclusions in a Bali honeymoon package from India?
SOTC’s Bali honeymoon packages include travel, transfers, sightseeing tours, activities, hotels and meals. You can ask for add-on services and customizations to your honeymoon package as well, just connect with our experts.

Which resorts should couples stay at in Bali?
Beachfront villas, plush estates overlooking lush rice terraces, luxe treetop houses or suites with private plunge pools — you can indulge in some of the finest stays on your Bali honeymoon. Popular resorts and hotels are Padma Resort, Four Seasons Resort, Grand Hyatt, Alaya Resort, Febri’s Hotel & Spa and Udaya Resorts & Spa, amongst countless others.

What is the currency in Bali?
The currency of Bali, Indonesia, is the Rupiah. It is advisable to carry foreign currency such as Dollars or Euros to convert into local currency once you reach, as it offers better rates than the Indian Rupee.

How many days are needed for a Bali honeymoon?
Typically, the most popular Bali honeymoon packages are for 6-7 days, so you get enough time explore different regions of the island, as well as spend more quality time together.

Can couples attend any festivals or events while in Bali?
Bali plays host to many interesting festivals throughout the year that you simply must check out if you’re there. The Ubud Food Festival in April is perfect for food lovers, the Bali Arts Festival beginning in June is one for culture enthusiasts, while musically inclined couples would thoroughly enjoy the Ubud Jazz Festival. Significant traditional celebrations include the Nusa Dua Fiesta, Bali Kites Festival and Odalan.

What are the top beaches for couples on a Bali honeymoon?
Discover beautiful beaches at every turn, when you’re on your Bali honeymoon. They offer countless water activities, sunset views, shacks and restaurants. Do make a visit to Bias Tugel Beach, Sanur Beach, Blue Lagoon Beach, Kuta Beach, Bingin Beach, Suluban Beach, Nyang Nyang Beach — the list really is endless!

Which Bali restaurants are good for a date?
Check out Jemme Bali in Seminyak and Mozaic Restaurants Gastronomique in Ubud to take your love for a romantic dinner date while on your Bali honeymoon! You will also find fine-dining restaurants in all major resorts and spas across Bali.

Is Bali expensive?
Yes, Bali is an expensive destination. But booking a Bali honeymoon package in advance can greatly help budget your trip, as it will include several travel arrangements.

What are some useful Balinese phrases?
These common phrases might be of some use on your Bali honeymoon.
Yes: Ya
No: Tidak
Beach: Pantai
Market: Pasar
Please: Minta
Thank you: Terima kasih

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