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Oktoberfest Tour Packages 2019

What is Oktoberfest?

It is the world’s largest Volksfest – beer festival. This German festival is a worldwide famous event that celebrates the Bavarian
culture. Held annually in Bavaria, Munich, and Germany, this worldwide phenomenon is a 16 to an 18-day folk festival. It witnesses
more than a million people from all over the world.

Did you know? Locals call this festival Wiesn

This major festival plays a pivotal part of Bavarian culture. It has been held since 1810.

When is Oktoberfest held?

Oktoberfest has been held since the year 1810. Oktoberfest is a 16-day event that leads to the first Sunday of October.However,
this event was modified in response to German reunification. Keeping the same in mind, if the first Sunday in October is on 1st or
2nd, then the event will run until 3rd October which is also German Unity Day. This is why this major festival now runs for 17 days if
the first Sunday is 2nd October and for 18 days if it is 1st October. This year, the event starts on
21st September and ends on 6th October.

Oktoberfest Packages

Oktoberfest By SOTC 7-Day Oktoberfest By SOTC Visit: Munich, Prague Rs.50,400Book Now
Best Of East Europe With Oktoberfest 8-Day Best Of East Europe With OktoberfestVisit: Munich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, SalzburgRs.1,32,800 Book Now
The Rides and Entertainment

The Rides and Entertainment

Apart from being known as a beer festival, Oktoberfest is also a place for fun and entertainment. It is a perfect highlight for kids and adrenaline junkies. There are swing carousel, rides, and the classic toboggan that keeps your kids entertained.

The Wellenflug – It is the famous swing carousel on the Wiesn. Also known as Wave Flight, this ride is the favourite among the people.
Feldl's Teufelsrad – It is fun and has a Bavarian style. Both adults and children can ride on this. It is basically a disc that spins faster. The one to stay down for longest is declared the winner.
The Ferris wheel – The famous Willenborg Ferris Wheel has been here since 1979. It is considered to be the symbol of this famous event – Oktoberfest.
The Toboggan – Drink a few beers and head to this ride. Nothing can beat the fun you get with this tower slide.
SkyFall – If you love adventures and is not afraid of heights, then SkyFall is the right place for you.
Olympia Looping (Five Loops) – A rollercoaster ride is a must. It has five loops and is 1250 meter long.

Octoberfest Costume

Octoberfest Costume

Nothing can be better than experiencing a festival wearing traditional outfits or costumes. When talking about the same, here are some traditional costumes you should consider:

Dirndl – If you are in your stylish dirndl, be careful of which side of the apron the bow has to be tied.
Bow to the right – It says you are married, engaged, or in love.
Bow to the left – It says the woman is single
Bow-tied in the middle – It says the woman is a virgin
Bow to the rear – It says the woman is widow, server or is a child

Loferls – They are calf warmers and play a major role in Oktoberfest costume. They are worn on the lower leg only.
Hairstyles – Braided hairstyles, ponytail, plaits, twists, and so on.
Lederhosen – They are traditional pants and no Oktoberfest is complete without them.



The entry is free to this festival. Oktoberfest takes care of your every need. They have big tents and small tents. You are advised to make a reservation to ensure you make the most of this festival as most of the tents tend to get overcrowded from the early afternoon onwards.

Fun Facts about Oktoberfest

• Though it’s called Oktoberfest, the festival starts in September.
• Oktoberfest has been canceled 24 times!
• It is an old tradition and has got nothing to do with the beer festival.
• Nobody can raise the beer mug until the Mayor says so.
• The beer offered in the festival is specifically brewed for Oktoberfest and is extra strong.


What is the cost of a beer at Oktoberfest?
The cost of the beer at Oktoberfest is between 10.80 and 11.80 Euro.

Do I have to pay for the entry at Oktoberfest?
No. The entry is completely free. You do not have to pay for the tents too.

Are you allowed to get your own drinks?
No. Visitors are requested to purchase drinks and food from the tents.

Is there an age limit to enter Oktoberfest?
No. You can bring your kids along for it has rides and entertainment for them. The tents are family friendly too.

Are there any other alcoholic drinks apart from beer?
If you don’t like beer, worry not for Oktoberfest also offers various wines, white, red and so on. Some tents even offer cider.

What are food and beer vouchers?
The tent owner will give reservations for seats and tables in exchange for guaranteed minimum consumption only.

Is it allowed to get wheelchairs and rollators?
Yes. Oktoberfest has dedicated tables that cater to the needs of disabled people.

What time do tents close the doors?
On weekdays beer serving hours are 10 am to 10:30 pm, and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays it is from 9 am to 10:30 pm. The band stops playing at 10.30 p.m., and the waitresses start to clean the table.

Popular Oktoberfest Tour Packages

PackagesNo of DaysPrice *
Oktoberfest By SOTC6 Nights / 7 DaysRs.50,400
Best Of East Europe With Oktoberfest7 Nights / 8 DaysRs. 1,32,843