Festivals in Greece

Greece isn’t just all about ancient monuments and archaeological sites or even the beaches. Greek culture is vivid and interesting and the best way to have a glimpse of this is by visiting the country during any festivals. Greek festivals aren’t just religious in nature. There are extensive programs for music, theatre, art and dance which take place throughout the year. Some of these are well-curated events that attract a lot of visitors while others are celebrations such as Easter which is a spectacular affair, especially in places like Corfu.

With so much Greek mythology influencing its culture, it’s no wonder that some of the Greek events here are connected to the epics as well. Other events that add a jolt of energy to the otherwise laidback country are marathons, film festivals, and of course, the carnival. Here’s a look at some of the popular Greek festivals.

Carnivals in Greece are an explosion of colour and activity. The carnival in Athens is huge, covering most of the city neighbourhoods while the one in Naoussa is a charming fiesta with dance troupes and bands.

Easter in Greece is exceptional. It doesn’t matter where you are – Corfu with its myriad traditions, Santorini with its tin lanterns, Chios where rocket-sized fireworks explode in the sky and almost everywhere, you will see a different sort of celebration of spring.

A dance festival that celebrates Greek culture and dance, as well as giving a platform to international performers, it usually takes place in July in Kalamata.

Held in November each year, this is a great chance for new directors to showcase their talent. The festival has been running for more than 56 years now in Thessaloniki.

The Athens marathon is a tough event and it has its origin in ancient history when a foot soldier brought news of the victory of the Greeks against the Persians in 490 BC. Today, the event brings more than 43000 runners and 80000 spectators.

Healthy and delicious food is yours for the taking at the Cretan Diet Festival where the cuisine of the island is celebrated, letting visitors glean cooking secrets and tips from chefs as well as being a part of live performances and workshops. What’s not to love about this Greek festival?

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