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Tourism in Europe is constantly enhancing as the European Commission has worked hard and taken numerous initiatives to improve the facilities and services for the international tourists. Ideal months to visit Europe are May, June and September as the weather is soothing and the prices are affordable for a tourist.

Along with the widely popular spots like Paris, Germany and London, not-to-be-missed tourist attractions in Europe are historical sites from the countries like Rome (Colosseum), Croatia (Dubrovnik Cathedral, Church of St Frances) , Cyprus (Kourion, Kolossi Castle), Czech Republic (Prague Castle), Turkey (Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia), Italy (Pompeii, Lining Tower of Pisa, Tarquinia Palace and Museum) etc. 

The Charles Bridge in the Czech Republic built in 1357, is a stunning stone bridge situated across the Vltava River, which gives a perfect view of Prague Castle while connecting to the Old Town of Mala Strana. The Grand Canal of Italy, the less explored Dona Ana Beach of Portugal, and the famous Blue Lagoon of Iceland are must-visit spots during your European holiday. Don’t miss the radiant Santorini Island from Greece and Sever Sisters Waterfall (Norway) either! 

So seize the right time, buckle up for the extravagant holiday and book your package with SOTC for your grand European getaway!

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