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Over the years, Europe tourism has seen a boom. A vacation in Europe was the perfect escape from the hectic lifestyle and the daily rat race. While Switzerland and France are among the top tourist destinations for various Europe tour packages, Hungary is fast catching up as a leading holiday destination.

There is something very peculiar about Hungary and that is its bohemian culture. Hungarians are proud of their bohemian culture and it is visible it in their art, their food and their daily living. If you are looking for a taste of the bohemian culture, here is where you can go for a taste of it:

On Display

A perfect example of where you can experience the bohemian culture is the Danube Promenade, a popular tourist attraction that has iron footwear lining the riverbank as a memorial to the thousands executed along with this riverbank during the Second World War. Step into a different dimension, when moving from Alexandria Bookstore. Another hidden gem and must visit places in Hungary is the LotzTerem which is magnificently painted in full 19th-century splendour. Visit an Ottoman tomb, present from when the Ottoman Empire ruled over Hungary between the 16th and 17th centuries.

Castles and Churches

Your Hungary tour package should include what Hungary is famous for: the castles and churches visits. The Vajdahunyad Castle is a popular tourist spot, initially built out of cardboard and wood, and later upgraded to stone. The Buda castle is home to a labyrinth of caves under Castle Hill that held the prisoner Vlad Tepes, or more well-known as Count Dracula. Head to the Budapest Cave Church is unusually located in a cave in Gellert Hill, ironically, the same hill which offers a spectacular view of the entire city of Budapest.

Museums and Parks

Hungary is home to distinctive parks, such as the Gorsium Archaeological Park and the Memento Park. The Budapest Telephone Museum showcases beautiful and obscurely-engineered antiques and artefacts. The Zwack Unicum Museum is the fountainhead of Central Europe’s largest collection of mini-bottles, which has been devoted to bitter Hungarian liquor. For all the gamers, there’s a Flipper Museum devoted to the classic game of Pinball.

The Bar Culture

Embrace the country’s history and their ability to poke fun at it in Budapest’s only communist-themed bar – Red Ruin. Experience Mexican food at a funky thrift store and a bar, all-in-one at El Rapido Grill and Tequila Bar. Budapest is the only city where you can spend the early hours of your Saturday sweating out what you just drank in one of their famous bathhouses. Rudas Baths offer a distinct atmosphere and stay open till 4 am on Fridays and Saturdays. If this is not your style, hot delish doner kebabs are available on the peaceful streets to revive and rejuvenate you.

Secret Attractions

A secret hideout under Elizabeth Bridge functions much like a fountain of youth it provides thermal water which helps with ailments like stomach and respiratory issues and hypertension. Haranghas Bell House has nearly 50 bells, aesthetically placed to create a spectacular design and sound. Hungary will surprise you with the sights and its attractions. Plan an off the map Hungary tour package so that you get the best of the bohemian culture as well the perfect holiday. SOTC can help you experience a different side of Hungary!