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Kashmir, the land of glistening rivers and regal Chinar trees has no equivalent location like it. The place has always been an incessant beauty crowning the northern part of India. In spite of all the flaws the Switzerland of India is an impressive travelling destination for every type and age of tourists and one of the warmest places on earth.

It Has the Most Romantic Snowfall

Just envisage the soft and light snow, chilly and melting, falling on the tree-filled foothills and casing every blade of green grass on the aloof meadows. Won’t your soul swoon at the sight of dwindling snowflakes covering the huts of this heaven on earth, turning it into a hypnotic winter land. Snowfall in Kashmir, has attracted many tourists and is responsible for increase in Kashmir tourism each year.

Best Autumn to Witness

While most of might not be a fan of the autumn season, but in Kashmir, it is charming. You’ll love the colors of the period and the wind that feels quite peppy and soft. The trees take on crimson, golden, and orangey hues, and once again, you can gasp earth in one smell.

The Warmest People

As soon as you set your base on this heaven on earth, the charming and shy Kashmiri people comfort you with their warmness, unity and affection. This valley is still ambitious by the sense of closeness and humanity, which is slowly dying out in many places of this world.

Picture-Perfect Landscapes

Those who have seen the quaint landscapes of Kashmir, will never question why Kashmir is called heaven on earth. These are amongst the finest places to visit in Kashmir. From the aloof mountain range of Pir Panjal and densely scented Kashmir cypress branches to the pouring rivers and green meadows, each corner of Kashmir is filled with natural miracles.

Amazing Food to Offer

Just like the amazing landscapes, the food in Kashmir is blissful. From the lip sticking Rogan Josh that has been transferred worldwide to the finest ceremonial feast called Wazwan, Kashmir’s rich dishes soaked in traditions have established through ages. And Kashmiri food is an impeccable blend of three dissimilar cooking styles: Muslims, Mughals, and Kashmiri Pandits.

Planning to visit Kashmir already? Let us help you book your Kashmir tour packages that will surely make your trip to this warmest place on earth the most memorable.