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As a holiday destination, there is nothing ordinary about Ladakh. While landscaping its profile, nature played a quirky game and has bestowed Ladakh the most unusual vistas. Wilderness had its own plan and it reserved the region for atypical creatures. Spirituality treaded a different path, dressing up in saffron-crimson robes and endorsing the most fulfilling form of peace.

Moreover, when the human race got the chance, it set the new standards of creativity to build the fairy-tale palaces and honeycomb-resembling monasteries.

Things to do in Ladakh are many, however, if your wanderlust craves for something absolutely offbeat, you are surely in for many intriguing surprises. Get ready to carve an amazing travel tale with these out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

Ride the Double-Humped Camels

The Bactrian camels of Ladakh’s picturesque Nubra Valley trace their ancestry to the days of Silk Route trading. Riding them while comfortably resting between their two humps is nothing short of an adventure. However, the excitement doesn’t end here. These walking wonders take you through the ocean of seabuck thorns over the silky smooth white sand dunes as you watch the surrounding panoramas in awe.

Ramp-walk a frozen River

River Zanskar bows down to the sub-zero winter temperatures and freezes to roll a white carpet of ice. The stage gets set for the adrenaline-spiking Chadar Trek – a ‘do-before-you-die’ kind of experience. The snow-clad lofty mountains unfold dramatically and the visual treats of frozen waterfalls come alive on this exhilarating trek. If that’s not enough, staying at the natural caves and camps alongside the river redefines the thrill.

A Date with the Stars

As the sun bids adieu and the darkness descends, the sky at the village of Hanle dons a glossy star-studded blanket. Staying in a camp under the gleaming canopy and watching the wonders of space from the world’s second highest astronomical observatory is something you don’t do every day. The absence of artificial lights, pollution-free environment, high altitude and the world-class infrared and gamma-ray telescopes literally take you up and close to the millions of twinkling stars.

Defy Gravity at Magnetic Hill

Almost a compulsory attraction of any Ladakh tour package is the Magnetic Hill, which refuses to abide by the rules of gravity. Simply, take your car to the designated yellow box on the magnetic road, put off the ignition and watch the unbelievable happening. The hill, also known as the Gravity Hill, would summon your stationary car that would instantly act to the command and start rolling towards the hill.

Seek Revival through Vipassana Ladakh is the best place to be if you want to just let go. The ancient meditation technique is best practised at Ladakh, with many dedicated centres amidst divine, serene and pristine ambience. Escape to the designated meditation caves, spend quality time with the Buddhist monks and discover a completely new way of life post-mental detoxification. A trip to Ladakh can be the most memorable chapter of your travel diary. The travel guides of SOTC can help you customise your perfect Ladakh trip so you get to see the best this magical land has to offer.