Things to do in Ladakh

  1. Go for a trek: You are surrounded by the mountains and a trek to any one of these peaks is a must do while on your Ladakh holiday package. One such trek that you should go for is the Chadar Trek where you can walk on the frozen Zanskar river Before you do go, however, keep in mind the weather conditions here are extreme. Let us know when you plan your trip and we will help you get the basics right
  2. Explore the lakes: Being at a high altitude, the lakes of Ladakh are still untouched and in its pristine condition. If you feel that they are just water bodies that you can see anywhere, well, you will definitely be in for a surprise once you reach there.
  3. Head to the monasteries and Stupas: There is a wide influence of Buddhism here in Ladakh and exploring some of the oldest monasteries and stupas will give you an insight into the life and times of Buddha.
  4. Take a stroll: If you feel that you have done and seen it all on your Ladakh holiday tour, the best thing to do is take a walk amidst this beautiful landscape. There is so much beauty and peace here, you will not regret it
  5. Taste the flavour: Thupkas, Butter Tea, Chang… if you are in Ladakh, these are just a few things that you should taste and eat.
  6. Spot the Leopard: The Hemis National park is the best place to spot the elusive snow leopard.
  7. Get your adrenaline pumping: River rafting on Indus or Skiing on the slopes of mountains, choose the sport of your liking and get your adrenaline pumping while on your Ladakh tour.

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