How to reach Greece

Gorgeous ocean landscapes, striking architecture, rich history and windswept but relaxing islands are just a few of the reasons why Greece is a premier tourist destination. Add to that the delicious food and friendly locals that just increases the charm of Greece.

If Greece happens to be your next holiday destination, you can take a flight to Athens Airport, which is the biggest international airport in Greece. Getting to Greece may not entirely be a breeze as there are no direct flights from India to Athens. However, that should not be a major hiccup in your plans as there are many stopover flights that usually take 11 to 20 hours to reach Athens, depending upon the number of stopovers.

Travelling within Greece is very easy and convenient as the cities are well connected by all the major modes of transport. Buses cover most of the primary routes in and around the cities. You could also supplement that by renting a car or a motorbike. Trains, although cheaper, are limited and almost take the same time as the bus or sometimes slower. 

If you wish to travel to different islands, you can also choose ferries over flights if you don’t want your budget to overshoot as the flights could be a little expensive.

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