Tourist Places to Visit in Greece

Countless islands, sandy beaches, and the perfect Mediterranean climate make Greece one of the highly sought-after tourist destinations in Europe. Here are some of the places that you must definitely visit on your Greece vacation:

  1. Acropolis, Athens: Marvel at the beauty of the ancient Greek structures such as the Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylaea.
  2. Corfu Town: Explore the romantic pedestrian-only streets of this UNESCO World Heritage site and admire the beauty of its tasteful Italianate architecture.
  3. Santorini: Famous for its cliff-top towns of Fira and Oia, Santorini is dotted with Cycladic whitewashed cubic buildings. You can enjoy sunbathing and swimming at the black volcanic sand beaches here.
  4. Delphi: Check out the magnificent ruins of numerous temples and other UNESCO World Heritage listed attractions such as the Sanctuary of Apollo or the archaeological site of Ancient Delphi.
  5. Meteora Monasteries: Climb a flight of stairs to reach the top of the Meteora monastery and appreciate the great interiors exhibiting Byzantine frescoes and other religious icons.
  6. Mykonos: Mykonos is where you go to enjoy the nightlife. The town is dotted with nightclubs and bars where you can party till you drop. So don’t forget to pack your party shoes.
  7. Rhodes Town: There is just so much to do in Rhodes Town, the old and the new. You must definitely see the Suleman Mosque, Medieval Town and explore the streets and narrow alleys of Knight Rhodes.

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