Germany Tourism Packages

Tourism in Germany is only increasing by the day, making it the seventh most visited country in the world. Berlin, one of the most fascinating and charming capitals in the world attracts globetrotters for many unforgettable experiences. Germany tourism is where medieval history meets modern technology, artistic scenery unfolds at every corner and the gastronomic treats add rich layers of taste and flavours to your memories! The magic of nature, castles and chapels, modern cities, old-town charms and Alpine peaks will surely make your camera batteries do an extensive work out!

There’s a lot to explore in Germany for people of all age groups, passions and interests. It is a forest of fairy tales with beautiful castles, the land of automobile excellence and also home to a rich and celebrated culture that has transcended generations. You can visit the untouched forests, enchanting vineyards, and romantic river valleys for a quiet rendezvous with nature or choose to hike around the Alpine peaks, indulge in sumptuous German food or take walks along the beautiful big cities.

Visitors are often spoilt for choice when planning their Germany holiday package. Art lovers must visit the metropolitan areas while activity enthusiasts will love a trip to the Black Forest, Bavarian Alps and Mosel Valley. The German Christmas markets are also known all around the world and the best ones are found in Nuremberg in Bavaria. It is held all through the Advent season in the old town and has been a tradition ever since the 17th century. Visit the markets at night to enjoy the illuminating Christmas lights, feast on the German gingerbread cookies, indulge in mulled wine and buy some traditional German handicrafts.

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