Things to do in Germany

Germany tour takes you to a place of proud histories, fine museums and galleries, century-old traditions and incredible natural beauty.

The Black Forest: The dark and beautiful hills make the Black Forest a hiker’s heaven and a beautiful place to visit in Germany. Located in the Southwest corner of Germany, it descends into the Rhine on the west and the upper Neckar and Danube valleys in the east. Don’t forget to visit Todtnau, Germany’s oldest ski area, try the indulgent spa pampering at Baden-Baden, take a ride on the Black Forest Railway and enjoy the Black Forest Open Air Museum.

Neuschwanstein: The castle was built around 869-86 by King Ludwig II and is one of Europe’s most famous and loved royal castles ever since. It has been the inspiration for Walt Disney’s theme park castles like Sleeping Beauty and offers various guided tours for tourists to explore the sumptuous interiors, including the Throne Room, Singer’s Hall and many others.

Museum Island: Located in Berlin, this world-famous museum is home to some of Berlin’s oldest and important museums. The Old Museum was constructed in the year 1830 to showcase the various royal treasures. Other points of interest include the New Museum, National Gallery, Bode Museum and the Pergamon.

King’s Lake: One of the most beautiful and stunning lakes in Salzburg, the Bavarian lake is a great escape for walkers. You can choose to walk alongside the attractive footpath and indulge in the scenic views of the lake and mountains or take a boat trip to visit the Pilgrimage Chapel of St. Bartholomew. If you’d like to stay amidst the majestic mountains, you can also book a night or two at one of the warm and welcoming mountain resorts in this tourist town.

Brandenburg Gate: The only surviving gate in the city of Berlin, Brandenburg symbolises the reunion of East and West Berlin. It is often regarded as one of the most renowned landmarks in Europe and is the entry to Unter den Linden. It was also the city’s first neoclassical structure and measures almost 26-metres in height along with the impressive chariot of four horses on the top.

Heidelberg: To get a taste of old Germany, plan a visit to Heidelberg, located in Neckar Valley. The city was spared during the WWII and thus, has managed to retain its baroque charm with some intricate narrow streets, beautiful houses and the renowned Heidelberg castle.

Rhine Valley: Europe’s most important and perhaps most beautiful waterway, the Rhine River stretches right from Switzerland to Germany and goes till Netherlands. You can enjoy a view of the river from many places in Germany but the Rhine Valley is the best place to see the dramatic stretch of water. You can also take a cruise or car ride to explore the 40 castles and more than 60 medieval towns around.

With so many things to do in Germany, you’ll run out of time but never out of options.

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