Best Time to Visit United States

As one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world, The United States boast of an amazing amount of tourist destinations. Each region has something special and before you plan a trip, it is important when to get there.

Northern USA mostly has a similar climate from coast to coast but has defined season patterns. Winter can bring heavy snowfall and frozen lakes, while spring often starts as late as May, when beautiful flowers are in full bloom and nature is at its best. Summer temperatures range from warm to very hot - cities, in particular, can feel stifling, but the coasts and national parks are usually cooler. Autumn, meanwhile, is renowned for the changing colours of the leaves. Southern USA has less obvious seasons, but distinct regional differences, with the climate becoming more humid towards the east. Winter is dry and warm, with a little colder climate further north, while summer is ideal for beach relaxation, long drives or hiking in national parks, although it can be very hot and humid.

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit the USA, with pleasant temperatures throughout. If you want to see a white winter, head to North America, where there is heavy snowfall in the months of December to February.

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