How to Reach Russia

Russia is one of the most accessible countries, making it possible for everyone to experience its charm! A treasure trove of memories is what you will find on your Russia tour packages. To get there, you can fly to Moscow or St. Petersburg, the two most famous cities in Russia from all major airports in India. St. Petersburg is generally a good place to start your discovery of Russia and air travel is also fast and comfortable. You can book your flight in advance to get the best possible fares.

If you’re already visiting other European countries and wondering how to reach Russia on a budget, you can take the trains that are connected to most European capitals. While trains may not be as fast as planes, they offer a beautiful scenic view along with an interesting journey. You can also take a bus from most European capital cities if you’re on a tight budget. The bus rides are extremely comfortable and cheap. Another interesting way to reach Russia is to opt for a cruise ship where you can relax, sleep, eat and enjoy the romantic sea view. You can travel within Russia in a bus, trolleybus, tram or a boat.

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