New Zealand Tourism Packages

There is something very mystic and mysterious about New Zealand. And you should visit New Zealand if you want to be mesmerised. The ideal time to visit is during the summer; between the months of September to April. However, if you prefer the cooler climate, then anytime between June to August should work for you.

The country has many active volcanoes and if you are brave enough, head to White Island, which is one of the active volcano sites.

Since the country is surrounded by so much biodiversity in the form of various flora and fauna and marine life, one of the best things to do is go scuba diving and you will come across various life forms including coral. You can also swim with dolphins and go whale watching on a clear day.

You can still see and feel the 700-year-old Polynesian history in New Zealand, in their food and culture. The cities, also, have a very different vibe. Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington are some of the cities that you must visit; whereas resort town like Waiheke Island, Bay of Islands, Rotorua also has a special charm of their own.

The country is filled with natural wonders like the geothermal sites, glaciers, Moeraki Boulders on the beach, rock formations, amidst the lakes and mountains that charm the skyline.

A trip to New Zealand is a must if you want to be in awe. And SOTC can create the perfect New Zealand tour package for you. For a memorable New Zealand tour, browse through our New Zealand tour packages.

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