Things To Do in Mauritius

In addition to visiting the various sights the island has to offer, there are a number of activities worth taking out time for that will take you a level deeper into experiencing this enchanting island nation.

  1. Exploring the Local Food Scene: Foodies from around the world go back home with memorable experiences at award-winning fine-dining restaurants, five-star resorts as well as beachside shacks that serve seafood that is fresh off the boat. The Indian, Chinese and French communities residing here have a significant influence on the staples here that include curries and seafood.

  2. Check into a Luxury Resort: The island is famous around the world for its sapphire-blue waters, pristine beaches and opulent resorts that offer the best seats to exquisite views of the coast. While visiting this island, make sure you spend a night or two at one of the many luxury hotels that offer unparalleled services such as relaxing spas, rooms with a view and a variety of water sports. Lay around by dreamy swimming pools and sip on some of the best cocktail concoctions you will find.

  3. Mauritius for the Active: If you aren’t the kind of tourist who enjoys lying around on the beach all day, there are a number of outdoor activities to choose from. Consider going kite surfing or take off on sunset excursion to the gorgeous islands in the lagoon. You can also sign up for a variety of paddling activities that most hotels and beach operators offer. Mauritius is known for its shallow waters and gorgeous corals. Go diving or snorkelling during your time here.

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