Things to do in Bali

Safari and marine park sighting: If you want to get a close look at the animals and birds of Bali, then make sure you plan a special day at the Taman Safari. There are three branches to this safari, located at different destinations and each house various forms of animal and bird life from across the world.

Snack on some Balinese delicacies: If you are on you Bali holiday, you should make it a point to taste some authentic Balinese cuisine. Try some traditional cuisines like the Babiguling which is a suckling or Lawar which is a mix of meat, vegetables and grated coconut. Make sure you flavour some of the seafood and the traditional desserts.

Go surfing: The beaches in Bali are very famous among surfers. You could also try this activity if you are planning a trip with your family and kids.

Visit the rice terraces: Ubud is one of the many places in Bali that are famous for the rice terraces. From the top, you can steep stairs filled with rice paddy that make it a sight to behold.

Explore the markets: No trip is ever complete without picking out some souvenirs. Markets are filled with traditional handicrafts including wooden and stone sculptures, clothing, spices etc. You should stop by the various night markets that showcase their wares once the sun goes down.

One day at the Museum: If you want an insight into the history and the culture of Bali, a trip to the museum is on the cards. Each and every museum has something special and is worth a visit.

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