How to Reach Bali

The majority of metros of India fly to Denpasar International Airport in Bali. It would take about 8 to 9 hours on a single halt flight. However, depending on the airline and number of halts the aircraft has, it could take upto 36 hours as well. 

Once you reach the capital of Bali, you can travel to any of the major cities. Do take a look at Bali holiday packages on our website for details.

Once you are in Jakarta, which is the capital of Indonesia, you can take the road and reach Bali. It will take you a day’s journey to reach to the beautiful island. Additionally, if you are enthusiastic and want to experience the best of the sea and nature,travelling by cruise can also be an option that you can explore. There are many cruise liners that travel through South East Asia that make a stop on the shores of Bali.

Once there, to travel across the island, there are quite a lot of modes of commuting available. Traditional horse carts known as dokars are occasionally available on the island. You can also explore the islands on ojeks (rental motorbikes), bemos (small vans), taxies and buses. Local boats are also available to take you to the shores of the sister islands of Bali.

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