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Sri Lanka tourism has been flourishing since 2009 after the unfortunate chapter of war was put to an end. The country now welcomes tourists with open arms and its unexplored profile makes Sri Lanka an interesting place to discover. What adds to the curiosity of visitors to the country is its perfect cocktail of nature, history and culture that obviously raises the expectations of exploring something unique.

Sri Lanka never disappoints in that regard. Opt for a relaxing beach holiday, though with the slowly brewing excitement of exploring the marine world and coral reef treasures, or for heritage tours to unveil the ancient cities and Buddhist temples. There are opportunities to testify the well-known biodiversity of Sri Lanka by delving deep into the tropical rainforests, elephant sanctuaries, turtle hatcheries and bird-watching areas.

Spa wellness and Ayurveda are the special reasons to visit Sri Lanka, which also promises yoga retreats at some of the most secluded corners. Village tours take tourists back to the roots of mankind as they come across people still practising lifestyles thousands of years old. The cultural extravaganza continues with a trip to explore invigorating arts involving woodwork, paintings, gems and jewellery, copper, brass, papier mache and a lot more.

With 8 World Heritage Sites and spectacles like Adam’s Peak and World’s End, Sri Lanka proudly boasts of tourism wealth which is certainly worth revealing. 

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