Things to Do in Nepal

  • Explore the Royal Cities: The three Royal Cities of Nepal, Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur should be on your itinerary when on your Nepal holiday tour. These cities were the epicentre of the ruling dynasties and are filled with historical monuments. Each of these cities has a story and you have to be there to truly understand the soul of the place.
  • Go hiking: Nepal is known to have some of the best trekking trails in the world. You can either take a short trek if you are low on time or enrol yourself in either 12-day trek to the Everest base camp or take 4 days to Poonhill.
  • The wild side of nature: There are so many wildlife sanctuaries to be explored in Nepal. Head to the Bardia National Park to spot tigers or to Chitwan National Park to see rhinos.
  • Fly to the Himalayas: When we say fly, we mean to say take a helicopter ride and enjoy the most beautiful view of the Himalayas. See the snow covered mountains and peaks that will surely leave you overwhelmed.
  • Eat: No trip is ever complete without tasting the local cuisine of the place. Try some momos or Thupka to beat the cold or indulge in some Sel Roti while exploring the cities.
  • Discover Buddhism: Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha and there is no other place to understand this than Nepal. Visit the many stupas ornamented with prayer wheels and prayer flags that flutter in the cold wind.
  • Get a taste of adventure: Nepal is the apt place to get into adventure sports if you have never been… sporty! White water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking are just a few things you can start with.

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