Best Time to Visit Nepal

When you imagine a country like Nepal, the images of the mighty Himalayas, green pastures, stupas would be the first to enter your mind. You know for sure you will be surrounded by pristine beauty on a Nepal trip.

The best time to visit Nepal is between the months of September to November. This is when autumn sets in and it is neither too cold nor too hot in the country. The weather is clear and it allows you to explore the country to the fullest, plan treks and also be a part of the Dasain and Tihaar festivals.

Spring, which falls between February to April is also a good time to plan a Nepal holiday package, as this is when the flowers are in full bloom and the weather is warm. If you have planned a trip during the monsoon, you have to remember that the possibility of a hike is less, as paths and trails may be blocked. Though it does not snow in Nepal (except at higher altitudes), the chilly weather forces local shops and establishments to shut, as it tends to get too cold.

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