Things to Do in Kasol

Kasol is one of those places where you will want to just sit on a chair and quietly contemplate life and existence as you sip a steaming cup of tea and take in the mountain views. But there are a number of things to do in Kasol apart from being a quiet onlooker. In fact, this is one of the few places that people like to visit as the starting point for various trekking activities.

If you’re not adventurously inclined, Kasol is fascinating on its own too. Located on the banks of the river Parvati, this little village is quite the offbeat destination for travellers looking for an alpine paradise without rubbing elbows with a constantly flowing crowd. Apart from its prominent Israeli population, Kasol is also known for its hippy culture and sees quite a few travel bloggers out to ‘discover’ this place for their blogs. If you ever find yourself here, these are the top things to do in Kasol.

One of the coolest things to do in Kasol is to go fishing in the river Parvati. It’s a wonderful and refreshingly different experience, as you relax by the river and wait for fish to bite. It needs patience and it’s a great time to introspect while you watch the river surface for any ripples. A highly recommended activity if you feel the need to slow down from a hectic time in the world. There are several tours that allow you to experience fishing here, however you are expected to bring your own fishing equipment for this activity.

Even if you’re not a Sikh or Hindu, one of the things to do in Kasol is to visit Manikaran Gurudwara. This serene and spiritual place will make you feel different the moment you enter, and should you be so fortunate to go during their langar, you will enjoy a delicious meal courtesy Sikh hospitality. Manikaran is also home to several other temples as well dedicated to Lord Rama and Krishna.

Manikaran is also known for its hot springs that are said to have numerous medicinal qualities. People come here to bathe in the hot springs before they visit the temples or the gurudwara. In some of the really hot springs, devotees are known to even cook food to make offerings to the gods. The slightly less warm springs are better for dips which people consider to be rejuvenating as well as holy.

Kasol is famous for the many Psychedelic Trance festivals it holds. To others, it might seem like a well-kept secret but for fans of the genre whom come from all over the country and even outside India to attend the festival, there’s nothing quite like it. These festivals are held every year during the summer and can be quite an experience in itself. If you’re up for something new, fun and interesting, you should definitely visit Kasol during this time and see it for yourself.

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Kasol is an excellent spot for trekking and hiking. In fact, all around Kasol there are excellent places where you can walk amid the gorgeous greenery and enjoy the fresh mountain air. There are organised treks to Kheer Ganga and Tosh Valley which are highly recommended if you like the idea of walking around valleys and mountains. While some of these treks can be strenuous, they are worth all the trouble for the amazing sights of waterfalls and meadows that you will see on the way which make Kasol sightseeing all the more spectacular.

One of the best things to do in Kasol is to go camping. The experience is quite amazing! You can get tents from the forest department. Most of the camping spots are located near the Parvati river, so you can quite imagine what it would be like – hearing the gushing of the river, the green meadows around you, the springy grass underfoot, sleeping under the magnificent sky sprinkled with a million stars – truly an unforgettable experience. Some people also choose to camp on the top of Kheerganga or in Tosh Valley. Every option is worth the time and effort as it is truly a memory that you will cherish for your life.

Here’s your chance to enjoy delicious Israeli food without having to set foot in Israel. All that trekking and hiking would surely have worked up an appetite and what better way to deal with it than by sinking your teeth into a deliciously flaky boureka or a hearty meal of Shakshuka, eggs cooked in a tomato gravy or the simply cooked trout. Kasol is also famed for the lemon cake and waffles at the German Bakery as well as several other desserts. Some other places where people enjoy the food is at the Evergreen Café for its gorgeous views of the mountains and the church right behind it, Jim Morrison Café, a vegetarian café which also has some great music, Alpine Guest House Café which is right along the river Parvati and Buddha Place for a completely different vibe.

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