Places to Visit in Kasol

Many backpackers in the Himalayas have their favourite spots and Kasol is definitely on that list. This quiet little village in Himachal Pradesh is exactly the kind of place you need to visit if you want to experience the beauty of the mountains in a completely different way. Lying in the Parvati Valley in Kullu, this charming hamlet espouses a very different sort of culture that appeals to many backpackers.

Laidback and yet connected to other nearby places like Malana and Manikaran, one more of Kasol’s claim to fame includes its many Israeli residents which has led to its moniker – mini Israel. There’s a strong Jewish heritage here, entwined in the mountain life and as a result, there are several interesting places to visit in Kasol. The breath-taking views of the Parvati Valley and the surrounding mountains are sights that will be imprinted in your minds for the longest time. Here are some Kasol tourist places that you must make a point to explore.

Whether you’re a trekker or not, this is one journey you will be able to accomplish quite easily. The relatively easy trail is lush green and has that sense of Himalayan grandeur that you’ve always wanted to experience. Reaching the Kheer Ganga peak is entirely satisfying for the amazing views of the green meadows and hot springs, so much so that people have even termed it quite the spiritual experience. This is easily one of the must visit places in Kasol.

Parvati Valley is gorgeous and is one of the top Kasol tourist places for good reason. There are plenty of scenic areas here and for those who want an adrenaline rush, there are activities like trekking, river rafting etc. The Parvati River which feeds the region is spectacular. Overall, this is a wonderful picnic spot but what people love to do here is to lie beneath the wide-open skies and look at the stars. In the city, one never looks up at the sky and even if we do, there is too much pollution for us to see anything clearly. But here, the sense of tranquillity and oneness with nature that you will feel as you look up at the stars is incomparable.

One of the places to go in Kasol is Tosh. This tiny village seems like it has been transported from another era altogether as it is apparently untouched by modernisation. The village is located at a height of 7000 feet above sea level and is known for its hippie culture and expanses of greenery. While the icy streams are always lovely to explore, Tosh River and Tosh Glacier are other places that people like to visit. Don’t be surprised to find people doing yoga and meditation in the open. You might even want to join them! In winter, Tosh is beautiful in an altogether different way. With a dusting of snow everywhere, in the village, on the roads, rooftops and tree branches, it will make you smile in joy.

Another popular sightseeing place in Kasol is Manikaran. Thanks to the gurudwara on the banks of the river Parvati, it is often visited by both Hindus and Sikhs as a place of religious interest. There are also temples here for Rama, Krishna and Vishnu. There are several religious legends attached to this place which is why many people visit it. However, tourists also come here for the many geothermal hot springs in the area. The hot springs here are also considered to be sacred and people cook the offerings to God in these very hot springs. Pilgrims come here and bathe in the hot springs as part of the rituals associated with visiting Manikaran.

One of the places to visit in Kasol is Tirthan Valley which is actually around 60kms from the village. This is a calming, beautiful and serene bit of paradise which you should certainly enjoy if you get the chance. You can either relax near the river or walk through the jungle and you’ll be surprised when you come across a waterfall in the valley. It’s all very soothing and mesmerising and a trip to Tirthan Valley is a must if you’re in Kasol.

Yet another village lying near Kasol, Malana’s beauty thrives in its many quiet moments. This is one of the villages that has not been affected by the city culture in anyway and that is surprising as well as refreshing. While the many picturesque views here will keep you enthralled, it’s important to remember that the people in Malana have their own set of religious beliefs which means that non-natives are not allowed to touch the locals or their belongings without permission.

Kasol has a significant Israeli population so don’t be surprised to see Israeli food in some of the cafés here. A popular café here is Evergreen Café where you can drop by for some delicious food in a number of cuisines. The outdoor seating is lovely, where you can get a view of the mountains as you tuck into your meal. The other café is Buddha Place with its quirky interiors and although space is limited, you just have to look outside the window for the gorgeous views of the valley. The banana crepes here are supposed to be quite the hit with visitors.

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