Things to Do in Italy

It’s the vacation of a lifetime! A trip to Italy is like nowhere else. There’s all that amazing sightseeing but also the chance to gaze at historical wonders and even if you want to simply lie down by the beach, the sights of the sun gently dribbling colour into the sea as it sets, can be life changing. Here’s a list of the top Italy tourist attractions that you should not miss, come what may.

Has anyone ever been to Italy and not posted a photo standing outside the iconic and reverential Colosseum building that has been around for several millennia? One of the best things to do in Italy is to see the Colosseum from below. With a guided tour, you will have access to the several tunnels, pulleys and levers which used to work at one time to showcase the gladiators, and even exotic animals, as they reached centre stage.

As one of Italy’s most hiked tour, the cliffside trails that connect the five villages of Cinque Terre are crowded almost always. As this is one of the popular Italy sightseeing spots, even the trains that connect the beach towns are full. A good way to reach the villages would be by booking a cruise so you can reach them by water. The pastel coloured houses that line the villages look amazing from a boat. If you want to avoid the crowds, then don’t visit during the high season, which is summer.

Whether it’s the Sistine Chapel in Rome or the sculpture of David in Florence’s Accademia Gallery, these are some of the most amazing places to see in Italy. The Sistine Chapel is glorious and worth every bit of the crick in your neck you will get, craning to see all of it. But it’s even better when you skip the crowds and see it at night as the museum is open till 11 pm.

Off the coast of Sardinia, there’s the island of Budelli which has the gorgeous Spiaggia Rosa beach, which is famous for its pink sand. The pink colour comes from crushed coral and crystals and since visitors were constantly trying to steal the pink sand to sell it or keep it as souvenirs, the Italian Government has made it illegal to walk on this beach since 1994. Visitors can see the gorgeous pink hued sands from the nearby beaches of Spiaggia del Cavaliere and Cala di Roto. This is certainly one of the most amazing places to see in Italy.

Scratch this one off your bucket list as you wonder what to see in Italy. After all, what can be more amazing than climbing the steep sides of a volcano in Sicily. Take a tour of Sicily’s Aeolian Islands where you can climb the still smoking Vulcan or Stromboli, which has a regular erupting core or even Mount Etna which is one of the biggest active volcanoes in the world. You can see lava flows and even explosive eruptions from a safe distance and although it’s certainly not a typical Italy sightseeing spot, it’s great to do something so entirely different.

It’s a given that if you’re in Italy, you’re going to eat platefuls of the most amazing pasta you’ve tasted in your life. But what if you could learn how to make it too? One of the most amazing things to do in Italy is to visit the Culinary Institute of Bologna where you can learn how to make authentic Italian food. The classes begin with a shopping trip to the market to buy the freshest ingredients, followed by a hands-on class where you don’t just observe how things are made, you get to make everything yourself. Certainly, something worth learning and adding to your bragging rights.

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