Italy Tourism

For many people, an Italy tour even once in their lifetime is nothing less than a dream come true. The excitement and anticipation is every bit worth it. Whether it’s floating down a gondola in Venice or gazing at the Colosseum, the reality lives up to the many dreams you may have had since you decided to visit Italy. In fact, some people might even consider a visit to Italy as the pinnacle of their tourist dreams.

Italy is, after all, the birth place of the Roman empire and the renaissance and the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites here are proof of Italy’s vintage. But even if you’re not a historian or architecture buff, Italy tourism has much to offer. Food and wine, the very best actually, are yours for the taking but there are also scenic spots such as Lake Como or the Cinque Terre which act like balm for your eyes and soul. Then, there’s the shopping that you can indulge in, especially in Milan and Florence with their luxury boutiques and top fashion labels streaming out of the shops.  

Italy Geography

Located in Europe, Italy’s history goes back to the ancient times. What stuns visitors for the first time here is that architecture from these ancient times is still around, enamouring everyone who sees them. Italy is bordered by France, Switzerland and Austria to the north while to the south, there is the Italian peninsula and Sicily and Sardinia, two Mediterranean islands. Italy has a coastline that covers more than 7000 kilometres and the Alps constitute a huge part of its northern boundary. Italy has five large lakes of which Lake Como is one of the most popular in recent times, thanks to the spate of Bollywood celebrity weddings which have taken place here, adding to Italy tourism.

Italy Climate

Italy has a very diverse climate because the peninsula extends longitudinally. In the inland regions, the climate is humid subtropical or humid continental and even oceanic. Some of the coastal areas such as Tuscany have a Mediterranean climate while peninsular coastal areas tend to be different. Across the country, summers are known to be hot and humid while winters can be cold and even snowy in the north.

Italy Culture

Italy is considered to be the birthplace for a number of civilisations, most particularly Western civilisation and culture indeed play a huge part here. Italy has seen the rise of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, the Roman Catholic church and a vast number of important people have risen from the country. Italy also has several renowned cities such as Rome, the ancient capital of the Roman empire, Milan which is the fashion capital of the country, Venice with its romantic canals and Florence, which was the centre of the Renaissance. Italy tours take visitors through several of its UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it is said that half of the world’s great art treasures can be found here. There are said to be an estimated 100,000 monuments here such as churches, cathedrals and statues too.

Italy Tourism

When it comes to Italy tourism, people come here to experience the culture, see historical and archaeological sites and look at the fashion and art scene. But at the same time, there are also Italy tours that take people to some of the natural beauty here such as its beaches or mountains.

Italy tourism is not just for sightseeing. It can easily alter your world view. Many people come here to see the various monuments that they have seen only in history books. There’s the amazing Colosseum for instance, the iconic amphitheatre where history seems to stand still.

People come here to see Pompeii with Mt. Vesuvius looking down upon the city forbiddingly while they walk through the ruins of the city that retains what once stood here. Or the Leaning Tower of Pisa which still tilts at an angle and hasn’t yet toppled over, contrary to what people have been predicting for years.

Italy tourism is rich and varied and includes visits to the coastal region of Cinque Terre with its steep hills and cliffs. Or the glorious Vatican City with St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square where the pope addresses people. Or the famed Sistine Chapel whose walls and ceilings have been painted by Michelangelo, bringing him eternal fame.

In Venice, there’s St. Mark’s Basilica, the beautiful building that looks out at the famous Piazza San Marco. Inside the basilica, everything seems vast and immeasurable, covered in gold. Also, one of the sights you should simply not miss when you are in Italy is the stunningly gorgeous Milan Duomo, one of the largest churches in the world, with a façade that will leave you speechless. This cathedral is just magnificent, with its 135 carved stone pinnacles that seem to reach for the sky or the marble statues, (all 2,245 of them) that are on the exterior.

With its rich architectural delights, its splendour and scenic visuals along the coast, its delightful al fresco restaurants with the authentic pizza, the tiny sun dappled villages, the espresso, the galleries, the limestone grottos, the volcanoes – Italy is indeed a vacationer’s paradise.

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Italy Tourism

The following are some travel tips, do's and don'ts to keep in mind during your Italy trip.

Do’s and Don’ts in Italy


  • Do remember to dress modestly when visiting churches. There are chances you might not be allowed to enter St. Peter’s cathedral in Rome if you wear inappropriate clothing like shorts or bared shoulders.
  • Do keep your eyes open for pickpockets who are nimble and can steal very easily.
  • Do learn a few key words and don’t feel shy to gesticulate as Italians use their hands a lot while talking.
  • Do be careful while crossing streets.


  • Avoid eating or drinking anything at the Italian monuments and fountains.
  • Don’t worry about seeing all of Italy in the short period of time you have. Enjoy the time you have with whatever you can manage to see.

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